It All Starts Here

I was wearing jeans that day. Which was odd, as I've never been one for jeans, but these were the exception. Perfectly fitting, it didn't matter that I'd had these jeans since high school, these were the best pair of anything that covered my ass that I would ever own. I needed that boost on that day. I'd had those dreams again, and when I'd forced myself to down a red bull and apple juice to keep myself awake and the eerie dreams at bay, I'd had the visions while fully awake.

My hair was in a ponytail, its dirty blonde bangs framing my face. When I had moved to go to college my mother had made me promise I wouldn't grow them out, but if it would hide me from them I would break that promise in a flash. I knew what was coming today, what was starting today. I had seen it, and that sight was why I was terrified to my very core. There was a meeting today, all the populace of Arium was going to be notified. It wasn't going to be a debate because the government said so. All beings with supernatural powers were going to be exterminated, lest they are used for government business.

Supernatural beings were a part of society and had been for a while. They were a class below humans, their humanity tainted and burned. They were tools, nothing more. The government had determined long ago that they were a danger to society, and as they were beaten down they were laughable excuses for sentient life forms. They were weak to the point of pity, and if anyone thought any better of them they kept their mouth shut for fear of being classified as a Supernatural.

I've always seen. Past, present, future, whatever my mind tended to think it needed to know. From a young age, I knew that my father was merely a man my mother cheated on. I wasn't sure about my biological father, and my mother seemed unaware that the sperm that had made me was not her husband's. I kept my mouth shut, aware that my Sight made me a target. So, I pretended that my dreams weren't true. I pretended I didn't know. I pretended that my glossing over eyes was because I was going blind, not because my Supernatural blood was from an unknown source and I was changing.

I looked at myself in the mirror before I headed to class. My jeans, a button down shirt tucked in, I wouldn't bother with a jacket. You could just barely see my barcode inked into my stomach, right by my left hip. My right forearm also had identification, written so that they would know who I was without scanning. It provided much less information, only my name (Anya Heshinel), date of birth (putting me at 20 years old), and my rank (High Class, those deserving of an education, those who could join the government in time). That was how they kept track of it, and it was nothing in comparison to how they marked the Supernatural. It was nothing anyone thought of, having ID was essential to an organized society. I have always wondered what they did to identify people before their 2-year-old tattoo. What they did in the time I had seen before tattoos.

That didn't matter right now. I walked into the hall, leaving my school dorm and locking it by scanning my eyes. I had my purse as I headed to the auditorium, walking down the brightly lit clean halls of the school. I braced myself before walking in, I feared what would come. All beings with supernatural powers were going to be exterminated, lest they are used for government business. What if that included me? What if they found me? My selfish concern wreaked havoc on my sleep-deprived body.

"Anya?" My friend, Sasha Jacobs, touched my arm lightly. "You all right?"

"Oh, yeah," I said, turning my head to the voice. Shasha was gorgeous, as always, with her thick brown hair and enrapturing eyes. She was the type to go into the entertainment industry, she had the same sort of perfect beauty and grace. Unlike me, looking at a career as a teacher, Sasha had already been hand-picked to provide musical entertainment for Arium. "Sorry, lost sight for a second." I lied with ease to my friend, a habit I had gained a long time ago.

She frowned, "I'm sorry, let me help." We sat in our assigned seats in the back, and I thought again of how nice everyone was about my 'blindness'. When we sat Sasha spoke to the people surrounding us, they talked about class and our upcoming graduation. I didn't talk much, and those around me assumed it was simply because I felt disoriented without the ability to see. That suited me just fine, as my fear was locked on the stage in front of us.

Everyone was to watch the announcement, but as high-class students, we were to watch it live as it recorded. They were announcing the execution of all Supernatural beings today. The thought hit me again, and again. Beating me with its unpleasant reality. My mind couldn't focus on either reality, that they found me and executed me, or that they didn't and my people were slaughtered while I enjoyed parties and power and wealth and comfort. Either result was terrible. I couldn't sit back while he was killed. While the man that I'd seen in my mind was exterminated behind closed doors, I had seen our romance, our first kiss, our first... other things. Small tidbits but just enough to assure me that the love I knew was coming was worth fighting for.

I could rest easy, however, because today was only the announcement day. The Supernatural people were sure to fight back, and it would take time before he was killed. Besides, nothing had happened between us. He didn't know me, and I owed nothing to him. Unless they live broadcasted his death, I would be fine. I told myself these lies, sugar coated to make the panic calm down.

The announcer spoke then, "All rise in anticipation of the government announcement."

