This world as we know it is an illusion,

Everything we know is a delusion,

We test our sanity and reality by pain,

But what if we feel pain my the images we gain?

We are taught from birth what is pain and we create it by seeing,

When we see that we are in "pain" we somehow create the "feeling",

Humanity was right, pain is our own doing,

Our own body are fooling,

If we just let it go, our minds will be clear,

By taking a step back, we can become our own seer,

Many people think this way is not logical,

Are you too smart for my philosophical?

Humanity is said to be smart,

But they cannot even see the art,

You are creating your own pain, you have to let go,

To the doubt in your mind, you must say no,

It's easy to let go, so why don't you?

Because pain is the only thing you know, isn't that true?

Pain is the only thing you can blame,

You think that it's the thing you can't tame,

Well, you're wrong, pain is what's eating you,

You don't have to embrace it, letting go is what you need to do,

You don't have to be a cold and jaded corpse,

Just take the easy path that is not so warp,

But what do I know, I'm only thirteen,

But the truth, I have seen,

It took me seven years, but now I'm free,

Now clearly, I can finally see,

Pain is an illusion just like this world in which we live in,

Just like how we easy built it, we can destroy this cell of sin,

I am only here to pass the message, I am only the teacher,

I am here to teach you a lesson, I am only the preacher,

This world is a delusion, this pain is a delusion,

Don't you think it's time to end this confusion?

It's time to move right above,

It's time to fly free like a dove,

It's not heaven, it's something better,

You no longer have to answer to your debtor,

From horrid dream, it's time you have awoken,

And go to a place which name has not been spoken,

This place is freedom, this place is peace,

You have to let go and finally release,

And move to a place which I call "Regnum Somniorum"...