Everything around Jessica seemed to be dark as she stood in the centre of what seemed to be a purely empty space. There seemed to be nothing around her at all and she frantically looked around to see if she could see anything. She felt a sense of fear but she had failed to notice that rather than wearing her uniform she seemed to be naked but he body was radiating light that seemed to be hiding her private parts.

The blackness around Jessica seemed to stretch for as far as the eye could see, she didn't know if this was because there was miles of nothingness ahead of her or some kind of wall that she could not see. She tried to shout but she discovered that she could not mutter a single word. Even in this state and with nothing around her she couldn't tell if she was at her smaller or gigantic size.

She turned from one side to another quickly in the hope that there was something that she had missed but as she did she could still see nothing of interest. All she could see was bleak blackness that met her everywhere she turned. She could not remember how she got there or even that much about herself. She thought that she had always existed like this and that there was nothing else in the universe.

Suddenly Jessica saw a figure standing before her, she wanted to say something but once again she discovered that the words were stuck in her mouth. The figure didn't seem to be of that of any man or woman. It had no hair, no mouth, extremely basic hands and feet that didn't seem to indicate fingers or toes. All that could be seen was the eyes which were nothing more than two small black holes in the head. It was exactly the same height as Jessica and it seemed to stand there in utter silence.

With little else that she could do Jessica reached out to touch it but the instant that she did she was bathed in a bright light. She had to block her own eyes so that she wasn't blinded by the light. She then felt severe pain all over her body and she discovered that she could speak again, unfortunately all she could mutter was screams of sheer pain.

The next thing Jessica knew her eyes were opening and she was in a bed with numerous cables attached to her body. She felt extremely weak and if she could see herself she would have seen that she was no longer wrinkled up like she had been when she was being infected with the Bicovio.

She had no idea where she was but she could see people around her. She wanted to say something but she found herself too weak to do so. It seemed a couple of people had noticed that she was waking up and for many of them they had a relieved look on her face. Everything seemed to be going well but there was suddenly a look of horror as Jessica felt something off-putting in her body.

Although she couldn't see it happening her body was in fact growing despite the fact that she had not muttered the word big. The growth was much slower than it normally was but it was still enough to send everyone in the room into a panic. The sound of Jessica's medical gown tearing was more the only indication to her that she was growing. She was still in a disorientated state and wasn't fully aware of what was happening.

There was a scene of pure panic around her but the next thing Jessica felt was a sharp prick in her arm and only moments later she felt her eyes grow heavy again as she once again fell asleep. She didn't see her body begin to revert back to its normal size as her loss of consciousness caused her to shrink. The doctors around her were greatly surprised with what they had just seen. If Jessica had grown to full size there she would have grown through the building and killed many innocent people. Even if it had not been intentional she would have still felt a wave of guilt overtake her.

The next time Jessica woke she felt the unusual feeling throughout her body as she could feel it stretching again. She was still too dazed to full realise what was going on and as she continued to grow the world around her was still too blurry for her to fully be aware of where she was. The memories of what happened was seemingly being flooded back to her. She remembered what had happened in the power plant and what she had felt as the Bicovio infected her body.

She didn't realise that despite the fact that she was growing that she wasn't crashing into anything. If she had still been in one of the company's medi-labs or a hospital she would have surely started crashing through something by now. She could still feel that she was lying down on what felt like a mattress. She began to groan as she was still disorientated but a few moments the stretching feeling that she could feel seemed to subside as she came to her full size.

For the next several minutes Jessica could still not fathom where she was or exactly what had happened to her. Over the next few minutes her eyesight began to return to her and the first thing that she saw was Doctor Wagner on a platform just in front of her. The one thing that Jessica found most surprising was that Doctor Wagner looked to be very tiny along with the doctor who was standing right next to her.

"Ah Junior Agent Snape I see that you're awake," said Doctor Wagner. She seemed to show no fear of Jessica's size and stood there confidently. "We were beginning to think that you'd never wake."

"D-Doctor Wagner?" replied Jessica. Her voice sounded extremely weak and she found that she didn't even have the strength to lift her arms. "Y-you're so small."

