Miranda skipped around the training area, watching her teammates practice as she sat out on the training session. Melissa had told her to sit down if she wasn't going to train, but she had so much pent-up energy from merely being a back-up member that it was starting to wreak havoc on her nervous system.

"Melissa, Melissa…" she whined when the Eagle blader had tried to get her to sit down for the

fifth time. "I wanna battle in the next round! If you let me battle in the next round, I'll start practicing again!"

"Guys…" she said, exasperated. Everyone looks up from their individual stadiums.

"Does anyone want to give up their spot in the next round?"

"No way! I'm gonna kick some major butt in this tournament and I'm not letting the little raven pipsqueak get in my way!" Chris said passionately, catching Sabrewolf with his hand in mid air.

Melissa sighed. "Wes?"

"I'm not letting Chris beat me!"


Melissa turned to Esther. "And what's your call?"

"Only if Miranda can beat me," The Mirago blader said, as calm as ever. "Then I'll think about it."

"Think about it? Esther…" Miranda whined, pulling out his puppy-eyes. "I wanna battle! I wanna battle! I wanna battle and I'm not gonna stop until you let me Esther!"

The older beyblader sighed. "How about I buy you some candy, and in the round after this one, you can play."

Miranda's eyes sparkled. "Really, Esther? You promise?"

"Sure, kid."

Miranda threw her arms around Esther's waist. "Don't call me kid but thanks a lot!" A wide smile donned her face and she skipped over to another beydish. "Okay Melissa, I'm practicing now!"

She didn't notice when Melissa gave Esther a grateful smile.