The new style for dinner

By Jenna Wise

I usually don't put on makeup for my dates with my favorite writer: Ben the fox Vermillion. However, today is special and it means a lot to me. Its like a dream come true to see him in his charismatic beauty and its another altogether positive feeling when I see him with a new fiction in tow. He may not look like the best looking guy on sight and its sad in more ways than one or several things I could mention. However, his personality and the things he writes on paper about me are what truly enhances his beauty for me.

I put on some blush and a gentle and soothing lipstick to show off my happy go lucky mood to the public, but mostly to him. I give my eyes a beautiful glow and brush over my eye lashes. I put on a beautiful dress that has a silky, white fabric and it makes my white skin come out of the light bulb as if I'm an angel. An angel of pure beauty and a charismatic love. I observe myself very closely and I blush at the sight of my beauty in this dress.

I'm so hot!

I hear a horn honk outside of my house and I look out the window to see who it is, despite I know its him in the flesh. I watch him as he steps out of the car and he watches for me in a window.

As soon as Ben finds me, He waves. "There you are sweet heart. Let's go please, I'm in the mood for food and I'll be more than happy to give you a few kisses all over the place. With your discretion of course."

I smile in excitement and I shout as if I'm on top of a mountain. "I'm so full of excitement. I'll be right down. I'm in the mood for someplace fancy." I blow a kiss at him and watch as he catches it and plants it on his cheek. "I'll be right down. You won't have any disappointment."

I race down the steps and I get on my white and luscious high heels. My mother wishes me to have fun and be careful.

I feel embarrassment. "Don't worry mom. I'll be fine."

I walk outside to Ben's car. "I'm ready sweet heart. I just can't get enough of you. You make me so nervous and yet, so comfortable at the same time. I think I might be in love with you. We did have so many dates before and you just jump off the page. You're my favorite writer."

Ben blushes and lets me inside the car with a courteous smile. "You're welcome."

I watch the road as we drive toward our destination. Its a brisk drive and the wind feels great as it blows through my hair. My hair glides in the wind like an aerodynamic wings. I turn toward my favorite writer and look at the contours of his face and his hazel eyes. His eyes show endless excitement to see me in the white dress and I like how his eyes anticipate another chance to get to know his favorite fan. His butter bean.

As soon as we arrive at the restaurant, he parks the car and we walk inside. Since we have reservations already, we are able to sit in a perfect table without anytime that spends itself to wait. He gently allows me to sit down with a hand to help her get into the chair.

Ben kisses my hand. "So gentle lady, how does it feel to enjoy your date with me? Does it excite you to have dinner with me?"

I blush heavily and smile. "Yes. It excites me greatly. I'm your number one fan my special writer. We did have so many dates over the years and I just feel like I know every little detail about you. I did have so many dates with you over the years. You just have this euphoria about you that I can't get enough of you. I just love everything about your personality. To put it simply, I love everything about you."

Ben releases my hand and sits down. "I love everything about you to."

The waitress shows up and we order our food. Ben orders a club sandwich with fruit and guilt free water. It doesn't cost him a whole lot and I like the fact that he wishes to keep his cute figure intact. I order the same thing. I just love to eat healthy. It isn't the most expensive dinner. However, it should keep the cooks busy enough so Ben and I can talk.

I ask in happiness and with the utmost curiosity. "Did you start any books yet? Your number one fan wishes to know. I wanna know. I just love your books."

Ben explains as he pulls out his newest notebook. "I'm in the pursuit to write a book about you. In this book, you're a princess who needs to have rescuing from a dragon. I'm your knight in armor that shines and I save you. Then I'll have us go on a date similar to this and marriage will come into the picture. I love you so much."

I blush and cups my hands to let Ben know that I care. "Awe. I love you too. You make the best stories and I think that one of these days you should have someone publish your fictions. You have so much talent with the pen and the notebook. You're the best writer ever and I love you so much. You're my soul train. You're my soul mate. You're my heart's desire. You're my only sunshine. You make my world begin."

Ben blows a kiss at me and his hazel eyes change into something that represents awestruck surprise and the utmost love. "You shouldn't have Jenna. You're so sweet. You make my heart melt with passion."

