Chapter 1: Moving into The Spotlight

Hey, I'm the Z-RedRebel, I'm also known as RedHawk09 on , and this is a story of mine that popped into my head a few weeks ago, and I honestly couldn't get rid of it. So I wrote it down and created this monstrosity of a story. I hope you guys enjoy this story, and fair warning, I had some anime influence, but no specific series, more of a genre, and hopefully as the story progresses you'll see what I mean. Enjoy!

The sapphire blue sky, the white whisking clouds rolling by, and the gentle breeze caressing his body gently. Terry wished he could just lie in the grass, watch it all go by in silence forever, and enjoy the burning herbal stick between his lips. But alas, he knew that wish would not be possible at the age of seventeen, he still had to attend the Academy after all. Him lazing around did not really affect anyone, no one at the Oracle Academy even liked him that much, and to be honest that was how he liked it. At least that's what he kept telling himself. The truth of the matter was that he kept to himself so he would not be put in danger. As he lazily gazes at his right hand, he remembers that despite his desires he should try and avoid standing out if at all possible. That is why-

"Hey, you there!" A rather loud voice pierced through the silence, which caused Terry to groan in annoyance.

"Who could be wanting my attention?" Terry grumbled, though he had a fleeting suspicion that it was that redhead girl from student counsel, who kept harassing him about smoking. However, he was surprised to see a tall silver haired girl. She was about five foot seven, her hair was wavy, stopped beneath her shoulder blades, and she wore the optional Oracle Academy uniform. Terry noticed that her face was nearly breath taking. However, from the way she had her hips tilted, and the way she placed her left hand on her hip, she clearly had an annoying sense of overconfidence.

"I finally found you," the sliver haired girl exclaimed pointing to him, "Now there is no escape!" Terry just blinked, completely unsure of what this girl was going on about, in fact all he wanted was for her to go away considering how loud she was being.

"Do I know?" He bluntly asked, "Cause you're wearing the Oracle Academy uniform, so I'm assuming we've at least had a class together." The reaction from the girl was something that actually made Terry want to laugh. The overconfidence in her posture dropped completely, and she looked like a pale sad little girl. Now, he might feel bad for her, if he knew why she reacted that way, but for some reason he felt that it was a rather stupid explanation.

"You're kidding right?" she asked in a weak tone, "Are you sure you're Terry Gilmore? The pathetic five foot ten, silver blue haired, sleeveless jacket wearing, tobacco smoking delinquent of Oracle Academy?" Terry's face fell completely, and he just grunted, and removed the herbal stick from his lips, and gave her an angry stare.

"Is that what they all think of me?" He bitterly asked, "Ugh why do I even care. Yeah, I'm Terry Gilmore, and first of all don't call me pathetic just because I'm a user of Illusions. Second, this sleeveless jacket has more class than most; it has coattails. So give me some credit. Also, what the hell do you want with me?" The silver haired girl jumped in shock, having not expected such a response from Terry. She quickly gathered herself, and steadied her confidence.

"My name is Melanie Crownwell, though my friends call me Millie," she boasted, "And I'm one of our Academy's brightest, and the next Student Body President. Or, at least I will be." Terry huffed, really not caring about what he girl was babbling about.

"Well good for you," he sarcastically replied, "But what does any of this have to do with me?" Millie, looked at Terry like he was a touched in the head.

"Do you really not get it?" She asked arrogantly, "You're the school's most famous delinquent, if I am somehow able to get you to change into a respectable student, I'll be a shoe in for student president! Then I can finally-eh?" Millie looked to see that Terry was walking away, and immediately started running after him.

"Hey where do you think you're going?" Millie demanded with a sour tone. Terry looked over his shoulder, and just groaned.

"I'm going back to my dorm to relax," he answered in monotone, "Classes were a bit stressful today and now this." He really wanted the girl to take the hint and leave him alone, but the silver haired girl clearly did not understand that, as she was still following him with that look on her face.

"Did you not hear me?" she demanded, "I just told you what I need you for, and you just walk away from me? Explain yourself Magician!"

"Explain what," he asked, "I don't get what you're deal is, or why you think I'd be willing to help you after hearing that crap you just said about me?" The girl tilted her head to the side looking at him with confusion.

"But I've told you why I need your help," she stated, "So it's your obligation to help a lady who needs help?" Terry stopped dead in his tracks, and just looked at Millie, with his mouth wide open.

"Are you serious?!" He asked, "Just what in the world made you think that? I hardly know you!"

"Well," she replied, "I would have thought that even someone like you would behave like a gentlemen to a lady. But I guess I was expecting too much from a delinquent magician like yourself." Terry groaned, then picked up his pace, and did not care that Millie was following him still. As he tried to take another puff from his herb stick, Millie snatched it from his hands and stamped it into the ground.

"You have a filthy habit you know that?" She rudely said, to which annoyed Terry a great deal.

"Look whatever," he moaned, "I don't have the energy to put up with you. I'm going to my dorm to sleep so goodbye." And before Millie could say a single word, he disappeared into the thin air. Leaving a confused girl staring at the spot Terry once stood.

