Beginnings and Endings

So, where to start? What is the beginning of this story? I always find it hard to tell the beginning of things. When did my life truly start? Was it when I was born from my mother's womb? Or was it when I met her...when I realized that life had a bright side? When did my grief lessen, and love grow for another person? Endings are just as bad. It is too difficult to try to find a single ending for a story that may never end. Where does this story end, I wonder? I am no writer, just a sixteen year old boy. But I feel that I must write down this story, my story, even though it probably won't be read. But of course, to do that, I must choose a beginning. And, eventually, an end. All this wouldn't have happened without her...the second her.

I suppose it began with a girl falling from the sky.

I was in the garden, carefully weeding between the rows. I had to carefully feel the soil to make sure I wasn't pulling up any of my plants. A thought occurred to me. How would I tell the ripe vegetables from the unripe? It would be rather hard-

A sound above me caught my attention. Out of habit, I turned my head in its direction to look at it, but I knew that I'd see nothing but blackness. For just a moment, I saw a blur of a girl, falling crazily from the sky. Her eyes were silver, her hair the color of moonlight. She seemed to be a year younger than me. I blinked, and the moment was gone, replaced by the blankness that had been there since the beginning of spring. I wondered if I had just imagined things.

A whoosh of air hit me in my face, and something landed awkwardly in front of me with a loud thump.

"Sorry!" A girl's voice exclaimed. I could imagine her apologetic grin.

Knowing that she probably landed on a precious plant, I quickly shooed her off the carefully tended soil, feeling around for any damaged stalks. Why wasn't I surprised that a girl had just fallen out of the sky? Well, after all that happened four years ago when I was nine...I'd stopped becoming surprised about these kind of things.

"I'm Aurora!" The girl said brightly, somewhere off to my left. "You sure like this garden. Do you have a name? Like, Nick or something?"
I didn't reply. I couldn't reply, after all. The grin faded off of the imaginary Aurora.

"You're mute?" She asked incredulously.

I nodded.

"And blind?"

I nodded again.

I heard her light footsteps, brushing against the ground with barely a sound at all. She walked up in front of me. "Let me see what I can do about that…"

I shivered. A cold breeze brushed against the back of my neck. The emptiness slowly faded away, revealing the world to me once more. I saw the girl, kneeling in front of me, looking curious. She whooped.

"It worked! Try saying something!"

I opened my mouth with a flicker of hope. Would my voice work?

Only a loud croak came out of my mouth. I snapped my lips closed, horribly disappointed. Aurora frowned.

"That's really odd...I don't think I can fix your throat for some reason."

I shrugged, like I didn't care.

Aurora smiled. "Anyway...I really need a place to stay, until I recover enough to find my way back home. Can I stay here?"

I hesitated. I didn't want this strange girl here, not so soon after...her. And besides, despite her cheerfulness, there was obviously something odd about her. I didn't want to associate with anything strange after the incidents four years ago. But then I noticed her ragged clothes, her tangled and messy hair, and I nodded. I didn't particularly like her, but if she was this trusting with every person she met, she'd be dead within a day.

Aurora brightened. "Thanks!"

I led her into the small cottage I lived in. There weren't many rooms; just two main bedrooms, a spare room, and a main room for cooking and sitting in where the front door was located. I walked past my room, ignored the second bedroom-Aurora glanced at me curiously-and opened the door of the obviously smaller, spare room, which I used to store...spare clothes. Aurora nodded her thanks and settled down in the room. As I left, I couldn't help wondering. Am I really going to do this again?

Hey! Here's my second published story! I wasn't planning to publish this story, actually, but I realized that I would be missing a perfectly good opportunity! I actually wrote this story a long time ago, and posted it on my blog ( .com). I took it down, so you can't go there for spoilers. But yeah, I'll post this one every week, since all I have to do is edit the chapters a little bit until they satisfy me. The chapters in this one are much, much shorter, so sorry if you were wanting more. Don't forget to review!