The food finally arrives and it only heightens the love that I share with Ben. I savor my club sandwich and the drink that I did order. Its definitely worthwhile and it brings out my happiness to share in the need to feed. It takes about ten minutes to eat my sandwich. As I eat, I watch Ben's eating habits and it astounds me about how he can only finish half of his sandwich.

I ask in curiosity. "Are you gonna eat the rest of your sandwich? Don't tell me you did finish your sandwich. I did finish mine, so why can't you? I don't want you to die from starvation."

Ben continues to eat the other half of his sandwich and smiles. "I guess since the sandwich is healthy for me anyway, I'll eat it. I love you so much."

I ask as he eats his sandwich. I take my time to take in his eyes before I open my mouth. "Did you know that 'Black Swan' that stars Natalie Portman and Mila Kunis is gonna open the Venice Film Festival in Italy? At last, I know that Fox Searchlight cares about the movie. I can't wait until it gets a release in theaters. Until then however, I'll look forward to 'Writing and Ballet: give me your heart's love'. Its such a beautiful movie."

Ben finishes the bite he chews on his sandwich and asks. "That would be great to eventually see that movie. Do you think my real self would like to see the movie with you? You know, 'Writing and Ballet: give me your heart's love'. I would definitely love him to see the movie with you. Maybe when you finish writing this, you could ask him if he would like to see 'Writing and Ballet: give me your heart's love' with you?"

I nod with hopefulness. "We can only hope. Hey, as soon as this food is done being eaten, you wanna dance with me? We have to make sure that this reaches five pages in length."

Ben takes a bite of his sandwich. "Yeah, I can dance with you. If you need to fill up five pages, then it looks like you're on your way in a very wonderful manner. We're at page two after all." He blows a kiss at me. "We'll do it as soon as finish this sandwich." He asks. "You wanna read a little of what I have of my book about you while you wait for me to finish my sandwich?"

I raise my voice in excitement. "Yes! Send it my way."

Ben tosses me his notebook and he continues to eat his sandwich. He waits happily for her to read it with an anticipation of what she thinks of his work about her.

I read very carefully and slowly. "Jenna resonates with me in a great way. Her smile and glasses give her a beauty that I can't describe and it brings me into a heavenly euphoria of love. She sees me, I see her and its like a dream come true. She wants to be a writer like me and she writes amazing stories that I can't describe in one word or just one sentence. In order to describe her works, I need to set aside ten pages or more to review the tapestry of the intacacies in your marvelous style in which you write.

"Jenna is like a summer maiden and she can attract any man with her very attractive glasses. She allows herself to write with ease and there's nothing to stop her except her one day having the true me falling in love with her. There's light in every crevice of her being and everytime I look I can never find any dark place. Its like the everlasting love that gains growth like a seed inside becomes a marvelous flower. She is the sunshine to my rain and my rainbow and I'd have it no other way.

"There's nothing I feel that doesn't have a direct thought with you in it. Jenna kisses me and I take it in like the wasp of my being. She's so hot and her mouth has an unusual fuel that ignites my love for her further. I love her and there's nothing that will stop me from enjoying her ever growing love and her ever growing heart beat. I love her more than anything, even more than my life. I'm proud to be in her arms at last."

I close the notebook and feels utter surprise. "That work amazes me like nothing else you have written so far. I love how you make me the subject in all your works. You're the greatest writer I've ever seen."

Ben finishes his sandwich and walks over to me. He offers his hand. "Shall I have this dance?"

I take his hand and blush. "I wouldn't have it any other way. Please, take me to the dance floor."

Ben takes me to the dance floor and a beautiful song plays that is extraordinarily original and it allures me in with the utmost love. We dance slowly. I wrap my arms around his neck and give him a quick kiss on the lips. He plants his hands on my thighs and he blushes from the quick kiss on the lips

Ben sings along with the song and keeps his attractive eyes on me. His essence of his words that he did sing brings me into a euphoria of love. It feels so right and so perfect. Sadly however, there's something that still feels lost to my reality. I don't cry. However, it is easy to recognize my feelings of despair.

Ben asks in concern. "What's wrong sweet heart? Jenna, don't be afraid. You can tell me anything. I'm here to help you and I care about you immensely."