The door to the boy's dormitory opened mysteriously, catching the doorman off guard, until a shimmer of light appeared and Terry stood in the doorway. He was let out a sigh of relief and preceded to his room on the fifth floor. He soon reached door 524, and entered his room. It was not anything fancy; it was basically a one-room apartment. Though he had a small kitchen, bathroom, and his bed was in the same space as his dinner table and his desk. He took off his jacket, dropped on to his bed, and groaned.

"Why did that girl have to choose me?" He thought aloud, not caring that he was alone in his room. He just hoped that he would not have to see that girl for at in the future, if everything she said was true, then it was highly possible that being around her could bring unwanted attention upon him. He groaned at the thought.

"Why me?" He thought aimlessly, staring at the ceiling. He then began to notice that his mouth was unusually dry, and feeling far too lazy to actually get up and make himself a glass of water, he did the alternative. He outstretched his right hand, and soon a blue glass filled with water manifested in his hand. Terry sat up straight and let the cool liquid go past his lips and trickle down his throat. Yes, he was classified as Magician, a magic user of illusions, but that was only one side of his life. For some reason, Terry had found himself, either blessed or cursed, with the Writer's Grace, and ancient magic that let him bend reality to his will. He could do just about anything with this power if he desire, it would be so simple, all it would take is a thought, and he could do anything. Most people in his situation would love to have this power, and do whatever they wanted, but Terry felt very differently. He was not happy to have this power; all he wanted was to live a normal life. He wanted to be a performer, but he could not allow himself to pursue that dream. After all, there were people out there that knew of his abilities, and though they did not know of his face, they knew enough about him. He was a magician, with blue silver hair, that is all they would need to identify, so he had to keep himself way below everyone's radar. He just hoped that this Millie girl would not make things worse for him.


Terry walked down the hallways, wearing an unbuttoned white dress shirt, exposing his black tank top, and black pants. He had attached his wand to his hip, and was hoping that he would not have to use any sort of illusion today. Becau-

"Come on!" Millie wined trailing Terry; "It's your duty as a gentlemen to help a lady such as myself. Now come on, stop being so stubborn!" Terry tried to pick up his pace down the school hallway, but she just kept following him.

"You've gotta be kidding me," he groaned, "Can't you go bug somebody else? It's been two days, take the hint, I'm not gonna help you!" He could not believe that this girl was seriously still trying to get him to become her pawn for something as stupid and meaningless as becoming student president.

"No!" she determinably stated, "It has to be you or I'll just be the same old Millie Crownwell!" Terry would give her this, her determination seemed unrivaled, which he would normally respect, if that trait of hers were not directed at him. On top of that, her constantly following him had become the talk of the school. Every hallway he went down, Millie was his annoying shadow, and everyone they passed would stop and whisper about it. Terry was able to make out some of the things that were being said.

"Isn't that Melanie Crownwell?"

"Why is she following that guy?"

"I heard that he did stuff to her and she's trying to get him to admit it."

Despite how unsavory and terrible the things being said were, Terry took it all with a sigh. After all, there is nothing he could do to change human nature, especially high school students. The only upside of this, was that he knew none of the other students would even bother him, unless it was-

"TERRANCE GILMORE!" A voice pierced through the hallway, and while everyone, including Millie, all went silent and stood still, Terry sighed and scratched the back of his head.

"Damn my luck." He muttered, as he looked over his shoulder, and saw a five foot five redheaded, emerald-eyed girl, dressed in a girls vest uniform, with a green armband on her right sleeve. She walked towards him loudly, and with the same peaceful expression as a soldier missing a limb. Terry wanted to just continue walking to his last class, but two transparent wolves cut off his path. Knowing better than to think of them as products of illusion magic, Terry turned around and faced the redhead. When she got close enough, she "gently" shoved Millie aside and jabbed her finger into Terry's face, causing Terry to flinch, and she still held the hostility in her face

"You have a lot of explaining to do!" she loudly demanded, "I've heard a lot of ugly rumors about you over the past two days!" Terry sighed, as he did not want to have anything to do with the situation, but alas he had no escape.

"Is this really necessary Gina?" He asked lazily, "I mean I get confronting me in public, though I hate it, but did you really have to summon these spirits? Wouldn't the student council find that kind of excessive?" He watched her anger grow even more intensely, and noticed that she was gritting her teeth.

"Terrance!" She growled, "Because we were childhood friends I "tolerated" your disgusting habit, and tried to gently get you to stop. But I will not, WILL NOT, let our past excuse you from molesting another student!" Terry's mouth dropped open, and Millie just stared blankly around the hallway, both in utter shock at how far fetched the rumors about what was happening between them were. Terry was pissed that people thought that lowly of him, but he bit back his anger and tried to collect himself before responding.

"You think I molested her?!" He asked as calmly as he could, "Just how badly is your view of me? You know better than anyone that I've always hated bringing attention to myself! So why the hell would I do something like that?!" He would admit that he could have worded that better, but he was so angry that he could not help it; he did not want all this attention!

"Well I seem to remember our past differently," she stated, "You used to always joined the school productions and went for the biggest role!" Terry blinked, and tried to hide his nervousness and keep his mask of not caring on.

"That was in grade school," he responded, "People change from when they were kids Gina! And if memory serves, you used to always say that you didn't want anything to do with the school, and just wanted to play with your spirits!" Gina recoiled from his response, and a faint blush could be seen on her cheeks. But that embarrassment was quickly replace with anger, and which Terry matched. Millie felt like she was having trouble keeping up with the two, and felt like she deserved some answers.

