Smile at people you know in the halls at school.

Give someone a high five. Send a huge grin and a wave.

Don't look down at the floor at all.

Instead, look at the ass of the person in front of you.

It's better to look like you're checking someone out

rather then look like you might be having an off day.


Take a friend with you when you go to the bathroom.

Complain about how your phone died last period

as you tear at your thighs with your fingernails.

Make sure that your nails are painted dark enough

that no one will see the bloodstains underneath.


Wear makeup everyday, no matter what.

Cover the bags under your eyes.

Put colour in your cheeks.

Use a red lipstick even if it triggers you,

so you know that if your smile falters,

someone will tell that something's wrong.

It'll give you motivation to smile wider.


When you write in your journal during class,

look like you're writing notes.

Look up at the teacher and look back down.

When they stop for the period,

talk to your friends. You can finish your

suicide note later.


When you look up ways to kill yourself,

do it during class and tell your teacher

that you need to study for the big exam

next period, tomorrow, next year.

If you so much as mention the SAT's,

they'll leave you alone to yourself.


Cover up will help with the scars,

will help with the bags, will help

cover up all of the issues in your life.


But not forever.