'Are they always this noisy?' Raiden thought as he was leaning against one of the trees in the park.

In front of it was a bench where the members of Team New Horizons along with his adoptive brother Kirito Kirigaya (Thank you DragonFang2011). Well, it was more like Wesley, Chris and Miranda were bickering; Kirito was trying to calm them down and Melissa was ignoring all the noise around him.

'How does he do it?' Raiden asked himself as he looked at the Eagle Blader. Upon closer inspection, Raiden noticed that Melissa was actually wearing earphones attached to an MP3 on her belt.

That explains it.

It was 3 months since the Battle with Drakos and Wolf. In those three months many things have happened but Raiden was the one who was most affected during those months.

They found out Raiden wasn't really dead, he got adopted by Kirito's mother, Drakos returned (A/N Those situations belongs to DragonFang2011) and just recently the NCAA and team NH's president, Tim Broom announced that a second Big Bang Bladers Tournament is being planned. This was why Wes, Chris and Miranda were bickering. Tim also announced that new and powerful Bladers are rising and there's a possibility that someone will leave the team.

"…Like I said, Chrissy-Chris will probably be the one to leave." Miranda commented quietly.

" No, I'm not! As the No. 1 Blader, there's no way I'll get kicked out. You're just a sub so you'll be the one out." Chris remarked at the Corvus blader with a smirk.

" Why don't you just join St. Leo University?" Wes questioned.

"Dad's right. I mean you did grow up in Florida didn't you?" Miranda wanted to know more.

"I….well...Good point. But I'm pretty sure Wes won't get in." Chris said.

"What does that supposed to mean?" Wes didn't like the subject at all.

" Come on. Good things don't happen the same way twice." The Sabrewolf blader pointed out.

"Wow. Chrissy-Chris actually said something smart. Good for you." Miranda smiled, giving out a thumbs up.

"Alright, first of all stop calling me that silly nickname. I am not a cow-(Make me. Rimmermoo)-second of all, I can talk smart whenever I want to. I just choose not to do it so you guys won't look stupid standing next to me." Chris retorted.

" Yeah right. Even I can tell that you got that saying from 'Narnia: Prince Caspian.'" Wes laughed.

" Hey. Movies are in fact a source of intelligence."

" Are not."

" Are too."

" Are not."

" Are too."

" Are not."

" Are too."

" Are not."

" Are too."

Melissa reached for her MP3 Player and pressed a button which Raiden can only assume as the Volume Button.

'I need to buy one of those.' Raiden thought to himself as the fight now escalated to Wesley and Chris having one of their mini-competitions to see who was right.

They were playing the who-can-hold-their-breath-longer-than-the-other-or-until-someone-wins-or-until-they're-so-red-they-run-out-of-air-and-lose-consciousness game.

Raiden lied down on the grass, placed his hands behind his head and closed his eyes. Sleep might drain some of the noise.

He really needed to buy a Music Player.

Raiden didn't know how long he slept. He was only woken up by the sound of Kirito talking to him.

"Raiden! Wake up!"

When Raiden woke up he saw Kirito standing above him.

"It's getting late we have to go. I promised Mom I would help her with something."

Raiden sat up and looked behind Kirito. The bench was empty of any New Horizons members.

"What happened?"

"Wes and Chris were holding their breaths for so long that they fainted so Melissa and Miranda had to bring them to the hospital."

Raiden scoffed," They're idi-"

Raiden eyed something on the bench. It looked like a book.

" Raiden?"

" You go ahead. I have to do something."

" O-Okay."

Kirito began walking away. Once Raiden was sure he was far away he sat on the bench and picked up the book.

It was small. About the size of a bey only slightly bigger and it easily fit on the palm of his hand. It seemed to be made of black leather. The symbol on the face bolt of Barracuda was on the front and the words 'Wesley Bryan' was stamped in gold.

It wouldn't hurt to take a peek. He opened the first pages.

The first pages contained pictures of what Raiden remembered as Seagate Village.

The pictures looked like places in Seagate Village for bey training. There were captions underneath like Great place to train aiming or Beware of Poison Oak.

