Of Coffee Shops and Slamming Doors

I sat at a table and stared out the window, just watching snow fall. My best friend had a last-minute appointment with her client; hence, I sit alone. At first, I decided to go home and enjoy my cozy apartment with a book, but coffee sounded so tempting. So, I picked up a steamy latte from Seattle's Best, and now, here I am and have been for the past two hours. I tipped my cup over my lips, only to yield a measly drop. I sighed and got up to dispose of my cup.

After throwing away the empty cup, I headed over to the exit. But, before I could successfully pull open the door, it came flying towards my face.

BAM! I didn't back away fast enough, but instead pivoted so that the door hit my left eye. I covered it in pain and looked up at the perpetrator.

A man. An attractive one, at that. Nevertheless, I groaned, annoyed and in pain. I waved his apologies away and walked home to the warmth of my apartment.

I walked into the same coffee shop about a week later, desperately in need of a coffee fix. I sat in the same table next to the windows and nursed my latte.

I was halfway through my cup before I was not-so-pleasantly disturbed from my peaceful daze. Someone walked past me and kicked my leg. I glared up at man. He seemed vaguely familiar but I shook off the feeling. I parted my lips to snap a harsh comment, but he grinned boyishly and spoke first, "Do you believe in love at first sight, or do I need to walk by again?"

I rolled my eyes and made to leave, not even deeming the lame pick-up line worthy of a snappy comeback. However, he obviously had other plans. He obstructed my path and continued to stare at me. "Should I repeat myself?"

I glared back, "No, but I think you should move."

"The only place I want to move right now is in," he replied without hesitation.

I laughed at the craze in this man and he smiled genuinely in response. "Do I know you?" I asked.

"Well, I slammed a door in your face in this same shop just about a week ago."

"It was you!" I pointed an accusatory finger at him.

He just shrugged and took my half-filled cup of coffee and drained it. I raised my eyebrow in almost amusedly as he placed the empty cup back into my hands.

"You seem to be out of coffee, can I buy you another one?"

I could not believe this guy. Another thing I could not do was wipe the smile off my face.


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