The fingers pointed down the row of children sitting on the edge of the platform. The girl watched, fearing that they might stop pointed at her. They did. The other children looked at her with horror. At first, nothing happened. Then a flame appeared on the ends of her hair. In silence, she brought her hands up to her head and touched her hair. Then, she screamed. Fueled by her scream, the flame spread over her hair, engulfing her head in a yellow ball of fire. Slowly, through her scream, she looked down at the fingers who had done this to her with an immeasurable rage. She leaned forward suddenly and fell off the platform into the toxic liquid. The surface of the liquid absorbed her without a splash, killing the sound of her scream.

Years passed, and the girl became a a myth. People avoid the room with the toxic liquid. Few believe that the story happened, and the idea that the girl survived is considered by none. People avoid the room with the toxic liquid. Perhaps they are lying to themselves.