Blank paper in my hand,

I leaned against a tree and sat down

Not knowing what to do.

I mean, how should I tell – ?

Sigh, I then took a chance unknowingly.

Bored out of my mind, I made

An origami rose.

Quite intricate, looks simple from afar

Yet reveals many folds when

Observed upon a closer distance.

Just like…just like my love for – ?

Sigh, Fate just loves to take things into her own hands.

The wind blew. Really now? And then flew my origami rose.

I chased after it. What else was I to do?

It darted and dodged the incoming trees

It flew up and glided with geese!

I took off my scarf and tried lassoing it back – no, come back!

The geese went higher and higher,

and so did my origami rose.

Stupid geese!

My eyes searched the skies for my origami rose

But I couldn't find it.

It was gone. My origami rose was gone.


Trudging down the hill, kicking every stupid pebble

God, why? Kicked another pebble.

Why was I so stupid? Kicked another pebble.

Just shut up! Another pebble.

Sigh, I stopped kicking pebbles and continued trudging.

I walked until I met a pond.

"Hello," I said to my reflection.

I plopped down right there and took off my shoes,

My feet aching to touch the cool water

After my brain decided to play kickball with pebbles.

"GAH! I'm so stupid!" I exclaimed as I leaned back

and looked up towards the clear sky.

Bringing my head back up, my eyes grew large in shock.

There in a pair of palms sat


It was then I heard a sound,

A sound that was in between a giggle and a chuckle.

I saw a smile. A sweet, delicate smile.

"Hello," said –

Like honeydew drops on a cherry blossom.