Celestial Defense Force
Kaiken Station

"Commander, sir." Koharu and Yua saluted the commander of Kaiken Station.

"At ease, Sergeant Major Fukuda, Staff Sergeant Kaneko." The commander said, the girls dropping their salutes and clasping their hands behind their backs. "I'll get straight to the point." He leaned forward, his hat overshadowing his eyes. "I have a mission for the two of you. You're going undercover as pirates."

"Undercover, sir?" Koharu asked, confused. "Isn't this a mission for an intelligence officer?"

"Usually, yes. However, the person we're trying to infiltrate can sniff out a spy within a three meter radius. All of the officers we've sent in got shot at before they could even say one word to her. We're hoping that since the two of you are soldiers, she won't be able to tell you apart from any other mercenary."

"What's the story behind this, sir?"
"We believe it to be a sixth sense, or maybe some psychological trauma that-"
"Sir," Koharu interrupted, "I was talking about the mission."
"...Of course you were."

The commander cleared his throat. "We believe that the major pirate group Crimson is planning a large scale attack on this station. We need to know how and when this is happening if it is happening. There's valuable technology being developed here that cannot fall into the wrong hands." He pressed a few buttons on his keypad and a hologram of a long blue-haired woman with amber eyes appeared on the holographic disk on his desk.

"This is Takara Shiori, a lone pirate captain we know for certain has connections with Crimson. She is currently looking for a couple of new crewmembers on the asteroid colony of Akatsuki. Your mission is to join her crew, get information on Crimson's plans, and report back to us. Do you understand?"

"Yes sir." Koharu answered, but she wasn't done there. "But, why us?"
"I have faith in your abilities, sergeant major." He looked to Yua. "As well as your abilities, staff sergeant."
"Thank you, sir." Yua said.
The commander looked back to Koharu. "Her knowledge will help you with fitting in."

"Sir?" Koharu asked.
"I'm sure she has learned plenty from her mother's messages about being a pirate." He said in response.
"My mother is a pirate captain..." Yua told Koharu, her cheeks red with embarrassment.
Koharu only nodded, deciding not to ask about it.

"You will be leaving Friday morning at 0800 hours. Take any personal belongings you wish, but nothing that will tie you to the military." The commander began. "You may keep your combat suits if you remove the identification and change the color scheme. That way, you should be able to pass off as military deserters, which may be the best course of action. Any further questions?"

"No sir." The girls answered him, and he nodded.
"God be with you." His eyes centered on Yua. "Staff Sergeant Kaneko, you're dismissed."

Yua glanced at Koharu, then nodded. "Yes sir." She saluted one last time before exiting the room.

The commander was silent for several moments as he looked at his datapad, scrolling through it before sending a message. When he was done with that matter, he looked back up at Koharu. "How have you been?" The underlying somber tone in his voice made it clear what he was asking about.

"I'm fine, sir. There's been no change." She answered courtly.
"Which means it hasn't gotten better." The man sighed, removing his hat. "Koharu, there's a reason I paired you up with Kaneko Yua. It wasn't just because of her incessant requests."
"Sir?" Koharu asked, confused.
He smiled at her. "Just get along with her, alright? My wife helped me, and I'm sure she can do the same." He placed his hat back on, grabbed his datapad, and started scrolling again. "That's all, you're dismissed."

"Yes sir..." Koharu answered softly, saluting before exiting the room. As soon as the door was closed behind her, her arm was under attack by her one and only snow-haired partner.

"Koharu, Yua will help you pack your underwear~" Yua said, her voice sweet like honey.
The commander told me to get along with her, but her definition of 'get along' is... weird. Koharu thought before declining her offer. Although declining the offer was easy, getting her to let go of her arm wasn't. At all.

Just what had the commander meant?

A/N: This chapter was to set up the plot, but the next chapter will be shoujo-ai like the first one! Chapters will be short overall, as the story mostly focuses on their relationship, as friends and as (this is a lie) lovers!