The light is gone and midnight rise,

Wet pillows and painful scars lies,

Silent befalls except for endless cries,

In the dead of night,

The rebels fight,

Escaping the cursed light,

Blood of the innocent is spilled,

All signs of hope is killed,

Happy memories are now dark filled,

No hope, no peace, just death,

A dark tragedy like Macbeth,

As the warrior takes his final breath,

The war of humanity continues, never stopping,

The last of the men's heart beat are dropping,

The ones left behind are most that's throbbing,

The battle is dead yet the war is alive,

And mankind shall once again dive,

And for power, humanity will thrive,

When you think it's over, there is still spite,

There is still of tomorrow's sunlight,

And energy of men will ignite,

With the sun comes the moon,

And with the moon comes an unstoppable doom,

The atmosphere is filled again with gloom,

A night filled with bloodshed and tears,

Is once again filled with fears,

Nothing has changed in the last hundred years,

Mankind still have not learned it's lesson,

And God will not give his blessing,

Mankind is still filled with a vengeful essence,

If the lesson is not learned, history will repeat,

Nothing will change until this hatred is beat,

Mankind, hurry up and learn before time fleet...