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Dead human souls taking a human form that wander the surface of the earth because of strong desires or strong mentality. They are left on earth unless they can find and solve the reason why they were stuck there. People have learned to accept Phantoms as demons.
There are only a few people who can see Phantoms.

A human that has the ability to see Phantoms, Angels, and other things that cannot be seen by others. However, most Claires are only able to see these unnatural beings for only a day or a short period of time. It's rare to find a human that can see for a long period of time.

Phantoms that have lost all hope and have fallen into despair. A phantom that takes the offered hand of an Angel turns into Angels themselves. They work beside the Goddess and believe that all humans, for all eternity, deserve to live with only one memory. They see the Phantoms as their enemy.

A group that consists of Phantoms and Claires, also called Supporters. They are well-known even in the human world, of course meaning those only who understand and see the hidden world. They are given the important tasks to lead dead souls to Hell. However, now they are more focused on monitoring the recent increase of Angel activity. For some reason, they are feared by many people.

Claires that are part of EDEN. They help the Phantoms with their various missions. They are usually trained to become stronger physically and mentally than a regular human.

Only Angels that the Goddess favors are part of this group. Because of that, all the Angels in this group are all elite level Angels. The higher the rank, the stronger the power and the greater the love the Goddess has for that Angel. All Angels in Requiem have the power to turn humans immortal and turn Phantoms into Angels. They see EDEN as their enemy.



Satsuki Minami
A Claire. She's forced to join EDEN and becomes a supporter even though she has no physically abilities.
She thought she was a normal girl, but because she could see Phantoms and Angels, she couldn't make many friends. She has no memory of before 10 years old.
She has no confidence in herself making her very shy. She is very weak physical and mental wise, but is very smart and can understand any situation very quickly.

Phantom. A member of EDEN and Kana's unit. She uses a weapon that can transform into any type of gun.
She's very independant and doens't like working in groups but she likes spending time with her unit members.

Phantom. A member of EDEN and Kana's unit. She uses a large scythe and usually attacks without thinking.
She's very lazy and never tries her best in anything. She calls Kana master.

Phantom. A member of EDEN and the leader of her own unit. She uses a large combat knife in battle.
Her skills is well known in EDEN and many people look up to her.

Sakura Morikubo
A Claire and a Supporter, part of EDEN. A member of Kana's unit. A rare Claire that can see for most of the time except for once a month. She is very kind to those around her and is pretty popular.

Kotarou Hihara
A Claire and a Supporter, part of EDEN. A member of Kana's unit. A rare Claire that can see all the time. He's great at sports and has great physical abilities.