Celestial Defense Force
Kaiken Station

Yua slid the light blue sleeve of her pajamas down her arm, exposing her bare shoulder as she laid down with her bare legs down the length of the bed. She didn't have any leggings on, only her innocent-white panties which she covered, partially, with her leg. She rested her right arm across her (flat) chest and relaxed her left, looking over at the door on the right side of the room just as it opened.

"Yua, I finished my shower." Her roommate, partner, and (the following is not true) lover said as she stepped out of the bathroom, a white towel wrapped perfectly around her modest figure, teasing Yua with the top of Koharu's small cleavage and the bare skin of her slender, long legs.

"Koharu..." Yua whispered, voicing her name with a sweet, seductive tone in her voice.
"Hm?" Koharu looked up over her way, Yua slowly revealing a little more of her panties and sliding more of her sleeve down a little, inviting her, tempting her.

Instead of getting intoxicated by Yua's suggestive posture, Koharu went back to drying her hair. "We have a meeting with the commander in twenty, so hurry up and take your shower."

Unfazed by Koharu being unfazed, Yua slowly ran her finger across her lips. "Before I shower, I want Koharu... to make Yua dirty..." Yua said, adding extra emphasis on the word.
Koharu started placing her black hair into a short ponytail, ignoring Yua. "Don't take longer than five minutes."

Pouting a little, Yua stood up off of her bed and started walking up to Koharu who had her back turned to her. Smiling, Yua slid her arms around to the older girl's front. "Then I'll just have to be quick~" She whispered into Koharu's ear.

"...What are you doing?" Koharu responded, her cheeks turning red as Yua's hands found her chest. "Yua!"
"Koharu!" Yua responded cheerfully, nuzzling into the back of Koharu's neck.

Before she could enjoy the soft sensation in her hands and the warmth of Koharu's freshly showered body any longer, Yua suddenly found herself being pinned down on the ground, hands holding her wrists. Letting out a short, little gasp, she turned away from Koharu's face. "If... if Koharu wants to be rough, then... that's okay..." She muttered, her cheeks burning with red as her lover (a lie) stared down at her with lustful eyes (another lie), just about to eat her up (definitely a lie)!

Instead, Koharu released her, standing back up. "I don't understand you." She said, turning back around. "Take your shower."
Yua pouted, eyeing Koharu's towel. It didn't fall off... "Since Koharu insists." She stood up, walking over to the bathroom. Just before she closed the door, she had one last thing to say. "I'll be expecting Koharu~"

The door closed, and Koharu was left looking at it. For what? Sighing, she looked back into the mirror, only for her towel to finally drop to the ground. "Ah, it fell."