A sweet boy you were, but you never could,

Keep it together, not like you ever would.

You had problems, she had her own.

Couldn't work it out, and she left you alone.

But remember that dance?

Remember that blue dress?

Remember those petite hands

She laid flat on your chest.

And that look she gave

When you drove her home,

In your pick-up truck

And now when you're alone


Remember that girl in the passenger seat

Her smile so wide, her eyes so green.

Nostalgia rains down over you,

And you figure out, you figure out.

That those were the best years in your life

You planned to settle down, make her your wife

But somehow you screwed it up, now you're out of luck.

And you wish you had a way to turn the clock back.

But you know it will never turn out like that.

A gentle girl, but you couldn't get a grip.

On your life, even when you needed it.

You had issues, he had them too.

But you've brushed them aside, now you've got nothing to lose.

Remember that dance.

Remember his black suit.

Remember when the song ended?

He was looking at you.

And that look he gave you,

When you were getting in his car.

Neither of you thought

You'd be forced apart.

Remember that boy in the driver's seat

Blue eyes that stare into your green.

Nostalgia hits you, just like the rain.

You're never sure just who to blame

The best years you were so in love.

You knew when you met it was more than a crush.

But then you messed up so badly,

You lost your chance

You're still looking for a way to turn the clock back.

But you know it will never turn out like that.

You couldn't get it right,

But it could never be wrong.

And when you think of that day,

You think of that song.

Remember the love that you felt.

She spins, and your heart starts to melt.

He gave you those roses. You gave him your heart,

So he gave you his and you both tore them apart.

But those were the best years of your lives.

So close to forever, but you couldn't handle the strife.

What you had is gone, you tore it up.

Ruined the image that you were in love.

And now you want to try again, but neither of you are sure

Where the other is or is their heart has been cured.

She cries every day while he tries to turn the clock back.

They both know it will never turn out like that.