"Well about that it is not me who is small." She paused for a moment as she began to think. "I'm not sure how I can tell you this but your body has changed."

"Changed how?" Her heart rate began to increase as she knew that she would most likely not like the answer that she got.

"You remember what happened don't you? You disconnected the cables from the unstable reactor and was exposed to more Bicovio than any one person could have hoped to survive. It caused a change in your body that it was moving towards but the Bicovio simply sped it up. Remember a few weeks back when your body changed again and you were able to support yourself at a giant size for a much longer period of time? Well that was your body beginning to prepare itself for this transformation."

"Wait what are you talking about?" She was beginning to become more confused and she couldn't fully make sense of what she was being told.

"I don't know how to tell you so I'm going to pull no punches." She gave a sigh. "Junior Agent Snape, as long as you stay conscious you will retain your enlarged stature. Unfortunately the only time you'll be anywhere close to normal size is when you're asleep, for that reason throughout your entire treatment we had to keep you drugged so that you wouldn't wake up and grow out of lab. We had this enlarged bed built for you so that you had a place to grow and still rest after the treatment is complete."

"But you can make me the way I was right?" There was no answer from Doctor Wagner and this was more crushing than if she had actually given her an answer. "Right?"

"Like I said your body was already moving towards this point and the Bicovio only sped it up. This is how you will be for the rest of your life."

"No that's not true!" Her voice was loud as she felt the soul crushing truth overwhelm her. "You've gotta be able to put me back to the way I was. With all the technology that you have there's gotta be something."

"I only wish that there was something that could be done. The Jones serum works in ways that we can't even begin to predict. The only thing that we can do is bring you back to health and help you adjust to this life changing event. I am truly sorry about this but I hope that you can rest well in the knowledge that your actions saved the lives of thousands, if not millions. That is at least something that you can be happy about."

"I don't feel happy." She would have crossed her arms if she had the strength to do this. Unfortunately her body was still recovering and this prevented her from doing this. "Where is my dad?"

"He is here, he has been waiting for you for some time. He has also been briefed about what has happened to you and for a long time he has wanted to talk to you. I'll be sure to let him know that you're awake."

Jessica only had to wait a few minutes for David to stand on the platform that Doctor Wagner had been standing on. There was no one accompanying him however as the pair had been given their privacy. She was very happy to see her father again but she couldn't get over how small he looked to her now. She had thought that the first change had been a big one but this one made her father look like a small toy in comparison to her. David had not slept well since Jessica was exposed to the Bicovio and all the way during the crisis he thought that he would lose his only daughter. Seeing her alive bought him more joy than he could express into words but he was still horrified in the knowledge that she was stuck in her giant state. He had been told that she shrunk when she was asleep but he didn't think that would help her in her life.

"D-Daddy you're here," said Jessica. Once again she would have loved nothing than to pick him up and give him a kiss. Her strength had not yet returned to her, all she could do was look at him and give him a smile.

"Jessica how are you feeling princess?" replied David. He knew that it was a stupid question but it was the only one that he could think to ask. Seeing his daughter like this was painful but he was just glad that she was still alive.

"I'm pretty shot Dad." A tear rolled down her face. "You've heard the news, I'm stuck like this."

"I know honey, I wish that there was something that I can do to make all this better for you." Tears were beginning to roll down his face as he thought that his fears had been realised. He had feared that the Jones Serum would turn her into some kind of monster and in a way that had happened. She was going to be a giantess for the rest of her life, she would never be able to fit into normal buildings again and she would never know what it was like to do things like a normal person. "I'm so sorry about this Jessica, I should never have allowed you to become an Agent. If I had not allowed you go through with the training you wouldn't be like this."

"No but many people would be dead." She could see how upset her father was and it made her feel even sadder than before. She always hated her father being sad and she didn't think that he had ever seen him truly happy since her mother died. When she died a small part of David had died along with him. "If I hadn't of been injected with the Jones Serum I wouldn't have been able to stop the reactor from exploding." Inside she was still very sad but she was trying to put on a brave face for him. "I don't think I could have done that if I was still regular Jessica Snape."