I explain. "I just wish that the real you could love me as well. The real you loves Sarah and it hurts me immensely. I know you love me for me. However, the real you thinks about Sarah. In the end, this is just a fantasy and I'm only writing what I wish will come true on paper. Why does this have to happen to me?"

Ben draws me close and explains. "Don't be sad. I'm sure my real self will notice you. All you need is hope and anything will happen. You're beautiful. You really are. You just need to not judge yourself so harshly. Men will feel about you the way you do about yourself. If you hate yourself to kingdom come, they'll see that and there won't be any hope for you to have notice by another person. All they'll see is just a rag that sits on the side of the road as it rots and shrivels into nothing. I think you love yourself a lot however and I'm sure you'll have someone notice you since you hold your head high. You're so beautiful and someone will notice you."

I cry softly and only Ben can hear me. "The thing is, I want something I can't have. I want the real you to fall in love with me. Me and him are meant to be together. I wanna believe you that love is a true thing and all that jazz. However, it just doesn't come to me that way. I wanna nurture his love for me. I don't wanna force it. I don't wanna be like Raimi who only loves boys for their bodies. I know this might be some dream that I can't ever have. However, I love him and just wish he could see that. Ever since I did see him in middle school, I did have an enormous crush on him and it hurts to know that he thinks of Sarah: a person that thinks boys are just some demons that the devil did send from hell to hurt women. I just wish I could figure out a way for the real you to see that I love him."

Ben caresses my hair and strokes it with love. "There are things that I can't do for you in the real world that I can do for you here. I may not be able to kiss you physically and I know I may not be able to tell you how you should write me down on paper. However, everything you ever did want to do to the real me happens right now on this paper as you write me with your pen. If you crave sex from me, you simply can imagine it as your desires are written on paper. You may not tell the real me what you write down or what happens in your dreams when he's in it. However, I'm sure if you were to nurture him like a fox pup then he'd love you unconditionally and there wouldn't be any reason to force him to love you. I know he loves Sarah right now. There are ways around it however. You simply figure out what he enjoys to do most and take it in with grace and love. He loves to write doesn't he? If he does, you should ask him if he wants to go to see 'Writing and Ballet: give me your heart's love'. I'm sure he'll love that immensely."

I hold Ben close and kiss his lips for a few seconds. It doesn't take long for me to see him blush. "Thanks Ben. That will be a great idea to attract the real you for a movie. I'm sure he'll love the movie and I'll be able to cuddle with him until the movie is over. Thanks Ben, you're the greatest. As soon as I get five pages on this paper, I'll ask him if he wants to see the movie. He's so hot."

Ben blushes. "I'm glad you feel that way. I think you're hot too."

Me and Ben sway to the music and take in the beauty of each others eyes. I burrow my head into his chest and I melt inside from the sweet nectar of everlasting love. I rub my head against him and my hair tickles his neck. If I did wanna do it, I could simply sleep in his chest. Instead, I keep my head close to his chest and it feels so hypnotic. I see myself grow extremely happy and feel a romantic vibe about me. I close my eyes and take in his warmth.

I whisper softly. "I love you so much. You take my breath away."

Ben whispers back. "I love you too. I'll always be your hero and regardless of how many times you ever did wish get rid of me I'll always be back to kiss you. You also take my breath away. Shall we kiss?"

I kiss Ben on the lips and take in his flavor. I feel his taste envelope me into the essence of his scent. It feels so charismatic and everything that comes to mind brings in the love I choose to savor. The kiss lasts for a very long time and I don't wanna let go. I pat him on the back. However, all good things must end. I release slowly.

I whisper slowly and tap my chest with my hands. "Would you like to feel my breasts? Would you like to draw me closer?"

Ben explains as he brushes his hand through my hair. "I would like to and I think this should be a perfect night to feel your breasts. However, this is a public place and you aren't in the pursuit to write this to just yourself. Maybe next time I'll touch your breasts. However, I'm sure that you'll be perfectly content with me doing that if I were the real love of your life in your arms. Oh, what should we do next to fill up these pages?"

I explain and I think it through as I bring it out. "I know this an assignment. However, could you touch my breasts for me just this one time? All we have to do is to pretend that this isn't an assignment and this is just something I'm in the pursuit to write for fun. Please, touch my breasts."

