Dear Raiden,


And also you look like a princess with your crown and all that golden stuff, but your cape looks awesome :D

And you dance like a ballerina.

And I bet you LOVE cats. And BEIBER.

And you have a crush on Wesley.

And you look like Superman. (A comment from my bro)

And you walk like a pigeon. (Love, Kirito.)

And you talk like a princess.

And you love EVERYTHING FLUFFY, GIRLY, MAGICAL, getting run over, getting ran over and getting taunted by James, and SPRINKLES, SPRINKLES, SPRINKLES, SPRINKLES, SPRINKLESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS S!

And I LAUGHED when you lost to Retsu.

Yeah, you heard me, I mocked you, Raiden

Thank you for not killing me. Sincerely, an anonymous psychopath and her little brother.

DearAddicted to Nurarihyon no mago,

*twitch* A lot of people are weird.

*double twitch* It's not a cape it's a jacket and I like the color gold.

*triple twitch* I don't even dance.

*quadruple twitch* I'm a dog person and that dude is totally gay.

*quintuple twitch* .Straight.

*sextuple twitch* I am human and your brother fantasizes too much.

*septuple twitch* Kirito didn't say that you're just using him.

*octuple twitch* . .

*nonuple twitch* .It!

Skylark: TAKE COVER!


******Due to technical; difficulties we are currently unable to continue. Please enjoy this video of a dog dancing with a cacti dressed as a hotdog while wearing a toilet on his head. Thank you.******


Sorry for the insults, my lil' bro was trying to steal the computer and I had to distract him.

Aaaaanyway, I has a few questions for you.



2: Would you mind spending a little time getting to know my OC, Aoi Rimmer?

She's really compatible and nice, she's also a strong willed blader, well, here's her basic info:

Name: Rimmer, Aoi

Age: 16

Bey: Guardian Drakos S13MB (I had nothing to use for her bey, OKAY?)

Appearance: Long black hair, a green streak on the right side, pale skin and sea blue eyes. (She doesn't look much like Chris, which is ironic because I made her his sister.) She wears a white sleeveless shirt, black shorts and knee high socks, faded violet boots like yours and a black version of your jacket, though she actually WEARS hers.

Personality: I said she's compatible with you, Raiden. and question 3: Are you EVER coming back from wherever it is you went? I'll go CRAZY if you don't!

Anyway, try and get to know Aoi, or ELSE.

Rin (One of my other OCs): But I wanted to meet Raiden!

Me: No, you'll glomp him!

I sound so demanding, sorry.

Sincerely, one of your craziest fans, yet not as crazy as DragonFang2011-san, Addicted to Nurarihyon no mago (Well, I have Nura no mago fever, problem, Dragon boy?)

Dear Addicted to Nurarihyon no mago,

Apology accepted, somewhat.

Sorry I had to disappear. I needed to find Drakos. I am nothing without my bey.

Rimmer has a sister? Let's see. Uh-huh. She seems to be okay. But the compatibility isn't in the looks. It's in the personality. We have the same bey? P.S. Just because we have the same things doesn't mean we're compatible. It all depends on the personality.

I already went back from where I went.

Rin: *glomps Raiden* Yay!

Raiden: Can't…breathe….



Dear Raiden,

Let me just ask you, do you have mental problems? Just asking, no offense. xD

And why don't you wear your jacket and hang it around your neck all the time? A cape can't keep you warm, especially when your in the woods at night, hope that didn't make me sound like an idiot, cause I know your probably calling me and idiot by now.

Oh yeah, what did you do to James during the battle of Nemesis? Did you kill him!?

That would be great! Just one more thing, what is that thing on your head, and why do you always wear it?



Dear The-Silver-Butterfly1500,

No, as a matter of fact, I don't have mental problems. Actually I sometimes wear it as a jacket when it gets too cold. I mostly train in volcanoes so I never really had a reason to put it on much. Guess I just got used to having heat. No I didn't call you an idiot.

For some reason killing someone is…..bleh. I don't know if I killed him.

After all he did survive me killing him once. He could do it again if he's lucky, which I hope won't happen since that guy brings trouble.

