He Gives Me Peace

I'm falling, I'm falling, and I'm ever yet falling,

I reach out my hand, yet I can grab nothing.

I'm scared, distressed, and ever so fearful,

Oh, where can I find my help?

It's getting darker, and darker, and ever so darker,

I look for a light, yet I cannot find.

I am needing, wanting, and ever so worried,

Oh, where can I find my peace?

I feel weaker, and weaker, and ever so weaker,

Day after day, I try searching for something.

I am sickly, feeble, and ever so weak,

Oh, where can I find my strength?

But then I find someone, find someone so special,

I know that I can trust Him with all of my heart.

I begin to feel braver, peaceful, and ever so stronger,

I know that I have found my Lord.

He is teaching me so much, as I go each day,

And He lets me bring everything to Him in prayer,

Even though I may feel scared, worried, or ever so feeble,

Jesus Christ will help me through.

My dear friend, do you feel fearful, needful, or ever so weak?

Then I want to tell you something of great importance:

I want to tell you that this someone, this someone, this someone so special

Can give you this peace today.