"Excuse me," she politely asked, "But who-"

"STAY OUT OF THIS!" Both Terry and Gina told her, to which she flinched and retreated slightly by a step, and helplessly watched as the two continued.

"Back to the subject at hand," Gina loudly stated, "What exactly happened between you and this girl two days ago? Did you really molester her?" Terry gritted his teeth, still finding it hard to believe that Gina, who had been one of his best friends before he started doing herbal sticks, actually thought he was that low of a person.

"What happened between us?" He repeated, "Nothing happened! The only thing that did happen was her interrupting my peace and quite, and then continued to bother me on my way to the dorms!" He did not care that he was yelling anymore, he had, had it with these accusations.

"If that's the case then why has she been following you for the past two days?" Gina demanded to know, pointing towards Millie, who tried to tell her side of the story, but was quickly cut off by Terry.

"I have no idea!" Terry replied, "She doesn't seem to be capable of grasping the concept when someone is not interested in being used for the others selfish purposes! She's been acting like a spoiled daddy's girl!" At the mention of daddy's girl, Millie gritted her teeth, and a few floating sparks of fire stated to manifest around her. Slowly, Terry and Gina noticed the fire that had appeared, and became slightly fearful of the girl they had excluded.

"Daddy's girl?" she shakily asked, "DADDY'S GIRL?! I'LL SHOW YOU A DADDY'S GIRL!" She gestured her hand towards Gina and Terry, and the fire rushed towards them both, and both of them looked pale as ghosts.

"DAMN MY LUCK!" Terry shouted before he blacked out.

The Infirmary

Terry found himself on a very comfy medical bed, and in the presence of a very beautiful five foot seven, pink haired girl around his age, dressed in healer's robes. He also noticed that his shirt was missing, along with something very soft, and warm on his left pectoral; her hand. He knew her of course, Elisa Clarabelle, a very talented Medicine Mage, who is a part-time student, and part-time nurse at the Academy. He had meet with her many times over the past years at the Academy, due to various injuries he receive from numerous misunderstandings in the past. He was very grateful that she would always put him back into working shape, but lately he has noticed her being more physical than usual.

"Um, hey. Elisa?" He nervously greeted, "Uh…what are you doing?" His question only made her smile softly to him, and she gently moved her hand towards the direct center of his chest.

"Oh good you're awake," she replied, "I was afraid I hadn't healed you properly, so I was checking your heartbeat." Terry felt that she was not telling him everything, and he had no real desire to know what she was really doing, but wanted to get some space between them.

"If you're just checking my pulse," he began, "Then where are your reader stones? They'd making checking my pulse far easier than using your bare hand." To his disappointment, Elisa seemed unfazed, and got her face closer to his.

"Reader Stones are not fast enough," she answered, "Besides my healing magic works better when I can touch the patient directly. Hence why I'm touching your bare chest." She gave an innocent smirk, but Terry suspected that she had ulterior motives for wanting him shirtless. As her fingers roamed around his chest, Terry's cheeks developed a very obvious red hue. Elisa noticed this, and her smirk only grew as an idea formed in her mind.

"Alright mister Gilmore," she sweetly asked, "I'm going to need you to please relax, and not to question my methods." Before Terry could even stutter a reply, Elisa sat on his lap, and leaned towards him, placing a hand on his forehead. Terry had to force himself to remain calm, and resist the urge to throw the young healer off his body.

"C-care to explain wh-what you're doing?" He nervously asked, and getting another sickeningly sweet smile in response.

"Your face seems to have turned very red," she pointed out, "I'm checking to make sure you don't have a fever or worse."

"No, that I understand," he deadpanned, "But how exactly does that result in you having to sit on my lap?!" She cutely tilted her head to the side, and looked at him like a confused child.

"Do you not like this?" She asked sweetly, causing the red of Terry's cheeks to grow, and his self-control to waver.

"Whether I like this or not, is not the issue here," he exclaimed, "The issue is that this is more than a little intimate, don't you think?" Before she could even reply, the door opened and in the doorway stood the headmistress, Ms. Brita Edmonds, the worlds most power Alchemist, a form of magic that turn one form of matter into something else. However, Ms. Edmond's appearance did not match her reputation, to put it simply she look no older than nine years old. She was four foot seven, with short raven hair, violet eyes, dressed in dark robes and carrying a staff about two feet taller than herself. Terry noticed the emotionless expression she wore, and how her eyes were going back and forth, him and Elisa.

"What exactly is going on here Mr. Gilmore?" She flatly asked, and just as Terry was about answer, Gina walked in, with a few bandages on her forearms. She looked embarrassed, flustered, with her eyes closed and her cheeks red.

"Ahem," she cleared her throat, "Terry, I just came by to apologize for how I overreacted. I talked with Millie and sh-" she froze when she opened her eyes and saw the Elisa was still atop of him, and instantly her expression was one of shock and embarrassment.

"Uh… Gina." Terry tried to explain, but quickly Elisa wrapped her arms around his head, and brought him closer to her chest, muffling his voice.

"Oh dear it seems you're very popular," she sweetly teased, "Who knew so many woman cared about you this much?" Gina's face turned even redder, and gave the younger healer a death glare.

