A poem I wrote in the midst of an extremely messy breakup with my girlfriend. Obviously her name isn't really Isheth, but we both had a name other than our real ones that we called each other.

Will you stay?
Or will you go?
Will you leave me to my woe?
I don't want another though.
Just my other piece of soul.

If I wanted you to leave
Every night I would not grieve
For drifting tearing
Gaping hole
Where in my chest
My heart once filled

I know not how to fix these wrong
That to you I've given in throngs
I do not understand the lies
You think you see within my eyes

I want you here
I want you close
In spirit I am there
A lonely ghost
All I want
Is to fix the wrongs
That cling to both of us in throngs

But if my chances
Are now up
In the bed I've made
I am now stuck
I love you Isheth
But can it be?
Or will regret
Be my company?