Like the summary said, this is meant to be a prologue to a story I plan to write sometime in the maybe distant future (I've got some other stories to get out first, since they actually take place before this one.) Any feedback is welcome. Still haven't come up with a title for the story so for now, just consider the above title a proxy.

Ray carefully settled his cloak around Violet's shoulders, earning a grateful look from the black haired girl. Despite the warm cloak she already wore, Violet was very much cold blooded. As such, she hated nights like tonight, when the rain came down in sheets and the temperature was far lower than was typical for September. It was with some amusement that he watched her shift around until she'd made a nest of the two cloaks, the violet eyes she was named for peering out comically. Shaking his own tri-colored hair out of his face, Ray turned his attention back to the view outside his carriage. Granted, there wasn't much to see. The rain sheeted down too heavily to see much more than a silvery, undulating cover over the window, and the lateness of the hour ensured that the landscape was lost to darkness anyway. Still, he knew essentially what was out there from stories he'd been told. A valley enclosed by tall mountains, the road bounded on both sides by forest for most of the length, only clearing when they came within a few miles of their destination. The large castle that was built into the very sides of the mountain. It wasn't built so much as carved he knew, and the result was supposedly even more impressive for the fact.

He shifted, crimson wings settling more comfortably about his body as he frowned faintly in thought. They were going to a school, one for the best and the brightest…or for anyone rich enough to get in. It was possible to get scholarships, but one would have to be little short of a genius in order to obtain them. No, more often those who weren't rich got in by knowing those who were, or by making some sort of deal which involved sacrificing honor and whatever else, just to give their children a chance to go.

~If you keep scowling like that, you're going to give your forehead permanent wrinkles.~ The soft, melodic voice drew his attention back to his companion and he grimaced in response.

~Maybe so, but I can't help it. I hate the system that's in place now. The school has certainly fallen far.~ The mound of cloaks shifted slightly and he got the impression she'd shrugged.

~Yes, well. None of us were there to keep it on track. Now there's going to be three of us, plus Rayne's going to be teaching. We'll have this place cleaned up in no time.~ The last sentence was said as a mock cheer, and Ray snorted in response.

~Optimist.~ He leaned back in the seat and closed his eyes, opting to try and nap for the rest of the trip. Goddess only knew how long it would take.

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