"Just what is going on here?" She demanded, "Terrance what exactly is the relationship between you and this girl?"

"Relationship?" Elisa repeated, "Well lets see? I've seen him in nothing but his undergarments before, and not to mention-" Gina's frustration only seemed to grow as the seemingly innocent healer continued talk away.

"Terrance!" Gina growled, "It looks like I was wrong about you, yet again." She summoned a wolf spirit before her, and at that point Terry had it. He felt his wand still attached to his hip, gripped it tightly.

"Alright I've had enough with this!" He exclaimed, then in a quick motion he was able to toss Elisa off his body, and thrust his left arm out, wand in hand.

"Voritc!" He announced, and instantly his wand began to glow green, and a small tornado appeared inside the room. Gina and Elisa were began to panic as a loud howling filled the room, and struggled to keep their eyes open against the violent strength of the vortex, trying desperately to avoid the objects being thrown around. Yet, Ms. Edmond stood unaffected by the ordeal, and simply huffed in annoyance.

"Trēowth!" she calmly exclaimed, her eyes shined yellow momentarily, and soon the vortex began to fade away, along with the objects being thrown around. The two younger girls blinked for a moment.

"What just happened?" Elisa asked and then gasped when she realized that Terry was nowhere to be seen. Gina noticed as well, and looked to the headmistress for answers.

"Do you ever pay attention in class?" Ms. Edmond sighed, "Mr. Gilmore is a Magician, a magic user who creates illusions, meaning that anything he creates isn't real. As long as a person is aware of this fact, and keeps a clear mind, they can shatter almost any illusion casted. It looks like the trickster used that little projection to escape. Oh, well guess I'll have to talk to him tomorrow." Gina and Elisa both felt thoroughly embarrassed that they allowed themselves to be tricked so easily, but then began to wonder where Terry had disappeared.

Student Locker Bank I-A

"I can't believe it," Terry mumbled as he reached into his locker, "Why does my luck suck today?" He groaned as he grabbed a spare tank top, and a black sleeveless long coat.

"Well hopefully it will change now." He thought aloud, as he grabbed his bag, closed the locker, then walked towards the exit, and stopped when he saw the silver haired spoiled girl blocking his way. Slowly he felt his bad luck returning, and wanted desperately to use his camouflage illusion again. After that little spat in the infirmary, he doubt he could handle any more crazy.

"Can we talk somewhere?" Millie asked softly, causing Terry to look at her in shock. The arrogance and overconfidence was not in her voice, instead a genuine sense of regret was in her voice.

"I'm sorry come again?" He asked unsurely.

"Can we talk somewhere," she repeated softly, "I was hoping I could explain myself to you, in private." Terry was surprised, and for the first time, in the pleasant way. After how spoiled she had been acting the past two days, he never expected to her to ask to speak to him in private. He actually felt compelled to say yes, but he needed to get home as soon as possible.

"Look Millie you don't-" he was quickly cut off by her gripping his hand, and he could actually feel her hand shaking slightly.

"Please," she softly pleaded, "I'll treat you to a good meal in the dinning district." At the mention of a good meal, Terry's stomach growled, he had skipped lunch trying to avoid her, and he loved the bittersweet irony that she was offering him dinner. He still needed to get home, but he could see that Millie was very upset, and believed she was on the verge of tears.

"Alright," he sighed, "But I'm not carrying any coin, so you're covering it all. Deal?" She raised her head, and slowly gave the young magician a smile, then nodded. She quickly walked towards the exit ahead of him, and turned around smiling at him.

"Come on," she kindly said, "I know this place that serves amazing roasted chicken." He smiled, and followed her.

Dinning District

Terry could not believe the restaurant that Millie had taken him to; the place was so high end that they had a doorman dressed as a butler to greet costumers, and the lowest price on the menu was about fifteen silver coins! That was about fifty copper coins, which is currently the total amount of coin Terry had back home. The price aside, it made Terry wonder just who exactly Millie was, and how she could treat these prices as an everyday ordeal.

"So Terry what are you thinking of getting?" She kindly asked. Terry could not believe she was asking him that, instead of if he needed any help.

"I'm not too sure," he nervously replied, "It all seems a little expensive doesn't?" This caused her to tilt her head to the side in confusion.

"Hm?" she hummed, "Have you never been here before?" Terry had to fight the impulse to slam his hand to his face. Just how oblivious to world was this girl, he wondered.

"I would've bankrupted my family if I did." he jokingly told the truth, his family had not been doing well financially in the past couple of years, and they did mostly home cook meals, that usually got from hunting or gardening.

"But how are you able attend Oracle Academy?" She asked, and once again Terry fought to keep his hand on his menu. He could not believe that this girl thought that every single student who attended Oracle Academy came from a wealthy family. He bit back the groan that was clawing at his throat, and took a deep breath.

"Well I'm actually here on a full paid scholarship," he answered, "As long as I get about ninety marks in each class I keep the scholarship, and the school pays for all of my school expenses." The reaction from Millie was not what he had expected, but entertaining nonetheless. As soon as he said ninety marks, her eyes went wide and her mouth went limp. He had to bite into his cheek to prevent even a chuckle from leaving his lips.