Ben nods. "Okay, I'll do this for you. You're in control of what I do anyway."

Ben plants his hands on my breasts and gives the breasts a good squeeze. He kisses me on the lips and releases both the kiss and my breasts. I feel a slight disappointment that Ben did release my breasts too early. However, there isn't anything I can do about it. It might give me some brownie points for this. However, I won't cross my fingers that this will get me an A grade. It wouldn't hurt though.

I ask as an idea pops into my head. "Could you go a little further this time and touch my breasts under my dress? I have a bra on so it'd be perfectly safe. Please, I'll make sure that the real you marries me. All you have to do is give my breasts another squeeze and then I'll have satisfaction."

Ben asks. "If I do this, will we be able to return to the dance that I wanna share with you?"

I nod. "Don't worry Ben. We'll make sure this works in our favor. Now just touch my breasts one last time and I'll let you sit back down in our seats so we can have some dessert. It'll be fun."

Ben nods and burrows his hand under my dress. He works his way toward my bra and gives me a wild sensation along the way. I blush in passionate ecstasy. He rubs my feminine curves with the utmost gentleness. He rubs my belly for the beautiful feeling that someone loves me and wants me to have a great time. He rubs my bra and squeezes my breasts for a few minutes. It feels so great to have my breasts give me a sexual euphoria as a hot boy rubs my breasts. I hope this never ends.

I allow myself to enjoy every second and it plays into my heart for love of the real person that I wish would actually do this to me. Ben gives my nipples a good workout and then he releases my breasts and takes his hands from my dress.

I kiss Ben one final time and release. I take his hand and smile brightly. "Let's go back to the table and have some dessert and we'll be able to order a couple slices of pie. If you ever did want to after this, we could either dance again or we could go to my house to finish it off. Its your choice since you have a car. What do you think we should do? I would really love to know."

Ben comes up with a suggestion. "I would rather have pie, talk a little while, and take you home if that's what you want. We can discuss it over dessert. It won't take long."

I take him to the table and I sit down in a chair. I wait until the waitress comes to take our order. Ben sits across from me and he makes me just by merely to look at him.

The waitress walks by with her pen and paper. "What would you like for dessert? We have a very fine selection. You won't have any disappointment."

Ben orders first. "I would like a strawberry rhubarb pie and I want some in cream on it to. I hear your restaurant has the best pie alamode on your menu. Is it true?"

The waitress scribbles down the order and explains. "Its very true. We always have the best pie alamode. All you need to know is what kind of pie do you want your ice cream to be on and then we do the rest."

Ben smiles. "Thank you."

I order what I want and it doesn't take me too long to decide. "I want a strawberry rhubarb pie as well and could you also give me a couple enormous scoops of ice cream. I wanna get some calcium in me, although it proabably wouldn't do much in this form of milk products. I would definitely enjoy a strawberry rhubarb pie alamode."

The waitress scribbles down the order. "I'll be back very soon with your pie alamodes. I hope you two enjoy it immensely. I love customers who order dessert." She leaves.

I cheer happily. "This will be so much fun. I can't wait to sink my teeth into the strawberry rhubarb pie alamode. What about you Ben?"

Ben cheers happily as well. "I love the strawberry rhubarb the best. Especially with the word berry with the word. I'm a berry fanatic. Their pie is so good. It never disappoints."

The waitress comes back with the pies as the two did order. "Here's your strawberry rhubarb pie alamodes my precious customers. Eat well."

I smile and so does Ben. We simply resonate these words. "Thank you."

The waitress finishes off and smiles. "You're welcome." She leaves shortly after wards.

I take the first bite of my pie and it is to die for. The strawberry rhubarb makes my taste buds tingle in astonishment about how awesome this pie is. The ice cream and the pie together is a very wonderful combination and it makes me fall into a euphoria of dessert temptation. I continue to eat the pie until it is completely gone. I don't stop to talk or to reminisce about my past. I simply eat the pie and indulge in its flavor of temptation. I do feel that Ben did eat the pie in this way as well.

Ben pays the bill and takes his notebook into his car. I follow into the car and enjoy the rest of the night with a full belly. He takes me to his house and we finish off with a kiss. I step inside and greet my mom with a hug.

-End of "the new style for dinner".

By Jenna Wise.