A/N: Hallo people. This is a short little Valentine's day tale that I decided to tell that is unconventional to the usual Valentine's Day tales. I know we've still got 13 days till that dreaded day and the countdown is on, but I decided to do this early because of reasons...actually I'm gonna try submitting it to a school magazine that's taking submissions this month and I though a valentine's day story would be most appropriate considering what time of year it is approaching. Anyhow, I'm gonna stop rambling. Hope you like! Thanks for reading, and reviews are always welcome!

Roses are Yellow Too

It was that time of year again. The time of year many people loved, many people hated and some were indifferent to. The time when the massive franchises like Hallmark and Ghirardelli made their biggest bucks. The time in the dead of winter north of the Tropic of Cancer and the heat of summer south of the Tropic of Capricorn. The time when the colors red and pink made their big debut all over advertisement signs and flower shops were packed full of people, men at large, emptying their wallets to buy one or a dozen red roses that would wilt in a matter of weeks at best. When all the other flowers were hidden in the shadow of the flower of love. Or at least such was the tradition in the western world.

One woman walked down the streets, ignoring the signs around her. To many single women and men this was known as Singles Awareness Day and to others it was Valentine's Day. This woman shrugged it off. One would have thought she was simply hiding her distress at being lonely. Another perhaps thought she was just being arrogant and avoiding the man chasing after her. She had neither. She simply walked down the street going to work, pulling full workday and going home.

On her way home, the streets were full of taxi's, limos and cars galore, lovers had gone either to restaurants or to bed by the time she was out of the office and on her way home. A few cars wandered the roads, particularly taxis, but she didn't need one. She wasn't going home right away. She walked into a flower shop, on the verge of closing and handed them money for a particular flower that gone ignored all day, a yellow rose, or rather a bouquet of yellow roses. The other woman at the counter simply raised an eyebrow:

"We do still have a couple of red roses left…"

"No, that's fine, I want yellow ones," the one replied.

Shrugging it off and wrapping the bouquet, "One of those eh? don't want to admit it's something more?"

The woman peeked from behind her glasses, "Excuse me for being rude, but it's really none of you're business."

The other one charged her and watched as the strange woman left.

The woman with yellow roses went on her way as the night got deeper and deeper and restaurant's filled with people. She passed them but didn't stop to look inside, several people snickered at her outside. She paid them no interest, instead she found her second target and headed across the street to it. A local doughnut shop. She nodded to the man as she went in and he smiled, "What can I get for you?"

"Just one old fashioned doughnut, thank you." She replied.

He handed the doughnut to her in a bag as she handed him the change. Nodding back to him she left and walked out. The walk to her final stop on the way home was by far the longest. The night got colder but she bore threw it. Fewer cars passed her on the roads, and as she got closer to her final destination she almost began to run until she made it. She made it through the gates and ran straight for the tombstone. Suddenly stopping short she pulled out the roses with a grin and set them down on the grave. And then pulling the doughnut out of the bag and sitting down on the wet stone she began to eat, smiling at the stone almost as though she were still addressing the person whose name had been etched in it.