Harem Hi-jinx

by Glee-chan

Chapter Twenty-Five:

The Last Wish.

Sunday morning came around much to soon for Sayuri. She wanted to sleep in and not deal with what she knew she had to do. But the time had come and there was no more beating around the bush. When she had returned home on Saturday, Djinni was still in the magic-realm, once again avoiding her. She let the girl remain there, stalling the last wish as much as possible. But now that Sunday came around, she couldn't hold it off anymore.

Djinni was still gone, so Sayuri decided to eat breakfast and take a bath. As she was changing into clothes, she worded her wish over and over in her head, making sure it was right. She didn't want to mess up her last wish. She wanted everything to go perfect. When she had finished dressing, Djinni still hadn't came out, so Sayuri bit her top lip and rubbed her silver ring three times.

The door to her bedroom opened and Djinni came walking in, as if she were just in the living room. It still amused Sayuri that Djinni's magic wasn't all that flashy. The girl looked at her, with a sad look in her eye. They both knew their time was limited. What Djinni didn't know what how long.

"I'm going to make my last wish today." Sayuri told Djinni, not being able to look at her. "But I thought before I did, we can go out and have fun."

Djinni looked a bit puzzled. "You want to say goodbye?"

"Yeah." Sayuri nodded, now looking at her. "We can do anything you want. I want to have a great memory to cherish when you're gone."

Djinni looked like she could cry. "You're really the best master I ever had. Everyone else hated me."

"I did at first." Sayuri recalled.

"I know you did." Djinni giggled. "I tried to hard to get you to like me. I guess in the end it worked."

Djinni wanted to go to a local water park. So they grabbed swimsuits and went off. Sayuri was tempted to invite the rest of the Brigade, but she realized that most likely the only one's who'd remember Djinni was her. It would be painful for those girls to spend a goodbye trip with the girl, only to not remember her the next day. Plus Sayuri was feeling selfish. She wanted to get in as much time with Djinni as much as possible.

Even though it was on the back of her mind the whole time, Sayuri allowed herself to forget the wish and just have fun. Djinni seemed to be in the same mindset. As a result she played so hard that even with Sayuri's new body, she was exhausted by the end of the day. When they started back to the apartment, the mood between them changed again. They both knew it was nearing their goodbye.

When they entered the house, Djinni looked a bit uneasy, unsure if they should stall for a few more hours or just get it over with. Sayuri felt the same way. But the longer they waited, the worse it seemed to get. Finally it was Djinni who decided that it was time.

"All things must end." Djinni looked at Sayuri with glassy eyes. "You'll always be my favorite master."

"Thank you for everything… even if some of your wishes sucked."

Djinni laughed a bit, holding back tears. "I promise my last one won't. Are you ready?"

Before Sayuri said her wish, she walked over to the girl and embraced her. Djinni hugged back, both attempting not to cry. They couldn't delay any longer, but that didn't stop them from hugging as long as possible. Finally Sayuri pulled away and took in a deep breath. Djinni readied herself and nodded a comforting nod at Sayuri.

"I wish… I wish for Djinni's dreams to come true, and for her to graduate into a full Djinn."

Djinni's eyes widened not expecting that. And then she was gone. One moment she was standing there, then next she was gone. Sayuri looked around, almost expecting her to be behind her. But she wasn't. It was as if she blinked and the girl ran out the room. Even her departure, the most magical thing Sayuri had seen was underwhelming. Unconsciously she felt her ring finger. But the silver band was also gone.

"I hope I didn't mess up that wish…" Sayuri whispered to herself.

The apartment felt empty. It was just her now. She walked into her room and couldn't even smell Djinni's scent. Any clothes she might have worn was gone. All the snacks and foods that Sayuri had bought specifically for the Djinn were also gone. It was almost like she never existed.

After a good cry, Sayuri called up Saeko. She wanted to know for sure if everything about the girl was gone. To her surprise, however, Saeko seemed to remember everything.

"So her parents finally came?' Saeko asked.

"Yeah. I'm pretty sad about it." Sayuri admitted. "I didn't think I'd be this upset about her leaving. She could be so intrusive."

"What do you mean?" Saeko asked.

"She'd eat off my plate. Sleep in my bed. Read over my shoulder. Interrupt my baths. She had no concept of personal space."

"Now I'm jealous." Saeko said. She meant to make that sound like a joke, but there was real feeling behind the comment.

"Aw. You want to take a bath with me?"

Saeko stammered. "I-I didn't say that… I just mean… uh… well…. she got to spend more time with you than I get to is all."

"Maybe you can move in… I'm so lonely." Sayuri said offhand.

"My parents wouldn't allow that." Saeko responded, but it sounded as if she was considering it. "Do you want me to come over right now? It must be hard being on your own after all this time."

"I'd love for you to come… but I think tonight I need to be alone. I have to get used to it."

"Yeah, I get that." Saeko said, then went into a whisper. "I love you."

Sayuri heart raced. "Wow… that kinda made me smile."

"Well, say you love me back." Saeko whispered. "I want to smile too."

