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Sophie Bea Louise (InkyIvory)

(Young Adult/Fantasy/Royalty/Romance)


Fate had a cruel way of changing directions- But this. This was leading her into an abyss, a dead end of lies and liars alike, where monsters dressed as gods disguised in cloaks of opulence. The words lingered in the air about her inevitable fate and she just stood there motionless.

What could she say?

What could she do?

Oh that was right... Nothing.

She knew she was just another piece to be played by those who know better. But they were wrong, she knew better and she'd prove it.

A small smile tugged on her lips as she stared at her father, he knew what she was thinking. He could see the defiance in her eyes, read the language she didn't dare say aloud. But behind his Jenna could see him saying, as he always did. It is the way the world works- You can't change it.

She knew that he was right of course for the great general was never incorrect, for his had power in his palms and control on his shoulders. It had taken its toll though, his face was now lined with scars of battle and his ash hued hair was slowly receding.

Before her was the man she adored most in the world, the same man she now had to thank for sending her to a place where vipers hissed and roamed in cage of luxury. Jenna knew that it wasn't just his fault, she blamed the world, the rules of the superior- The Lancastrians. But him most of all- James Lancaster.

A rush of irritation surged through her at the thought of him and his courtly ways. She'd never met him before, but now she'd have too. His name even hushed the most vociferous and rumours followed him like a tiger at his heels. Jenna had heard of his beauty and kindness- Not that she believed it.

Barely any of them at the Labellian Court were as holy as they claimed, nor as noble as whispers stated. They were probably all thieves, assassins and ravenous for power- But most of all... Deadly.

She'd been trained of course but still- She never thought the day would actually come. Foolish of her really to think that she could somehow dodge her duty like she skipped her stupid court lessons and instead stuck her head in books rather than in through the hole of those tight corsets.

She dreamed of living her life with Tayson, not with hundreds of frauds in fine clothes.

Her mistake, another slip up and error of Jenna Darling.

"You'll meet James Lancaster there, Jenna- You should be grateful, people would kill to meet him." Her father declared and she fought the urge to roll her eyes- Another one of his stupid James Lancaster speeches about how perfect he was. He was just bias, Jenna told herself.

She supposed her noble family were no different to the rest, trying to claw at James Lancaster to keep themselves on top and strong, close to royalty meant close to power. That was one of the very first lessons she'd learnt.

"You know what your job is, Jenna?"

Her job- Her job was simple but impossible, it was like holding a star- It was never going to happen.

She was clumsy, said the wrong thing at the wrong time, her posture was beyond terrible and yet Timber Darling still gazed with a glint in his eyes, a small shred of expectancy despite her wacky faults and appearance- Long auburn waves and eyes that sparkled, full lips and a too pale for her liking complexion-she hoped she was beautiful, at least then James Lancaster might just spare her a glance, and one glance only.

Jenna turned her back- Praying for failure in her mission...