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Chapter Three

"Thats the last of it" Sarah's says as throws herself onto her new bedroom in our new dormroom.

I take a look around our new room and smile. Its quite small, nothing special really. Its not what you imagine it to be like when you were a fiveteen year old girl dreaming of moving out to go to university.

Its a small room with two single beds one wardrobe and two sets of draws on each side of the beds. It was quite dull when we walked in with white walls and white bed sheets. Now Sarah has put up a massive poster next to her bed its a poster of one of those boy bands she loves so much. She has also gone and bought a pink fluffy pillow and bed throw for her new bed. She also had to go and put up a new full length body mirror on the wall on the other side of out dorm. I really do hope we dont get in trouble for putting that mirror up there when it comes to inspection day.

"Class starts tomorrow" I say with a smile whilst im unpacking my things.

"Please dont remind me. Who starts clasess a day after all the sudents arrive" she moans picking up her new pillow and placing it over she face.

"Well the whole reason of being here is for our education" I chuckle back at her.

She sits up and throws her pillow at my head.

"HEY... What was that for?" I laugh

"For being such a smart ass" shes giggles back.

Sarah stands up and walks over to the new mirror she brought with her.

"Do you think we should go out and take a tour of the new campus" she asks while shes checking herself out and re-doing her hair.

"Yeah sure why not?" I say jumping up and grabbing our new keys.

We walk out of our new room and once the door is locked we start heading out of the building. We walk down the steps of the new dorm building, when a small cute guy with dark hair and glasses bumps into us.

"Watch where your going freak" Sarah huffs

"Im reall...y s...orry, I did...nt" the guy stutters whilst staring at Sarah with wide eyes.

"Stop stuttering and just go" Sarah rolls her eyes at the boy whilst walking off.

"Well that was rude he didnt mean to bump into you" I say with attitude in my voice.

"Whatever" she says in a huff.

As we are walking around the new campus sadly we bump into Rick, who is one of Lukes silly friends, with a random guy i have never seen before in my life next to him.

"Hey babycakes hows it hanging sweet thang?"Rick winks at Sarah.

"Please remove yourself from my life Rick, and stop with those comments it makes me feel physically ill" Sarah says whilst giving him a disgusted look.

"Dont deny that you want me, remember that one time when we made out" he smirks.

"Rick get over it ok, she was drunk and it was one time two years ago" i say rolling my eyes.

"I cant help that she wants me" Rick says with a daft smirk on his face

"Rick dont be a dumb ass she does not want you" I say starting to get irritated.

Sarah bursts out laughing at this point.

"See shes smiling at me thats a sign" Rick says defensively.

"Rick get over yourself im laughing at how much of an idiot you actually are" Sarah says inbetween laughter.

"I tried calling you but it kept saying the number was disconnected. I must of got the wrong number so can the Rick have your number for a call sometime" Rick smirks whilst winking which just come across looking like he has caught something in his eye.

"Rick im not giving you my number ive told you this millions of times" Sarah snaps

"Whatever ill just get it of one of my homies and...Woah speaking of hot chicks... Samantha how are you doing baby do you want some Rick?" Rick says to a girl who walks pasts us and walks off and contines to follow her with his friend.

"Oh god i have no idea how he even got into this place hes about as smart as a blank of paper and cant take a hint. I know Luke's a stupid idiot but why he puts up with him ill never know" Sarah giggles shaking her head.

"I thought this campus was big enough to get away from the lot of them" i sigh in frustration.

"Apparently not" Sarah laughs.

"Lets check out the new classes" I say in excitement.

"I wanted to check out the shops around this new area" shes says.

"Ok then we will meet up at the dorm later if you want?" I ask Sarah.

"Yeah sure later" She smiles and starts walking off.

I head towards the C building which is the closest building to me and head inside. The halls are bursting with excitment and eagerness i smile to myself Maybe im going to love it here. I continue looking around the different class rooms and work spaces. Once taking a look around i knew this was the English is also one of my majors. There is an amazing library at the end of the hall that im going to check out when i have more time. Oncei am happy with the English department i head back outside the building.

I head towards the A building which is the Science department. Which is another class i am taking. Yes i am a geek so what?. Once i walk into the building the halls of the building are empty. I guess not alot of people like checking out their science classes before they actually start or i may of come at the wrong time. I start heading towards the classroom when i hear a moan. What the hell?

I hear a female giggle and roll my eyes. The nerve of some people. Classes havent even started yet and their sneaking around the new hall ways. They have dorms dont they?. I pull open the door ready to give whoever it is a lecture on privacy.

"WHAT THE HELL CLOSE THE DOOR" I hear a girl shout as soon as i start to open the door.

I swing open the door and i am shocked to see a very pretty blonde half naked girl with non other than a shirtless Luke Colling.

"Luke class hasnt even started yet and your already breaking rules, you have a dorm dont you? take her there" I say in frustration.

"WHO THE HELL IS SHE?" The girl shrieks whilst putting her shirt back on quickly.

"Some fat loser,go on ill call you later" Luke says whilst shoo'ing the girl away with his hands. He turns and grabs his shirt placing it over his head and back on his body.

"Okay bye" The girl giggles whilst running out the abandoned classroom giving me a dirty look in the process.

"Why are you always in my way?" Luke asks in anger whilst closing the door behind the easy blonde girl.

"I'm not, but what you do in public places people can see so take it to your dorm or somewhere private next time" I snap whilst walking infront off him so we are face to face and poking him in the chest with my finger.

"It has got nothing what so ever to do with you" He says whilst stepping closer towards me so we are only inches apart and stares down at me.

I give him the dirtiest look i could possibly give someone. His actions really do disgust me. He continues staring at me and starts to smirk. He gently places his hand onto the bottem of my bare arm and slowly starts to move it up. I glance at his actions then slowly turn my head up towards him.

I feel this heat when he is touching me that i really dont want to feel. Like something is bubbling up inside of you and is ready to overflow. He glances down at his hand on my arm then looks straight into my eyes. His eyes have gone a dark shade of blue normally they are a light blue shade and dont ask me how i know that. I just find his eyes an interesting colour to look at.

He continues staring at me and softens his movments so his warm fingers are making slow circle movements up my arm. No matter how much of a jerk Luke is he really is gorgeous i cant deny that. I glance back up at his eyes and they look open and warm, i have never seen that before. He normally keeps his eyes hard and closed off. He closes his eyes and takes a deep breath.

He grips my arm tighter and pulls me towards him so i can practically feel his hot breath on my cheek.

"Stay the hell away from me" He whispers into my ear before pushing me away from him and storming out the abandoned classroom.

What the hell what that all about?

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