Sayuri swallowed. She hadn't really said it before. All the same she whispered back. "I-I love you."

There was a small sniff on the other line. "Thank you for saying so…"

They hung up shortly after. Saeko must be head over heels happy at that moment. Part of Sayuri felt that way too, but the overwhelming feeling was loss. She laid in bed, bitter that even the pillow didn't have a strand of her hair on it. Sleep did not follow. She spent most of the night laying there, looking at Djinni's unused spot in the bed.

When morning came around, she dragged herself into the bathroom. She hadn't showered the night before so she still smelt like chlorine. Then she dressed and left for school, not bothering to fix a lunch. She just wanted to be Saeko and Hitomi now. She felt so lonely.

She walked with her hands in her pockets looking down at her feet. She wondered what school would be like now that four of the most talked about girls in the class were now gone. Emiko, Miki, Airi, and Djinni made up for a good number of the gossip going around. Would life be boring without them? Would Hitomi be the new Djinni, Saeko as Miki, and herself as Emiko? She didn't know. It seemed the whole dynamic of the thing would change.

As she walked, her mind lost in thoughts, out of the corner of her eye she saw something shining on the ground. She stopped and backtracked, feeling a sense of deja vu. Sure enough there was a ring on the ground, only this time it was gold. She picked it up and noticed that it had arabic writing engraved on it.

Sayuri couldn't believe it. Could this be another Djinn? What were the odds? She was tempted to rub it to see for sure, but then stopped herself. What if she was right and was another Djinn? Could she go through all of that again? Not only that, but she had everything she ever wanted. She was healthy, she was pretty, she was famous, she was rich, she was talented. What else could she wish for? It seemed selfish for her to collect more wishes when someone else could benefit from them.

Bending back down, she placed the ring on the ground. She stepped back and looked at it. It gleamed in the light, calling to her. It was all she could do to start walking again. Someone else should find the ring, she didn't need it. As she went on, she closed her eyes and and tried to calm herself. That ring got her worked up.

Suddenly there were footsteps behind her. "Hey… Hey, you dropped this."

Sayuri blinked and turned around. Her eyes couldn't believe it. It was Djinni. She was running up to Sayuri, holding the golden ring in her hand. Sayuri's mouth dropped and she pointed at Djinni in disbelief.

"What are you doing here?"

"I'm returning this ring, silly." Djinni smiled.

"B-But… you left. Our contract ended."

Djinni blinked at her and handed Sayuri the ring. "I know that."

Sayuri felt like crying again. "B-But you're back…"

Djinni laughed a bit and shook her head. "You're such a moron sometimes."

"Don't call me that, do you know how hard it was to say goodbye yesterday?"

Djinni nodded her head looking serious. "Of course I do. I had to say goodbye as well."

"But here you are… if you could come back, why did you let me go through all that?"

"I couldn't come back. Once the contract is over, I'm supposed to be assigned to a new master." Djinni explained. "But your last wish changed that."

"W-What do you mean?" Sayuri couldn't believe this. What was going on?

"I'm not a Junior Djinn anymore. I'm not bound to that silver ring, I'm bound to this gold one." Djinni pointed at the ring Sayuri was holding. "You wished for me to become a full Djinn, and so now I am."

"I don't get it."

"Full Djinns can grant as many wishes as they want, with very little limitations." Djinni explained.

"You're explaining the wrong thing!" Sayuri stamped her foot, getting frustrated. "So what if you're a full Djinn, that still doesn't change the fact that our contract is over. Since I JUST fulfilled a contract I shouldn't get a new Djinn, even a full one. It makes no sense."

"Oh." Djinni blushed a bit. "I guess I was getting ahead of myself. Well the first part of your wish was different. You wished for my dreams to come true."

"Which was to become a full Djinn…" Sayuri interrupted.

"No." Djinni spoke a bit softer. "For a while now dreams have changed. I didn't care about being a full Djinn anymore, I wanted to … to be your slave forever."

"Then…" Sayuri couldn't believe it. Did her wish really start a new contract with Djinni, as well as graduate her into a full Djinn?

"Put on the ring, master." Djinni pointed. "And make a wish. That seals the new contract."

Sayuri felt a bit overwhelmed. "A-Are you sure?"

Djinni nodded with a smile.

She placed on the golden ring where the silver one had been the day before. It felt slightly warm, humming with magic. Now all she had to do was wish for something. But what could she wish for? Knowing Djinni, she had to be specific, but she was too shocked with everything going on she couldn't think straight.

"Just wish for something stupid. Anything." Djinni sensed Sayuri's struggle.

"I wish… uh… I wish I could remember people's names better." Sayuri shook her head blurting out anything. A piercing feeling touched her brain for half a second and then it was gone. She knew her memory was better now, and because Djinni was a full Djinn she didn't have to spend the rest of the day with a migraine.

"Now the only way to be rid of me now is to wish me away or for you to die." Djinni said, then narrowed her eyes. "So don't do either."

Sayuri hugged her. Djinni just laughed and allowed her. It was a magical ending. A happily ever after.

The End.