A friend and I did a thing where we each took a character and had them write a song together. This is what I came up with for mine. It references her past, but exactly who the song is referring to seems to switch, though it's less obvious if you don't know her actual back story.

Cold dead eyes

See through thee

Family gone

Like a shattered dream

Cold dead eyes

Cut through thee

When the blood

On your hands you see

Your guilt will never

Be wiped clean

Cause here you are

Still standing

While around you

Loved ones lie

Condemning you

With the death bell's cry

Just a little

faster flight

Might've had them standing

By your side

Blood red tears

Run down your face

As you long

For death's embrace

Here i stand

Before thee

Just as I

Have always been

Now I ask you

Can you see?

Cold dead eyes

when you look at me?

Sometimes I wonder
If you know
What it is
Your pride hast sown
Sometimes I wonder

If you care
That I've been left
With this blank stare

Let me know what you think? This is only the third song I've ever wrote, and the first that was more than just a short little tune about nothing.