The End…?

There isn't much to say about what happened next.

The surprise was a notebook. A small, folded note was taped to the cover.

I found this in one of the drawers of the spare room. I had no idea what I would write in it, so I didn't do anything with it. But now, I know the perfect story to go into this little book. We can write it together, combine our own stories, the problems in our lives! Wouldn't that be fun? Track our lives-they're only beginning, after all!


I took the note and stuffed it into my pocket.

And here we are. The story of my life, so far.

I've already decided. I can't stay here. It was hard enough when Lynne dropped out of my life. All I could see on the walls was her bright face. And it's been the same with Aurora. Her silver eyes...her brilliant smile. I need to get away from this place, away from the memories.

I don't know if this is really the end-does this story keep on going? I have no idea what awaits me. Endings are hard to decide. Do I want to end this story here, alone in this cottage? I can't bear another broken heart-it'll be too much. I won't be able to recover. But I could venture out into the forest as well, and continue living on with this voiceless, anguished existence.

Either way, I'm leaving this place, whether it's to continue my story or to cut it short right here. But I had to write this down, to tell my story to anyone who might happen upon this book… even though I don't think anyone will read this. In a sense, writing this is what they wanted me to do-both of them.

I guess, in the end, my life is ruled by women.

And here we are! The end of the story. Thank you all for giving this story a click! The ending is open to interpretation, of course. It's already sad as it is, but if you're extra observant, you might find a sadder element…

That's all I'll say for now! I hope you enjoyed the story!