Don't tell me Eve didn't know what she was doing

When she decided she was worth more than a garden helper.

Don't tell me Helen didn't go willingly

When she found a prince who knew how to love her.

Don't tell me these women of old

Were weak,

Were selfish,

Were soft,


They were powerful

They knew what they wanted.

Don't tell me Isolde was in the wrong

When she was given away as a prize.

Don't tell me Susan became shallow

When only she grew up as she should've.

Don't tell me these women of stories

Were wrong,

Were out of line,

Were useless,


They were strong

They took what they deserved.

Don't tell me Alice simply got lost

When she found a world to believe in.

Don't tell me Ursula was the villain

When she was cast out and survived.

Don't tell me these women of fairy-tales

Were stupid,

Were childish,

Were evil,


They were tenacious

They survived and thrived

Don't tell me I'm not a woman

When I say I want more than just kids.

Don't tell me I don't understand

When I say I will be more than the ring on my finger.

Don't tell me I

Am disgusting,

Am shameful,

Am sinful,


I am built of iron

I am created to destroy

And I will rise from your ashes.