"Wait! Ninety marks?!" Millie asked in shock, "Are you trying to tell me that you're grades for the past three years have been ninety marks?! How did I not know that?" Terry chuckled nervously, and scratched the back of his head.

"I asked the headmistress to keep my grades private," he answered, "It's a lot more peaceful when people aren't always asking you to help them study for a test. And I'm not too fond of the idea of people using me to make things easier for themselves." Slowly, he saw Millie's face become solemn, and her gaze go the table. For some reason, Terry felt bad for her, and was worried that he had somehow upset the silver haired girl.

"Oh," Millie stated, "I can relate to that." Her answer caught him completely off guard. At the very least, he would have expected her to say that he was being selfish or something.

"Huh?" He asked, unable to contain his confusion. Millie looked back to him, and gave him a very gentle, but sad smile, that made Terry blush slightly.

"My father is Eaton Crownwell," she explained, "The world's most powerful Elemental Sorcerer, and the fourth most powerful magic user. When I was younger people would usually try to use me to discover his secrets. People constantly compare me to my father, and it has annoyed me for the longest time, and it only got worse recently." She then looked the ground, as if she was unsure if she was allowed to continue or not. She had never told anyone this much of her personal life, and it felt odd to be sharing it with Terry of all people. She half expected the silver blue haired boy to be uninterested in her problems and leave.

"Why is that?" Terry asked, catching Millie off guard. She looked at him in surprise, and then smiled as she continued her story.

"In about two years or so," she began, "I'll be the legal age to be married, and my father has been asked by various Elemental families asking for me to marry their sons. I've meet some of them, and all they care about is learning my fathers secrets." Terry did not know what to say, in a sense Millie was a lot like him, but she was already in the spotlight of unwanted attention, and could not escape because of her father. Terry knew of the legendary six lords of magic, and how each one was considered to be superior compared to other users of the magic they used. Almost every practicer of the seven pillars of magic wanted their power for their own. Currently there are six lords of magic, one of Elemental magic, Dark Magic, Weapons Magic, Spirit Magic, Healing Magic, and White Divine Magic. Though the seven pillars of magic are Elemental, Dark, Weapon, Spirit, Healing, White Divine, and Illusion magic, there has only been one lord of illusions in recorded history; though no one really cared too much about that. However, now that Terry knew she was a daughter of a Magic Lord, it made sense why would want to get close and use her. But still, to use someone so young, for something so selfish as a desire for power, he could not help but feel for her.

"So that's why I've decided to start making my own success," she determinedly said, catching Terry off guard, "Once I graduate Oracle, I'm going to start doing my own research on elemental magic, and she how I can make my own power. I won't take any help my father offers me. I won't even let him pay for schooling in university. That's why I'm trying to be student president, and be the top student at Oracle. That's why I need your help Terry." The mentioned magician felt flattered that she believed he would be able to help her build her own future. But he still did not understand why she would want to have his help, his reputation aside, he was just an "average" magician. The weakest user of the seven pillars, even if she was able to change the student body's mind about him, there would be little to no benefit to having him as a friend.

"Now that's the part I'm still unclear about," he stated, "If you want to build your own path, then why do you want someone like me to help you. If you keep hanging around me people are gonna get the wrong idea about you. People wouldn't think too highly of you for hanging out with the school's "bad egg."" Millie took a sip of her water, and then cleared her throat, with an excited look on her. She believed that she was finally getting through the boy, and could not be more thrilled.

"Well that's only because you smoke tobacco," she responded, "I'm sure if I get you to stop smoking, I'm sure that the others will see in a better light!" She gave him the most sincere, honest smile, that it almost seemed childish. However, she slowly began to consider the possibility that he would either yell at her or leave the table. But what happened instead shocked, and almost scarred her. Terry started to laugh, a genuine laugh.

"I'm sorry," Terry breathed, "But I keep forgetting that people think that I smoke tobacco." He snorted slightly, and tried to calm himself down, all while Millie sat there uncomfortable, unsure as to what to do. So she decided to get an answer from the boy.

"I'm confused now," Millie explained, "If it's not tobacco you're smoking, then what is it?" It took Terry but a short moment to calm himself down, and clear his throat. He still wore that amused look on his face, and for some reason Millie actually liked his smile. She felt it suited him more than that usual bored expression he wore during an average day. She was slightly surprised when he reached into his coat, and pulled out a carton of what he claimed were not tobacco sticks.

"What I smoke is Oregano," he explained, "It's an herb that has been used to help benefit people respiratory systems. A few years back I developed an infection in my lungs, and the healers told me to start smoking Oregano, because they couldn't risk operating on my body. And so I've been smoking these ever since, I call them O-Sticks for short." Millie felt horrible for Terry, she could not imagine what kind of shape he must have been in when this all had happened, but she was more upset that those healers refused to operate on him. Maybe if they had, then perhaps people at school would have been more accepting of him. She also could not understand, why Terry looked so content with how things played out. She thought that he should be at least a little upset for losing all of his friends, and being an outcast. So why was he not upset?

"Why didn't you ever explain this to anyone else?" Millie asked, "If you had explained it, then people wouldn't have been so harsh or judgmental towards you." He simply shrugged, as he put the carton of O-Sticks back into his coat.