We all stood, watching as the thick curtain rose. A man in a suit stood in front of a podium, serving as a mouthpiece for the government. "You may sit," He spoke, and there was a quick and quiet shuffle as people sat back down. He was clean-cut, tall with blonde hair. It occurred to me that with my terror I hadn't noticed my own brother was making the announcement to kill my kind.

"As we all know, the Supernatural threat has long been a part of our society. Kept controlled, our children and families have been safe for years." A part of me scoffed, if they were 'safe' from the 'harm' of the Supernatural, then how had I been born? It was true though, that the violent tendencies of the Supernatural had been lessened as of late. All one needed to do was take a history class or read old newspapers (or have the Sight) to know that the Supernatural had wreaked havoc on our world.

"However, an uprising is going to come," He continued, reading his tablet. It was clear that while he was an amazing public speaker, he had never read these words before. It was news to him. "The government, in an effort to continue the safety of all its people, is launching a preemptive strike against the Supernatural people. Of the supernatural, those without direct contribution to society will all be executed." He paused for a second before continuing, but no-one objected or questioned. If the government thought it needed to be done, there were reasons. Then, as he continued to speak, a man with a hood over his head was brought into the room. I got a sick feeling in my stomach as he walked in. I knew this man, I was sure of it. "We have found the leader of the rebellion amongst the Supernatural, and he will be the first."

They took off his hood then, messing up his hair. He had messy brown hair, stubble across his face, which was in stark contrast to a land where everyone was clean cut, and a glare in his eyes. He had a tattoo, his right forearm just like mine, except his had only a number. The Government didn't consider Supernatural beings human, names were above them. This man, this was the man I had dreamed about my entire life. My eyes were wide; I no longer listened to my brother read the pre-written speech as I obsessed further about the man ready to be executed. My glossy eyes were more focused than they had been in many years. I had to do something, this man could not die. What could I do though? I couldn't speak out, for they would kill me on the spot. I had to leave, help him escape, not get caught doing it. How could I do that? How could I do any of this? This was ridiculous.

I knew there was a rebellion coming, they were right to defend them. How could I say to not cut the head off of the problem? How could I explain that this man was the most important being in the universe?

All of the sudden, with a flash, the Sight decided that I needed to see something. I blinked my eyes rapidly and the last thing I saw of the real world was Sasha's pitying glance, as I was clearly going blind again.

He laughed lightly, a comfort in him that I rarely saw. I was lying with him; we were under the covers enjoying a talk. We were in some sort of shack, the type of home that the Supernatural people were used to. This I, with a pixie cut as messy as inch long hair could get, didn't seem to mind the filth.

It was nice to be at peace for once, not worrying about the government or food. He kissed me lightly on the neck and I grinned, kissing him on the lips.

"You're beautiful," He said, and I kissed him deeply. He rolled on top of me, the covers falling off. His naked body was on top of mine and we were in complete sync.

In the end, when he settled on the bed beside me, I kissed his chest softly. "I love you," I said, and it was clear that this was a first for me. He smiled back at me, "I love you too."

The real world returned to me, and I looked up at this man with a gasp and an elevated heart rate. I didn't even know his name, but I knew I couldn't let him die. My emotions were turning, my stomach felt sick, and I was likely to throw up on him rather than save him. I love this man, or, I will.

They were around to do it, a military man was heading towards him and I had to do something.

"With his death, the government will begin the extinction of the supernatural people." My brother spoke, and time stopped. My mind slowed down, and in a moment of panic I stood up.

"STOP!" I yelled, running up to the stage. My fellow students, my brother, the teachers, everyone was looking at me. "No, don't hurt him, please!" I screamed, the world not knowing what to do as I knocked him, literally, out of the way. "Please!" I yelled, my heart rate staying at its peak. The man looked at me like I was crazy, his dark eyes eying me wearily. He didn't trust me. It hit me like a pile of bricks. How could he not- and I realized then the biggest error of my plan. He had no idea who I was, and I, as a member of the High Class, was the last person he was going to trust.

I was crying now, completely out of control. My brother was looking at me like I was insane, with pity.

He looked at his tablet now, as the words seemed to have changed. He opened and closed his mouth before leaving the stage, which was probably what the tablet told him to do.

President Johnson came up then, looking at me much like a father to a sick child. A nurse came then, giving me a shot of something and leading me out on a stretcher. I couldn't hear anything, and soon I couldn't see or think.

Authors Note: This is chapter one of my new story, what do you think? It is a new take on romance, I think, and I'm rather excited to hear what you all think.

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