You cut into me.

You won't let me be.

I go back to you knowing the pain but wanting that pain at the same time.

The pain that cuts through my numbness to life.

I let myself bleed, bleed, and bleed.

I could not be be hurt by you I believed.

Oh I was wrong!

I could not lament with song.

You are sharp and deadly as any blade.

You go straight to the heart like a game of dart.

You never meant to hit, but you got the bull eyes.

I cannot let the wound heal.

You open me and feed me as if some cruel meal.

Oh letter, how I would slay you, messenger of betrayal!

The words you bore were hail of arrows striking my tears down

and numbing me to all life but to the malicious words you loosed on me with bow of delivery.

Vapid cupid you are firing arrows of discord and grief!