When I was young, the only thing I feared was thunder. My father was a peerless hunter, and I sought to impress him by pretending to be brave, even if my knees were shaking. Although my father had fought on the borders of Frost when he was young, the battles of Men and Elves ended long before I was born. I grew up in a simple, peaceful time. I thought there was no world at all beyond the Winterplains, the home of my clan. Everything I knew and loved could be explained in simple terms – it was either "of the Earth" or "of the Sky".

My people were "of the Earth".

The two-leggers have a word for what we are.


It originates in one of the many languages of Men. Men always like to name things, even things which already have names, or things which never needed names. The word "kentaur" is difficult for me to say, even after many years of traveling with two-leggers. From what I understand, it means "half Man, half Horse".

My people consider this name to be very rude, and many Horses also take offense to it. In truth, Horses are more our kin than men are, as they are also born "of the Earth".

Although Men seem like Earth creatures, they are neither "of the Earth" nor "of the Sky". They came to our world in ancient times from a place beyond the stars. The scholars of my people say that this is why Men have sown so much misery everywhere they have tread.

Our world was not made for them.

But I have witnessed the power of the children of Men, those who are known as the Legends of Blue Moon. And I have come to believe that if it were not for them... our world would no longer exist.

I am grateful to tell this story to you, child of Man.

I hope you will make some use of it.