The Vision of Our Youth

O, my people! You rest deep within
the hearts of lands made for peace;
within the expanse of borderless countries;
in the heartbeats of hope and faith
and the truest kinds of love!

O, you! You, the people,
who spilled, like rivers of blood,
into Tahrir Square,
heeding Cairo's call to the country -
you, who knew nothing
but one word, one syllable,
and you filled Egypt's sky
with one united cry for "peace!"

O, you! You, who cherished rocks
as the strongest defence of liberty;
veins full of fire and beating hearts
leading you to mobile tanks,
dressed in black-and-white kuffiyehs,
desire in your eyes and hands blackened
by the smoke the bombs left behind;
you fought and died in a single breathe
and yet your legacy will always remain.

O, you! You, the dreamers, the determined;
who breathed words of rebellion and protest
into the streets of Tehran;
the awakened, who stood and sang
the song of freedom, of revolt;
who brought dreams from heaven
and lit the night with hope's colours;
who had the courage to speak
and act in defence of liberty.

O, you! My people!
Our time has arrived
and, slowly, our houses empty
into our streets;
our hearts empty
into the air of our capital;
our skies will lighten
with the colours of dawn!

O, my people!
Our time is here:
The green and white flag
will fly higher than the stars!
O, my people!
The world's colours are changing
and this new dawn
is ours to paint!