Did you know that there is a hole in your dreams and nightmares? It's true! It's where they come from! Dripping out of the hole like sludge from a sewer pipe, and then they're sucked right back up in vortex at that moment when your eyes flutter to awaken!

The hole is usually impeccably hidden. On the corner of a wall, or at the bottom of a pot. Somewhere you wouldn't think to look.

But one time, I had a dream and I found it. Not by accident. It was there, the hole that all your dreams and nightmares come from, in the palm of my hand. The terror that I felt was enough to wake me up. I was blanketed in the sheen of sweat, tears leaking out of my eyes.

It was then that I realised that hole was sentient. That, at times, it wanted to be found. And once it was... You should never climb into it.