What is Love?

Corriander Gemini - Ayumi Chan

inspired by Romeo and Juliet

What is Love I wonder?

When you're willing to give your life for another, some say

What is it really?

I think I have found love

By a fair maiden,

I was swept away by currents of emotion

Our wavelengths are one

But Father refuses our standing

What should be done?

His deathbed awaited

A simple cold defeated his strong resolve

Finally, I may have my maiden

And soon to be crowned King, she will be my Queen

I've had a revelation

I understand Father's means

What is Love?


A vile thing

It leaves the heart crippled

If any may lust for crimson, the deed would be done

I have no resolve for weakness

I am King

And so my wife takes exile

I am lonely

But my kingdom strong

Our son, Vincent, has grown

Soon to be King

I see similarities

Yearning for feeling

But I must keep control

Vincent's betrothed had come

But he seems to have been lured by another woman

Still, she waits for her beloved

Yet her love stays untrue

Soon, she lets death quell her being

The future king will not be swayed

I will not allow it

One does not need a woman to rule

I myself an example

Still you go against my will

You visit your disdained mother

Her advice will be none of help

I will stop you

My boy, Vincent

What has happened?

Here I lay in crimson

By your unsheathed sword

The siren next to you

Red Hair and burning eyes

Before you were my precious boy

Now you are a man

But love that woman wholly,

and when she goes upon heaven's wing

You will suffer too

You will understand