"I-I guess not." He tried to break a smile as he thought that what she was telling him was correct. He also thought that she was taking the whole thing very well, he had no idea just how broken Jessica was inside. "Steps have already been taken to ensure that you have all the comforts that you need."

"What do you mean?" Her curiosity had been aroused and she was wondering what her father was talking about.

"Since unfortunately there is almost no chance of there being a cure for what has happened the company has taken steps to making sure that you're properly looked after. Since they are the ones who are ultimately responsible for what happened to you they are the ones who have to ensure that you get everything you need. As soon as your fit enough to get out of bed they're going to take measurements so that they can manufacture some clothing for you. For your living arrangements they have already designated a large section of the headquarters to be your living quarters until a suitable accommodation can be built." He tried to smile at her behind his sadness. "I guess it means that you'll have to move out."

Jessica somewhat couldn't get over what she was hearing. For obvious reasons she was going to have to move out from her father's home and into her own. She was planning on moving out soon anyway but she didn't think it would happen in this manner. The fact that she was now larger than the house itself seemed almost to be lost on her. It also meant that there would no longer be anyone there to keep David company. This did make her a little sad but she hoped that it would be what he needed to start dating again and move on with his life after the death of her mother.

A few weeks later a ceremony took place where Jessica received a medal for her actions during the crisis. It was no big secret that she had saved the entire city and a great personal cost. This was something that no one would ever forget, many people owed Jessica their lives and the medal was a small token of their appreciation.

By this time Jessica had recovered enough to be able to get out of bed and for the ceremony she wore a long cream dress that had been specially made for her. It was made out of a relatively expensive material but for now the company didn't mind. They were already producing more clothing for her, she had given them a few designs that she would like them to create. She would have felt much more confident in that process if Alicia had been by her side, her best friend could have told her what went well and what didn't. Unfortunately she still hadn't spoken to Alicia since the night in which they spent an intimate time together. This saddened Jessica even more than the fact that she was now stuck as a giantess. She hadn't cared if she was stuck at a mile tall, she felt that if she had her best friend with her everything would be fine.

The medal that Jessica was given was so small that she had difficulties seeing it. It was the mayor of the city who had given her the medal and when he placed it on her fingertip she brought it close to her eye so that she could take a better look at it. She knew that this was only going to be the start of her problems as a giantess living in a world which was too small for her.

Due to her fear of stepping on something or someone receiving the medal so far had been Jessica's only appearance in the city since the crisis. She had spent almost all of her time in the section of the headquarters that had become her temporary home. She had tried everything that she could to make it feel cosy but no matter what she did it still felt like it was a big empty, unforgiving space. David had even brought her the stuffed toys that had been in her room but now they seemed like nothing to her. She couldn't believe that she could fit her entire stuffed toy collection on her hand.

One thing that Jessica saw when she was accepting her medal was that people were actually nervous of her. She wanted to dislike people because of this but she could understand their nervousness. Even though she was a gentle giantess Jessica herself would still be nervous around anyone who was that much bigger than her. It was a natural feeling to be afraid of people or creatures that are much larger than yourself.

It was then that she heard someone approaching where she was sitting. This section of the headquarters had been closed off to give her some privacy. At this time of day she would be brought a hot meal along with any messages that she needed her attention. She would also be told of any visitors since they would have to book in advance before they came. It was for security reasons.

As Jessica looked she could see Agent Lang walking travelling towards her in a small over vehicle which carried a plate of warm food covered by a metal lid to keep it warm along with a large barrel. It didn't take him too long to reach her and as he slowly got out of the vehicle he also had with him a piece of paper which contained everything that she needed to know for that day.

"Good afternoon Junior Agent Snape," said Agent Lang as he looked up for her. "For lunch the chefs have whipped up Unon Surprise along with a stormberry juice. Later you have some training to complete and also a journalist would like to interview you about your actions during the crisis."

"Do I have any other visitors today?" replied Jessica. There was one name in particular that she wanted to hear.

