Prologue; The Great Hero

The Land Of Odin, it is a magical place full of very remarkable things. In this peaceful land humans live in harmony among half-animal, half-human creatures known as Beastmen. Both races have gone through much conflict over the years until finally the human king of Odin and the Lord of Beasts met under a flag of truce and shook each others hands in friendship. Since that day the two species had been very close, they became friends, grew family bonds, became close lovers and bred their own Beastchildren. Soon both races discovered something new in the form of a young woman with a strange connection to a place known as the Spirit World. This woman could actually hold contracts with spirits in order to perform a specific task or to fight for her. She was very close to the spirits she summoned, like they were special companions. The general population were absolutely shocked at this strange experience, when they questioned the woman about it all she said was that she could see spirits as a little girl and had always had a deep bond with them. She shared her knowledge with others and soon became chosen as an ambassador between the races and spirits. Most humans were able to duplicate this knowledge and had been given power that they never had before, the power of Spirit Energy. Those who could summon the spirits were called Contractors, many people referred to them as gods.

Spirits grew to become quite fond of humans, they were excited at the opportunity to establish peaceful relations with those of Odin. Many spirits desired some kind of payment from humans in order to be summoned, either a specific body part on a human for it to inhabit and live within or on some occasions for human to have some sort of relationship with a spirit. In some cases a spirits payment can be something binding such as marriage between their human partners or a certain breeding ritual for the two in order to create a spirit child. Spirits were known to be quite mysterious and strange beings, we never exactly know their intent for wanting to have such a close physical bond with contractors were the result of spirits and humans working as one, that peace between different worlds was actually a possibility and could be achieved. Everyone lived very peaceful lives, until that event occurred.

Terrorism. A lone contractor had snook into an important public festival one day and terrorized the many people there with fire and ice spirits, killing many poor souls who were unlucky enough to be in his way. Then he publicly declared war on all non contractors on behalf of those who were contractors. This caused a huge uproar among the people of Odin. They demanded that the king deal with the problem before this terrorist strikes again. The king unfortunately was unable to track down this man even with his best soldiers and then blame started to spread. The population of Odin blamed all contractors for the incident, making them victims of discrimination and they became hated beings. It started to get so worse that the citizens were starting to get violent and so the king had no choice but to make a decision. He made a law that forbid the use of making contracts with spirits ever again or be thrown in prison.

This law broke the ties that humans had with spirits. People could not communicate with spirits anymore because they were too afraid of being sent to prison. Most of them would do it in secret, some getting lucky while others fell victim to this dreadful law. All the while the criminal who had forced the law to be formed had not been taken into custody, he seemed to have completely vanished from the world. The military promised the people they would find a way to keep society thriving without spirits however they were silent when the public asked on their method of doing it.

Shortly after a special science division was created and they succeeded in making technology that used natural energy instead of spiritual energy. The head researcher Natalya Vahl was praised highly for her advanced research and profitable energy source, though in her own words she felt that the whole process was merely child's play and that any genius could figure it out eventually. The new spiritless world of Odin seemed to thrive nicely with young Natalya and her science division, most of humanity no longer thought spirits that were needed and in time they were no longer worshiped.

There was one human however who still cared deeply for the long forgotten spirits. This man's name was Isaac and his goal was simple, reconnect the worlds of humans and spirits together again. He was the master of the 9 Great Spirits who each represented a different element. There was Pyrha the queen of Fire, Marine the queen of Water, Isis the young queen of Ice and Snow, Sylph the queen of Air and Wind, Terra the queen of Earth, Lyra the all powerful queen of Light and Purity, Astra the queen of Darkness and Fear, Metaya the queen of Metal, and finally Ragnarok, eternal queen of Chaos. Isaac used his power to help the innocent and stand against those who threatened his world while avoiding the Military and the King as well.

Things seemed to go well for a while. Isaac became known as the hero of some and criminal to others. It all didn't matter to the man however. He eventually found someone who understood all the good deeds he had done and who fell in love with him. Within a few months the were scheduled to have a child. At the same time a new threat suddenly appeared and only the hero could stop it. Isaac had no choice but to leave his family until the threat was eradicated. He promised his wife that he would return to see the birth of their baby and made her promise to raise it properly if he didn't come back. The man went off to face this threat with thought of his family etched into his heart.

The threat that came was unpredictable however. The lone terrorist once again returned to the world and was aware of Isaac following his trail of carnage and bloodshed. The man decided to deal with the hero before he became too much of a problem so he appeared to him in his sleep. The terrorist used a spell that could remove a spirit from a Contractor and sever the pact between them. He used this on Isaac and forcibly removed the Spirit of Chaos Ragnarok from him and sealing her within himself. He vanished away and bound the spirit down with magic, then forced her into a Contract with him. The man corrupted her with negative energy which turned her insane and released her on the world.

True to her name the now insane spirit lashed out at the world, killing many humans, Beastman, and lesser spirits. When Isaac discovered this his heart filled with despair. He loved all spirits and thought of them as if they were his family, so you could imagine what he felt when he had to fight against her. The two fought fiercely however the hero couldn't bring himself to kill her and instead was defeated and killed. The spirits tried to get revenge for their deceased master but Ragnarok being the strongest out of them easily claimed victory. The spirits were forced to return their respective elemental regions in Odin and Ragnarok was left free to ruin the land.

With the hero's death darkness reigned once again in Odin. The military had to work double time on quelling the damage left behind by the spirit. They were successful in holding off Ragnarok and keeping the land safe. No one knows what happened to her or the mysterious terrorist who was involved in the hero's death. Life in Odin seemed to get pretty normal afterwards and both man and spirit races remained separated for a long time.

This is the story of a boy who wishes to discover the secrets of the world and revive the bond between spirits. This boy will go through many adventures, many battles, and meet many friends. As the grandson of the great hero Isaac this boy has a huge role to play in Odin's future. Join him in his journey, this is the tale of the Contractor. Welcome to our world.