AN: Freffy was talking to me about the movie "Seven", and when he mentioned the sin "envy" I kinda got hooked? ^^;;;

It wasn't just me,
That wanted your heart,
That wanted to keep you as my own,
But I got there second--
A moment too late--
To keep you at my side,
But yet,
I still hope to keep you,
Near me even though I,
Envy her,
Even though I,
Envy you,
With your happiness,
And dreams,
And truth,
And I envy all that you do.
And I've always hoped,
That those moments,
I was not there,
Were saddened,
Because of the absence,
Because I envy all that you do.
And all that you love,
Because I'm not included,
In the group.
I envy you,
I envy her,
I envy the world for being so happy,
When I can only tear.
And I love you yet the same,
With more passion than the envy,
Held inside me.
It's a thin line to tread,
And I've crossed over one side,
Which, only I would know.