"C'mon boys, let's get your trunks on!" Sebastian hollered up to the three year old twins who could be heard playing in their bedroom.

"Are you sure they'll be fine?" Cain asked anxiously as they waited on their sons to waddle their way down the stairs.

"Yes, babe. They will be totally safe," Sebastian reassured his husband. "We'll be there, a lifeguard will be there, as well as their teachers. They'll love it."

"It just makes me nervous. What if they start to drown? What if nobody notices them?" Cain could feel the beginnings of a panic attack coming on and tried to take a calming breath.

"Cain," Sebastian cupped his hands on either side of his lover's face. "If, heaven forbid, they did start to drown, wewould notice. If I didn't, you sure as hell would." Cain laughed and relaxed a bit.

"We goin' swimmin', Papa?" Lucas interrupted as the boys made it to the bottom of the stairs.

Cain took a moment to look at his children. They were fraternal twins, eleven minutes apart. Lucas often pulled the "I'm older than you" card with Gabriel. Now the boys were three years old, totally different, and best friends. Gabriel had dark brown hair, like Cain, with a tan complexion, while Lucas had sandy blond hair, like Sebastian, and a sort of pale complexion with a splash of freckles across his nose.

"You boys are gonna start to learn how to swim properly today," Sebastian told them excitedly. He held up the red and white swim shorts Gabriel had picked out the previous weekend. "Go ahead take off your shirt, bub."

Gabriel tried to pull his shirt off the way he'd seen his papa do before bedtime and looked up at him happily when the shirt slid easily over his head. Sebastian and Cain clapped and hollered for their son. He beamed at them.

"Daddy, will you help me?" Cain looked to Lucas and had to stifle a laugh when he saw that his shirt was stuck halfway up his head. Cain plucked the shirt the rest of the way off. "D'you have my shorts?" he asked.

"I sure do," Cain replied, brandishing the orange and blue swimming trunks and matching spandex shirt Lucas had picked out at the store. "Finish undressing and we'll put 'em on."

Once the boys had their swimming gear on and their towels packed, their parents loaded them into the two car seats and headed to the local YMCA.

"Hotter than hell in here," Cain muttered to Sebastian upon entering the room where the heated pool used for swimming lessons was kept. He was suddenly grateful that Sebastian had suggested he wear shorts instead of his usual jeans.

"Are you here for the swimming lessons?" asked a young woman wearing a red, one piece bathing suit as she noticed the twins.

"Yes, this is their first," Sebastian answered, ruffling the boys' hair.

"You two can come with me, and parents can pick a seat anywhere," she gestured to a row of chairs around the edges of the pool. "My name's Jenna, what're your names?" She looked at the boys. Lucas hid his face behind Sebastian's leg while Gabriel smiled brightly.

"I'm Gabriel," he said. "That's my bubby Lucas. He's shy."

Jenna laughed and tried to talk Lucas into taking her hand. With a bit of coaxing, the small blond boy allowed himself to be lead away from his parents.

Jenna took each of the boys by the hand and lead them to a set of stairs that lead into the water. Cain groaned inwardly-or, well, he thought it was inward. Sebastian chuckled and took Cain's hand and lead him to a couple of seats directly in front of their children.

"Look, Daddy!" Gabriel shouted excitedly as he kicked his little legs while he held onto the metal bar in front of him. "I'm swimmin'!"

"I see, Gabe!" Cain hollered back to him before glancing at Sebastian. "I'm gonna have a heart attack in here one day." Sebastian tried to hide his smile as he placed a sympathetic hand on Cain's back.

As he watched his boys listen to the instructors and doing what they're told with confidence, Cain couldn't help but smile at them. He was so proud that his kids weren't like he was when he was a their age. He was painfully shy and wanted nothing to do with any people whatsoever. He could see that Lucas got a bit of bashfulness from Cain, but he was so thankful that it wasn't as crippling for his son.

"You okay?" Sebastian asked, eyeing Cain who looked like he was about to start crying.

"Yeah." He laughed, "I'm just proud of our boys." Sebastian smiled and pressed a kiss to Cain's temple before turning back to watch the ending of the first lesson.

"Alright, guys!" Jenna shouted over the noise of splashing water in the confined room. "Everyone did really well, and I'm very proud of all of you. To the parents, the next lesson will take place this upcoming Tuesday. We'll see you all then. Have a great weekend!"

Cain and Sebastian stood and helped Gabriel and Lucas step off the ladder as they climbed out of the water. They wrapped the boys up in their towels and told them how good they were and how proud both their daddy and papa were of their boys.

"Did we do good, Daddy?" Lucas asked as he shivered in the cooler air of the hallway leading to the locker rooms.

"You boys did awesome," Cain answered. "I'm so proud of you!"

"Did you have fun?" Sebastian asked, "Do you want to come back for the next lesson?" Gabriel and Lucas nodded their heads excitedly.

"Looks like we'll be back on Tuesday then," said Sebastian with a glance at Cain by way of asking if they would indeed return. Cain laughed and lead the way into the locker room.

"Of course we'll be back." The boys cheered excitedly. They couldn't wait for their next lesson.