"Let me take a look." He began to look at his piece of paper so that he could answer Jessica's question. "You have your father coming to visit you this evening and at some point tomorrow you have a Mr Townsend visiting." Mr Townsend was the surname of Bobby who had come to see Jessica a couple of times since her growth spurt. Rather than going out on a date they had their date here instead. With no Shelly around whispering in his ear they both actually had a good time with one another. He had been beginning to see the person she was inside and every moment that he had spent with her the more that he realised that the sham date was wrong. His visits did make Jessica happy and she had even kissed him a couple of times but she didn't take it any further than that.

"Is there a Miss Alicia Stacy on that list?" This was the name that she wanted to hear most of all.

"One moment." He began to search the list that he had but Alicia's name was not on there at all. "Sorry I can't see the name on here."

"Ok that's fine." On the outside she seemed to be putting on a brave face but inside she was devastated that her best friend hadn't come to visit. There was nothing more that Jessica wanted to do than to sit with Alicia and talk about their problems. She thought that they would be able to iron things out and become friends once again. She couldn't imagine her life without her and right now she needed Alicia more than ever. "Is there anything else I need to know?"

"Not in particular. There might be one or two things missing but nothing of any real importance. Now if you wouldn't mind could you lift your lunch off the truck for me please?"

"Just before you go can I ask you something?" Her voice didn't sound like it was filled with confidence. If anything it sounded the opposite.

"Sure go ahead."

"Do you think it'll get any easier?"

"For what?" He was very curious with exactly what she was asking him. He could guess what she was talking about but he felt it best for her to tell him directly. He knew that she was in a bit of a fragile state at this point and didn't want to do anything that could antagonise her.

"For this." She pointed at herself and gestured that she meant her entire body. "I know that it's been a couple of weeks but I still can't get used to being this big. It was nice being this big when I knew I could shrink down and actually be able to fit into buildings but now I'm stuck like this. Everything now has to be made bigger for me and I don't know if I can handle it much longer. The world around me is so small I fear I might step on someone if I go out for a short walk." There were some tears in her eyes and she was on the verge of sobbing. "I just want to be back to the way that I was."

"I think everyone wishes that." He took a few steps towards her and he could see that she was extremely upset. "Without you I wouldn't be standing here right now, my wife and kids would most likely have been killed and the fact that we're alive is thanks to you. Unfortunately for your efforts this has happened and fate has not been fair to you. All the people in the city will not forget what you have done for them and despite your increased size you are still a person." He gave a sigh as he tried to come up with the best words to say. "I could say that I understand what you're going through but the truth is I can't. When I was given my powers it was not as frightening as what has happened to you so I'm not going to even pretend to know what it feels like. All I can say is that although this is a big change for you eventually you'll get used to it and you might even enjoy it. I'm sure that there are many people who would want to be in your shoes, to have your size and the fact that you're in the public's eye."

"I would give all that away in a heartbeat just to be able to go back in my room or even give my father a hug without crushing him." There were still tears in her eyes but she wasn't fully sobbing yet.

"I know, it's difficult but trust me things will work out for you. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow but someday."

"T-thanks that means a lot." She was able to break a smile as she wiped away her tears. She respected Agent Lang immeasurably and she was happy that he was able to take the time to talk to her.

With that Jessica took her meal off the truck and after saying his goodbyes Agent Lang left her so that she could have some privacy and also so that he could carry on with other duties. Jessica ate her food in silence and she still couldn't get over how strange it all looked. The pieces of food had been specially made to seem big. Some items of food couldn't be increased in size so she had a large quantity of the normal sized ones instead. The metallic barrel that she had was filled with stormberry juice which had a sweet taste and was cheap to make in bulk.

Her sadness didn't seem to fade away and she saw some photograph like images that were in amongst the latest delivery of her personal effects. One particular picture was of her with Alicia before she had undergone her transformation. She had some difficulties seeing the picture but seeing how happy she and Alicia had once been was the straw that broke the camel's back as she broke into an uncontrollable sob as her life was breaking down around her and she felt that there was absolutely nothing that she could do to make things like the way that they were.