It's called a headpiece and I wear it because…I really don't know. I can't remember the last time I ever took it off. I got used to it being on my head I guess.



Hey Raiden!

Seanna: *glares at me*

Anyways, Now I want you to wear this *hands you a bunny suit* :DDDDDDDD

Seanna: This question is from me. If Melissa was a boy, would you date him(or her)?

Melissa: -.-"

Me: Wait...YAOI! *drools*

From Ninja, Seanna, and an upset Melissa


Dear Ninja and Seanna,

First a dress now a bunny suit? As if!

Skylark: Raiden Kaishatu, my cousin is only a holler away. Do you want me to call her? *smiles innocently*

Raiden: *already wearing the bunny costume*

Skylark: Pictures, anyone?


Skylark: Melissa should be a girl!

Melissa: -_-"




Its Sora again! Isa's in the hospital, so she can't write right now. She broke her leg.

I think I'm ready to battle you now, I perfected my new special move, and Cora's pretty impressed by it; she's almost impossible to impress. Also, I know you're not the best person to go to for this, but I need advice: what do you do if you have a crush on your rival?

Can't wait to bat-

Hey Raiden! I stole the paper from Sora, sorry for the shaky writing, but I'm running. Anyway, I think Isa has a crush on you! Whenever we talk about you she blushes, and when you replied to her letters she seemed really happy! She-

I swear, by time Isa gets out of the hospital, I'm gonna kill Cora. And Isa probably will too.

Sorry bout that,


Dear Sora,

Tell Isa to get well soon.

Name the time and place and I'll be there. If you have a crush on your rival? Hmmm….I really don't know. Confess I think?


Skylark: Somebody's got a crush!



Dear Raiden,

Now this is kinda ramdom... Have you played Dragon Quest 9? If you have what class would you be? I'll be a Paladin or a martial artist once swords can be used no matter what, and out of these in a game would you rather be stuck with? A sword, a spear, a magic wand, a wooden pole, a knife or a bow? I'll definately go for swords, so I can hunt liquid metal slimes all day long?

From Lillia

Dear Lilia,

Never played that game before. But if I could be stuck with one object I'd go with a bow. It's easy to carry around and you can modify the arrows.



Hey Raiden,

It's akire, I CAN"T BELIEVE I WON! I beat the Dragon Emperor still have nothing against left-spinning beys Raiden? JK, I won't dwell on it. I still have yet to battle Wesley and the others. Oh, yeah, Kirito misses you. :)


Dear Akira,

Looks like it's time to train hard again so I can beat you! Now I have something against left-spinning beys. Drakos is the ultimate left-spinning bey no matter what anyone says. Don't lose to Wesley and the others until I battle you again. You hear me?

I saw Kirito a few hours ago and he already misses me? Miss you too buddy.




Sorry for bothering you again. Your brother, Retsu is from the he would know more of the languege that I would... THats cool that you know it though. :)


Dear Akira,

He is? We'll see about that.



Dear the amazing dragon emperor,

What would you do if someone hurt Kirito (Put him in the hospital)? What would you do if someone kidnapped Kenta? how did Kirito react when he found out that you were alive? would you bungee jump? how old are you? if you had a pet dragon what would you name him/her? can you battle me and Supernova Elemental Celeste (my bey)? , i made a special move just for you!

From, lilo930

P.S.: You are totally awesome!

Dear lilo930,

Thank you for the compliment.

Easy, I will personally see to it that their face will be so unrecognizable that the doctors had to take a DNA test just to see who he is. Then, I will personally haunt them for a whole week until they go crazy and land in a mental hospital. If someone kidnapped Kirito I would find Kirito first to make sure he is safe then I will do the above actions as when he is hurt. Kirito already knew I was alive at the end of the Nemesis battle. He was really surprised at first then he became sad when he found out I was going to leave to search for Drakos. When I came back though, he was the first one to greet me. It's nice having someone like him. Yes I would bungee jump. I love extreme sports. I'm 16. I would name him Fang. Since my name translates to Dragon Fang. Sure I'll battle you.