"I thought it was funny," he nonchalantly replied, "People were so quick to judge that they didn't even notice that I never once smelt of tobacco compared to the students that actually smoke that junk. So I thought I wait and see how long it would take people to realize how stupid they were." She could not believe what he just said. How could Terry have just sat back and let all of those rumors spread, without trying to clear them up. It was almost as if he wanted to be an outcast, and have no one bother him. But why? Just as Millie was about to say something a waitress arrived to take their order, and Terry slowly ordered a 7-seasoned steak, while Millie ordered the Chicken Alfredo. After the waitress left, they sat silently for about twenty minutes, both unsure of what to say, and waited for their food. Once their food had arrived they continued their silence throughout the course of the meal. And while, Terry was at peace with what had happened, Millie was still determined to get Terry to help her, and then she would help clear those nasty rumors around the Academy.

After the meal

They both walked out of the restaurant, Terry with a satisfied look on his face, while Millie wore determination on hers. She still had not received an answer from Terry yet, and she had not changed her mind on getting him to say yes.

"Well thanks for the meal Millie," Terry smiled, "I doubt I've had such a fancy meal like that before." She looked at him, and for a moment, she almost wanted to freeze time, the way he smiled at her appeared honest, and showed no hints of selfish desire, just pure gratitude and happiness. For some reason, she wanted to keep him smiling, which made her more determined to get him on her side. Though she could not help but feel her cheeks grow warm at the way he was smiling at her.

"I-It was n-nothing," she stuttered, "A-anyway, Terry, you still haven't given me your answer." Much to her disappointment, his smile fell, and was replace by an unsure expression. He sighed, and rubbed the back of his head, trying to ease the war in his head, over if he should say yes or no.

"Look Millie," he started, "There's a reason that I-"

"There you are!" A deep voice shouted, and soon a ball of fire blasted towards Millie and Terry, and while Millie stood in shock, Terry gritted his teeth and tackled her into an alley, out of the fire's harm, but at the cost of his getting his right shoulder lit. He was about to panic, but Millie got over her shock, and manifested water and doused the flames.

"Thanks." He quickly replied, and then removed himself from Millie's body. She helped herself up, despite him offering a hand.

"Don't worry about it," she quickly answered, "Think of it as a thank you for saving me." Terry nodded, and took a defensive stance as he heard a deep laugh echo throughout the alley.

"I've finally found you," the voice darkly sang, "I can't tell you how long I have been searching for you, my little ticket to ruling the world." At these words, Millie's eyes were filled with horror, and she shoved Terry behind her.

"Stay behind me, Terry," she exclaimed, "I'll protect you." She extended her left hand, and in a flash of light a six-foot dark oak colored staff appeared in her hand. The staff had been engraved with gold markings, and had a green crystal ball at the tip, and was held by what looked like roots. She then took a defensive position, and soon sparks of fire appeared in front of her. All this did was make the voice laugh hysterically.

"Oh that is amusing," it laughed, "And what do you think you can do little girl?" Millie gritted her teeth at the voices taunts.

"Shut up!" she retorted, "I'm the daughter of the Fourth Lord of Magic, I won't be captured by some coward like you, and I won't let you hurt Terry!" There was a brief silence, which made Millie think that she had scared off whoever it was that attacked them, but then the deep laughter erupted again.

"So you the Fourth Lord's Brat?" It asked amused and chuckling, "That's good for you sweet heart but I could really care less. See I have no desire to learn your daddy's secrets; no I'm after something much, much, more powerful." A bright flash of silver light appeared down the alley, and soon a human figure took its place. It was a six foot three tall, muscular man, dressed in a green short sleeveless jacket, blood red skintight muscle shirt, brown military pants, and boots. His hair was black, short and almost looked military except for the streak of purple in the front. Terry felt his heart begin to skin to his stomach.

"What could you be after if not my father's secrets?" Millie demanded, "It doesn't make any sense for you to attack me otherwise, so why?!" Her question only made the man laugh even more, and his laughter was starting to make her legs shake.

"First I must introduce myself," he said, "I am known as Berwyn, and as you can see from my previous attacks I'm an Elemental Sorcerer. And what I'm after little girl, trumps the seven pillars of magic twenty times over. I'm after the holder of Writer's Grace!" Berwyn grinned wickedly, and Terry could feel his own legs quivering. This is what he had been hoping to avoid for years. All he wanted was to live a normal life, but now he doubted that would ever happen.

"Writer's Grace is just a myth," Millie retorted quickly, "It's just a legend that the White Mages made to have people worship the Goddess more, and to give the people hope for a savoir. It's not real." Terry could only wish that she was telling, but he knew better than most that she was wrong.

"Actually little girl," Berwyn explained as he slowly approached, "I can assure you that Writer's Grace is more than just a myth. In fact I'll tell you two stories, the second is quite recent actually. Long ago, the Goddess of this world saw her people suffering, though she could do nothing to help them, and could send no child of her own to our world. So she out of her love and trust of her creations, she bestowed upon a chosen one a power unrivaled. A power that could change the world around this chosen one, this power is known as Writer's Grace, and it is believed whoever wields this power, can have total control over the world itself, and bend reality to their will. Now about seventeen years ago, a child was born, a boy, and this was no ordinary whelp mind you, for it is said he made food for himself out of thin air. No evidence of any known magic was used, and soon rumor began to spread of the return of Writer's Grace. Five years ago, the child was spotted again, but only a vague description was spread around the criminal underworld. And do you know what they said of him? That he was a magician with blue silver hair." Millie gasped, and slowly looked over her shoulder and saw Terry looking uncomfortably defensive.