The next ones contained pictures of Wes and his family. Raiden suddenly remembered his own family. They weren't related by blood but Raiden already see Kirito as his brother and his mother like his own. He turned to the next page and saw that it was decorated in different stickers like Lyacon Wolf, Basilisk, Bull, Raven, Eagle, etc. On the middle in big, bold, black letters was the word 'Bladers.'

Bladers are connected through their Blader's Spirit.

It was the caption underneath it.

Raiden leafed through the pages.

Pictures of Bladers he knows and doesn't know were taped on and covered with see through plastic. Captions were also written underneath each picture along with the signature of the Blader/s in the photo.

The first one was of Melissa's. Raiden snickered at the pink hearts surrounding her picture. More than a friend, possibly. Wes probably had Melissa sign it before drawing the hearts.

The next one was Chris with his arms crossed, Donald smiling widely and both of them together with Donald man-hugging Chris who was looking blue from the hug.

Too-cool-to-be-here rival.

Fellow burger lover.

Best friends. Even if one is in denial.

Next was his adoptive little brother Kirito. Age doesn't matter when it comes to the spirit of a Blader.

There was one picture of Wes receiving an award for winning Battle Bladers and becoming world's best IT Instructor in first place.

Raiden flinched at the memory of that Battle and unconsciously touched the case on his arm. Good thing he finally has control over Drakos.

After that picture, Raiden saw the pictures of the Battle Bladers Participants surprisingly including Ian who was currently in a rehab facility.

After the final picture, which was a group picture of all the participants minus him and Ian, there was another marked page. This time it was decorated with the flags of colleges around the world. In the same black letters were the words 'Bladers Across the World.'

The section contained pictures of all the Blading Teams they've met and some pictures of Team New Horizons in different countries.

Wesley and Chris's training in the Leo Temple.

Wesley, Miranda and Chris eating food from different restaurants.

Miranda making a sandcastle in a desert .

Melissa in a lounge chair by the ocean.

A snowball fight in Russia.

The coliseum in the 'Festival of Warriors.'

Their team drills with St. Leo University.

Even the National Teams signed Wesley's photos of them.

The more Raiden looked at the pictures and read the captions the more he understood how great the life a Blader can be.

Then along came the last section of the book. It contained random pictures of what's been happening for the past months.

Raiden was almost finished with the book by that time. Time seemed to fly by because the sun was already beginning to set. Just as Raiden was about to close the book the very last picture caught his eye.

It was a picture of himself training with his new Drakos Guardian by the forest near Kirito's house. Raiden was a little creeped out by this picture. He never saw Wesley closing in on him with a camera and the picture was taken in broad daylight so Raiden was sure he'd probably sense someone's presence nearby. He didn't know Wesley was the stealth type.

Then, Raiden read the caption below.

It's with the help of his friends, even though he denies having any, did he learn the true meaning of a Blader's Spirit.

A friend no matter what happens.

If anyone passed by him at that moment they would've seen Raiden smile, not smirk, but a genuine smile.

Before he closed it he pulled out a pen from out of nowhere.

A Little Later at the B-Pit….

" Seriously! What were you guys thinking? It's a good thing Melissa and Miranda got you to the hospital in time. You could've…"

" We know, we know," said Chris and Wesley in unison. Patient tags were visible on their wrists.

The two of them were currently being lectured by Esther. Miranda was looking at them with sorry while Melissa was glaring at Chris. Probably because the Sabrewolf Blader accidentally dragged the cord to Melissa's MP3 Player with him when he fainted. Resulting with a broken music player, a pissed Melissa and a bump on Chris's head when Melissa 'accidentally' dropped him on the way to the hospital.

Knock Knock

"I'll get it," said Wesley standing up before Chris could volunteer.

Wes opened the door. Nobody was there but a familiar black book was lying on the on the ground. He bent down to pick it up.

" What is it?" asked Esther, finally calming down.

" It's a book of mine. I must've left it somewhere." Wes flipped to the last page and smiled.

" You shouldn't leave things like that. It could be picked up by anyone."

" I'm glad it was."

On the last page was Raiden's signature.

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