I look down at the hologram of the blue planet. Mostly covered in liquid with sparse pieces of land. We have known about this planet and its inhabitants for thousands of years, but we didn't expect them to react the way they have been. I am the next to go and convince them of peace, but I am not looking forward to the death it will likely cause.

We sent someone when we first found them. It was not what we expected. The gas they breathe turned out to be toxic to us, our messenger died instantly. We had to find another way to make contact, and since they were no where near our advancements we had to do something special. We made a special suit, went down, and took one of them.

We impregnated it with a child, a child with the consciousness of a chosen one. We sent the thing back and watched and waited. The experiment worked, but they were calling it a 'miracle of God'. We did not know what it meant at the time, but as we learned their language more we realized that it was an omnipotent being that 'created everything in the known and unknown universe'. Supposedly it is also compassionate and all knowing.

The child grew up and became 'Jesus'. We watched as Jesus spread the word of compassion, but also of space and my kind. Ultimately that was Jesus' demise, believing they would believe. But they did not and will not. They are narrow minded and don't appreciate what they could have had.

Now, thousands of years later, they have a book, a false book, about "God" and "Jesus", that not many follow. Not the ones who preach it, many preach of hate instead. They have 'guns' and many ways to kill each other. Their world has spiraled out of control and now it is my turn to try and set it right.

They are more open to our kind now, but it is not what they think. Everything they believe us to be is false. We are like them, but we do not believe in omnipotent 'Gods' or the insane amount of violence they have. It will be strange living in a world full of violence, mine is so peaceful...

"Orga, it is time." I turn and look at my master who paid a lot of Quan to send me on this very special trip that we have not tried for centuries.

"Yes, Sire." I look at the hologram one more time, my new home, then I turn it off and follow him out the door. It slides shut behind us.

"I hope you will do better than the first. We have studied them for a long time, you the most."

"I think I will do fine." I look up at him.

"Remember, do not bring us up to anyone but the people you trust." We stop in front of the doors to the room that will seal me, my body, for future use if they have one.

"I will remember." His three aqua phalanges touch my beak as his two dark purple eyes stare into my one yellow eye.

"I hope I will see you again."

"You will. I promise." I pull away before it can get worse.

I type in the code, 7897, then enter the freezing chamber. The doors close behind me and my body begins to freeze. I never got to tell him I have feelings for him. Oh well. There are more important things to do.

~36 Years Later~

"No! It's true! You can't do this to me!" I fight against the cops trying to keep me from President Richard Crowley.

"Take her deep underground. The people can't know about what she has been saying. NASA already has too much information." He turns away and walks far from me while three of his agents follow.

"NOO! YOU HAVE TO KNOW!" I scream. One of the cops knocks me out.

I wake up in a white room, in a straight jacket. I can't do anything now. I've failed my mission. I'm sorry for failing you, master.