The Storm

I can hear its roar off in the distance
It whispers, a soft sound too faint to hear
The words are a rumble, a mumble,
so I wait as it begins to near

As the clouds darken
and lightning flashes bright,
thunder rumbles loud and clear,
the sky turns black as night

I can sense it's pain,
as it's tears slowly fall upon my face
They fall like waves from the sky
Sunlight vanishes without a trace

The words are still a mumble,
but they are loud enough for me to hear
I sit upon the grass to listen
the words whispering in my ear

I close my eyes as I hear the words,
as lightning flashes through the sky
Illuminating the world around me
I understand the reasons why

It rumbles and roars, and lashes out,
angry that you just won't see
the freedom in a perfect storm,
and all it's glorious beauty

Time goes by and storm clouds fade,
as morning comes along
I sit and wait for one more storm,
now knowing I belong