"No," she breathed, "It can't be." She wanted to ask Terry, but he took off running, and it was not long after that, Berwyn stormed right past the young girl, knocking her painfully into a wall, and then pinned Terry to a wall.

"Now come on boy," Berwyn grinned, "Do me a favor and admit it. You're the Writer's Grace aren't you? You wouldn't have ran otherwise." Terry could feel a great deal of pain being exerted on his right shoulder, and let out a cry of pain.

"Maybe I'm just a coward," Terry grunted, "And can you blame me, you're fucking crazy if you think I have that kind of power." Terry was hoping that he could bluff his way out of this, but judging on how this Berwyn guy was tightening his grip that would not be happening anytime soon. Then the thug had a murderous look in his eye

"Fine!" Berwyn shouted, "I'll make you show me the Writer's Grace!" He then created a strong gust of wind, and sent Terry flying into the river, along with various amounts of derby. Millie screamed out Terry's name, and the world seemed to slow down for the boy.

"Damn it," he angrily thought, "I tried so hard to stay under the radar to avoid nut jobs like this, and in the end I gave everything up for nothing! Damn it. Damn it. Damn it! DAMN IT! I'm going to die if I don't use Writer's Grace, but if I do use it then I can kiss the life I've know so long goodbye. Damn it! Why do I have to make a decision like this! There has to be a way for me to….There is away! Hehehe get ready for the greatest performance of all time folks! I'm gonna put on the greatest performance the world has ever seen!"

A strong breeze blasted past Berwyn, and a black blur speed towards Terry's body, and soon he vanished. Leaving both Berwyn and Millie confused. Then a loud whistle pierced the silence, and caused both heads to gaze upward.

"A second later," a noble voice exclaimed, "And I had been too late!" Millie looked up, and nearly cried at what she saw. Terry was alive and unharmed, but in the arms of some guy dressed in all black. Their hair was the same color, but the man in black had more straight hair, and was wearing a black top hat, and his face was hidden. Though her gaze was mostly fixed on Terry. The man in black seemed to have noticed Millie's gaze, then looked to Terry, and let out a chuckle.

"Don't worry love," the man in black told her, "This poor bloke here is just out cold, no serious damage. Good thing wouldn't be able to sleep if this unlucky bum got hurt cause of me." The man seemed relieved by this, but Millie could have cared less about that strange man, she needed to find Terry and make sure he was okay.

"What the?!" Berwyn exclaimed, "Just who the hell are you?!" The man in black only laughed at the violent Elemental Sorcerer's question.

"Who am I, mate?" He amusingly repeated, "I just did something which has been ruled impossible, and you have no foggy idea who I am?" He laughed a bit more, then held out his free hand, which was a white glove, and a dark portal appeared. Before a single thing could be said, the man in black threw Terry's unconscious body into the portal. Millie screamed, and sent a ball of fire towards the man, which was somehow blocked by piece of rubble. The man put a hand to his face, and laughed some more.

"Where did you send Terry?!" Millie angrily shouted.

"Sorry love," he responded, "But I just open a rift in the fabric of space, and sent your boyfriend somewhere safe. In other words, don't worry about him."

"There's no way you could have done that!" Shouted Berwyn, "Unless? Wait? Don't tell you're?"

"That's right mate," the man in black proudly announced, "I am the true wielder of Writer's Grace! He who can bend the very fabric of reality to his beck and call! Allow me to introduce myself, I am the Gentlemen Black!" He jumped two stories down, and landed unharmed with a bow. When he lifted his head, he wore a black drama mask with white eyes and a red mouth. His clothing matched his name, he wore a black overcoat, with some white lines on the collar and both sleeves, and black pants. Though Millie could not help but thing he looked

"At your service." Gentlemen Black finished then jumped right as Berwyn attempted to rush him, but only succeeded in slamming a burn mark into the ground.

"If you really are in possession of Writer's Grace," Berwyn shouted, "Then it makes no difference to me! I'm still going to use your power to surpass those six Lords of Magic!" Berwyn then sent a volley of fire towards Gentlemen Black, who created a small vortex of wind from his hand. As soon as the flames meet with the vortex, the oxygen was snuffed out, putting the flames out. Gentlemen Black created about twenty floating knives and sent them towards the Elemental user. Berwyn hastily produced a pocket of wind to defend himself, but he winced with each knife that was halted by his barrier. He then sent a blast of lightning towards Black, who manifested a metal rod and sphere of water, jumped into the air, and created a stone platform. The lightning struck the rod and caused an explosion of boiled water. To avoid being touched by the boiled water, Millie threw a water barrier around herself, shielded from harm.

"Do tell mate," Black asked, "How exactly were you planning on using my power for yourself?" Berwyn looked up to Black, though slightly out of breath, wore a confident grin.

"Once I capture you," Berwyn boasted, "I'm going to torture you until you call me Master! And then I'll unleash your power upon all the fools who would-" He was interrupted by the loud laughter of Gentlemen Black, who was crouched over slightly.

