Illusional Fright

AN: O.O This was actually a *gasp* challenge I got from me friend, Piggy! ^^ Anyway, she said that she would give me 5 words and that I had to write a poem with them! ^^ Anyway, the words were: diligent, shadows, moon-born, insistently, and wholeness. ^^;;;

I see shadows,
Creeping up behind me,
An illusion,
I took so seriously.
And even though there is no rain,
The thunder is near,
As if a storm
was brewing somewhere.
Diligent is my heart,
My breath, gone, taken.
And insistently my head screams,
Let it go, be not shaken.
They follow me,
The demons, moon-born,
Like I am their prey,
Lost... forlorn.
Tearing away my soul,
The wholeness dissolved,
Ravaging my heart, my mind,
The problems never solved.
Fangs screaming,
Against the night,
Illusion of tears, illusion of demons,
Illusional fright.