Good night and farewell,

To all the creatures that dwell,

Sleep tight and listen to mother's lullaby,

Hush little children, I'll wipe all the tears you cry,

I'll sing you a song and tell you a story,

About a brave knight's life filled with glory,

I'll be by your side until you are fast asleep,

These memories I'll cherish and keep,

You are my beloved, the last innocence on earth,

You have roamed free since the earth's birth,

From great wings to beautiful tails,

Your beauty and uniqueness never fails,

From sharp fangs to poisonous thorns,

I'll keep you safe from the loud storms,

Midnight to sunrise, I'll watch over you,

Each generation I will love anew,

Humans are such a bore,

But you creatures, I so adore,

We have been together since the dawn of time,

In your death, I'll sing your song with beautiful rhyme,

Good Night my beautiful little children, until tomorrow,

I'll hold you in my arms, so you won't be touched by mankind's sorrow,