"Oh, apologies," Black laughed, "But that barbaric plan would never work." He snapped his fingers, and then five large pillars began to drop from the sky, targeting Berwyn. Who immediately began running to avoid the dropping stones works. And just barely avoided the fourth.

"See mate," Black explained, "You're plan solely relies on the foolish idea of capturing me. Me! The sod who can bend reality to his will." He flicked his wrist, then small metal ring launched towards Berwyn, and crashed into his right ankle, sending out a sickeningly loud crunch. Yet, before Berwyn could cry in pain, the last pillar crushed his other leg, and then he let out a blood-chilling scream. Black floated back down, and with a quick gesture with his hand, the pillars and knives were gone. He slowly approached the weeping wounded attacker, smiling beneath his mask. Berwyn vainly tried to crawl away.

"You best be on your way love," Black said to Millie, "Wouldn't want a pretty little thing like you to see something this ugly." He then gestured an open palm to her, and a portal opened beneath her and she fell right through, with a shriek. With eyes no longer present Black continued to his wounded attacker.

"Now that it's just the two of us," he taunted, "Maybe we can be more open to talk?" This only caused more fear in the Elemental users eyes, and his actions more of a wounded animal than the proud sorcerer he claimed to be.

"Stay back!" Berwyn shouted, "You're not human! You're a monster! A demon!" Black manifested a cane of dark wood, with a silver handle and a mystic orb attached to the handle.

"You might not be too far off," Black spoke, "I have been cursed or gifted, with the Writer's Grace. A power by which, no human should have. So that brings up the question. Am I actually human?" Before even a whimper could be made, a loud ear piercing boom echoed in the air, Black turned around quickly to find a tall figure holding a smoking gun in the air.

"That's quite enough!" a feminine voice declared, "I'm taking you two into custody!" Soon Black was able to see the person much clearer. It was a five foot seven bleach blonde haired girl, wearing bits and pieces of knight armor, her eyes were an electric blue that shined with authority.

"Sorry love," Black replied, "but I'm not really one to put into a cell. Nor am I the kind of man who'd-" A blast of magic cutting the right cheek of his mask, broke his focus. Black was impressed to see that the girl was holding a sword glowing green. She was a weapons mage, a magic user who channels magic into the physical form usually of a sword, Black did not desire to have a fight with her.

"Do not take me lightly," she barked, "I'm Nora Madeline Pendragon, head knight of Oracle Academy's Knights. I will not be teased by some trickster."

"Again love," Black repeated, "I have no desire to be taken prisoner, nor to fight. So I will leave this bloke here in your care, and be on my marry way." Nora's face grew sour, and aimed her sword to Black, and lunged right towards him, stopping her blade at his throat; giving him a murderous look.

"You will accompany me!" She coldly stated, and inched her blade towards his throat for good measure.

"I think not." Black said pleasantly, before vanishing within the blink of an eye. Nora's eyes went wide, and she looked around baffled. Then a whistle from above caught her attention, and she was speechless to see Gentlemen Black standing atop the rooftops, twirling his cane.

"Apologies love," he stated, "But I have made arrangements prior to this, otherwise I'd love to dance with a pretty thing like you. So save your next dance for The Gentlemen Black, kay love?" Nora's cheeks developed a faint pink hue.

"W-wh-hat?" she stuttered, "How dare you-"

"Ta love." He said before disappearing instantly. Leaving a very confused Nora, and a still wounded sorcerer.

"Just who was that?" She asked under breath.

Back Alley, Arms District

Gentlemen Black reappeared in the dead alley, and fell to his ass, breathing heavily.

"Fuckin' hell," he roughly breathed, "That was more exhausting than I originally thought." He manifested a glass of water, and removed his hat and mask, revealing the taxed face of Terry Gilmore. Who greedily gulped down the water, and shortly dismissed the glass.

"Making the illusion of the blur was easy," he sighed, "As manifesting these clothes within seconds, and creating an illusion of my body, but I never would have guessed using the Grace for combat would be so difficult." He then leaned up against a wall, and ran a hand through his hair.

"Maybe I overdid it?" he sighed, "After all I didn't have to crush that guys legs, but at least Nora showed up. Knowing her, she'll take him to a hospital before chaining him up. But I might have scared Millie a bit too much. Shit, and I was actually starting to make a friend." He groaned, after feeling the sweat running down his face, he created a rag, and began to dap away at the beads. Slowly he stood up, with a smile on his face.

"Well guess there is no helping it now," Terry thought aloud, "But at least with this whole "Gentlemen Black" thing, I can try and be more out going. Who knows I might even sign up for the next play, depending what show they're putting on." He closed his eyes, imagining how much better his life could be now that he created this alter ego to take the heat of Writer's Grace, and was enjoy the bliss. Finally he could go on stage again, he would not have to worry about constantly looking over his shoulder, and he could finally be normal!

"Well," he grinned, "Here's to a new da-" He froze completely when he saw Millie, standing before him, with her mouth open wide. Slowly he felt his eyes widen, and his heart sank to his stomach.

"Terry?" She questioned, "What…what is all this?" Terry felt his right eye brow twitch ever so slightly, the peace slowly left his face, and he took a gulp of air.

"Damn my luck." He muttered.

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