Falco276: First of all I would like to thank Miki G. Aru for letting me borrow her idea. So far there is three fics like this one. There's 'Letters to Yuu' by

Miki G. Aru and 'Letters to Rago' by ryuga-kowalski9496 and today I bring you the third version 'Letters to Ryuga!' by SkylarkOfThe Moon. 4th one is now presented as Letters to Raiden! :D

Wesley: That's not fair! Dragon Boy gets letters from his fans but I don't!

Falco276: *gives out the sly face*: Or shall I make one for you, Weshwee?

Wes *gulps nervously and changes his mind*: Well, if you even attempted to write letters to me they would be by the same exact person. Sadly, I change my mind.

Falco276: NOOOOOO- Fine. -_-

Raiden? You are awesome awesome and smexy.

So send your letters and he'll reply to you. Even if I have to force him.

Raiden: Ha! I'd like to see you try.

Skylark: You want me to call my OC Skyler?

Raiden: *gulp* Fine. I'll do it!

Skylark: So, REVIEW!

P.S. I forgot to say you can write as other characters too.

Wow. I didn't expect a lot of people to review in just my first update.

Actually I've been checking the reviews since I posted this fic. Trivia: This chapter was posted the same day as the first chapter. At first there were just two reviews then I read six chapters of this awesome fic called 'Ultimatum.'

If you're a Bakugan fan this is a must read. When I came back there was over 6 reviews already.

Sorry if Raiden is a bit OOC.

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Dear Raiden,

Where are you right now? You disappeared at the end of the series without saying anything I had to make a theory of what happened!

One question that I know your gonna ignore when Skylark's not here XD is Kirito your friend? Or do you consider him as your brother.

How bout Wesley? What is he to you?

You better answer that!



Dear The-Silver-Butterfly1500

Right now I'm searching for Drakos. Remember when Barracuda disappeared during Battle Bladers? I did the same thing Wesley did and

searched for him. A bey doesn't disappear completely. Its spirit merely goes away for a while and heals. When the time comes, it emerges as another bey.

For now I'm searching at the places where all the previous owners of Drakos resided. Currently I'm in Rome. But don't tell anyone about that. I want this to be a secret. Until then I'm going to wait for Drakos and train to be stronger.

Yes, even if I hate to admit it, I see Kirito as my brother. It's kinda like Melissa and Miranda's sworn sister relationship. I already miss traveling with

him. As for Bryan, he is still my rival but as much as I hate to admit it he is one of the reasons I am who I am today. But don't tell him that. I have a bey to protect.

Hope that answers your question and I hope Falco276 won't come anytime soon. That girl is freaky.

Me: You bet I am



To Raiden,

If you were on a boat that's about to tip over and you're in the middle of the sea what would you do? I'll become a bird and fly away to the nearest continent. I've must of broken the fourth wall atleast once already but that's my reason to be existant.

From Lillia (My Oc)

Dear Lilia,

I would probably summon Drakos's spirit and ride him to the nearest land. If Wesley can do it, why can't I? Plus, I rarely travel by boat. I prefer

traveling by land thank you very much.



Dear Raiden,

What's up Raiden! Names Ninja. Here's a my question to you:

Do remember when you re-appeared in Metal Masters? Do you remember the meteors that came in? Where did those come from? That question has been on my mind for a while.

From Ninja.

P.S- Can you put this on? *hands you a sparkly dress* :3

Dear Ninja,

The sky is up, what else? The meteors? Actually I didn't make those appear. Coincidentally a meteor shower happened when I appeared. I just went with it. Meteors make everything cooler.

*looks at sparkly dress*

Raiden: Like he-

Skylark: Hi Skyler!

Raiden: *puts dress on in 3 seconds and looks around* Skyler isn't actually her, is she?

Skylark: Nope. But you look good in pink. *takes pictures*


I just want to say your my 2 favorite characters. But explain to me why do you always act all tuff around everyone. Also do you like having Kirito around you most of the time?

Chris: Well if you didn't, he would be around him for now, would he?

Me: Oh, Chris... stop. It's just a question!

Chris: A really stupid question.

Me: Whatever Chris, but Raiden? Ignore him. He's a jerk.

Chris: -_-

Starfox 54

Dear Starfox 54,

Thank you, I think. I don't act all tuff it's just who I am. It's how I respond to my environment. Kirito, his presence is easy to tolerate. He isn't as

annoying as some people. *cough* Wesley and Miranda *cough.* And he can really pull through at unexpected times.

Yes Rimmer, you are a jerk.



Dear Raiden,

What do you have against the blonde guy from Team FIU (Florida International University)? BESIDES his bey spinning left and right? Oh, and do you like Esther? Cuz I think you do!



Dear Bes9200,

The guy with the copycat bey of my Drakos? Besdies, his bey I would say it's the fact that he's so proud of his bey because it's so strong. Let me break it to you kid. It's the both Blader and bey not just the bey itself. I sounded like Wesley back there, Darn it! I'm getting soft.

Esther? Actually, even through she's on my team, besides that I don't really see her much.

Give me a few months then we'll see. But she has yet to meet me without screaming her head off.



Dearest Raiden,

I've heard you're dating someone. Is that true?



If it's not true: *sigh of relief* Good. You seem like a loner type of person. *thumbs up*

Do you wanna battle sometime? Name the time and place. Miyako and I aren't taking any exceptions. We will kidnap you if we must. Trust me, you do not want that.

Dear DragonFang2011,

O-kay. I'm not dating someone so…yeah.

Like I said in the first letter I'm still on the hunt for Drakos. Plus, I still have to train once I get him back. But once I'm done I have to battle Bryan

first then I'll battle you and this Miyako girl. Just look for any bright lights around CompTIA city after a few months. That would be me battling with

Bryan. No you do not have to kidnap me. I already suffered the most horrifying kidnapping ever.

Skylark: What was that Raiden?

Raiden: Nothing.