Fighting a war trapped in your mind.

You're going through hell, keep going,

Heaven's on the other side.

You're fighting for the freedom,

To smile again,

Need something to believe in,

Time to begin.

Remaking your past is hard enough,

But defining the future is impossible to love.

No one understands the fight,

No one offers a glimpse of light,

No one stands by your side,

No one can see your sinking mind.

There is hope should you choose to claim it,

There is peace if you can name it,

There is joy in life yet to be found,

There is a chance for a broken heart to be bound.

The war is not over yet,

Keeping fighting, little soldier,

You have an army of angels on your side,

You can be a bit bolder.

Join the ranks of others who have won,

Let shadows be driven away by the sun,

Step into the day and let your light,

Be evidence of winning your fight.

You come out on the other side,

Or you don't,

You'll fight again each morning,

Or you won't.

There are always choices to be made,

Scars will last but wounds will fade.

Let your mind forgive itself,

Put your blade back on the shelf.

Pencil sharpeners are for wood,

Kitchen knives for cutting food.

Drugs are for good, pills for sleeping,

Hearts are for loving and promises for keeping,

When was trust made for breaking?

When were smiles made for faking?

When were friends made for using?

When were relationships made for abusing?

Just keep fighting, little soldier, you will soon be free.

You will win your war one day, just you wait and see.

A/N_I wrote this poem for Bob Story Builder, a fighter to the core. He's an amazing person and I'm privileged to know him. Keep fighting, soldier. You will win this war.