I never thought

I could make it without you

But slowly,

I'm getting a little stronger.

I think it's okay that I still miss you-

And I think it's okay I can't see the sunshine

Without seeing your smile and your bright face.

I think it's okay some moments catch me off guard

and freeze me in my place.

You were the biggest part of everything that

smiled about me.

I didn't think i could,

Never thought I would-

But slowly,

I'm getting a little bit stronger.

I'm finding I can face the thought

Of tomorrow.

Used to be

The only tears I cried

were from heartache, unending sorrow.

But that was yesterday, that was the past.

I've found that through it all,

My heart can last.

I still see your face in every pretty thing,

I still hear your laugh

In every happy thing.

When the sky is bluest

I see your eyes dancing.

I still feel the sting of our every memory.

I still miss you,

With my everything.

But slowly,

I'm getting a little stronger.