We all know our world as we see it, but what almost everyone doesn't see is the world beneath our world. A world filled with the supernatural, vampires, werewolves, ghosts, witches and many more.

Most never come in contact with this world beneath our own, but those that do never want to leave.

Atop this worlds hierarchy there sits a single being, the Demon Lord, he is the most revered across the world, he has power, riches, fame, nobility, that all seek to attain, but the one thing he has that all others want most, his women, he has multiple wives, each more beautiful that the last, each from a different branch of the supernatural species, and from the lucky few he has had children, five sons and two daughters, and this story follows one of those children, who has now come of age.


Normal text- story

Italic text- Kenta's thoughts

Bold and under lined- section break


My name is Kenta Maki. My life until just a few weeks ago was about the same as you're typical every day student. Go to class, come home. Chill out on the weekends. Score some with the hot girls in class, the usual typical teen age life. That wasn't too difficult, being who I am. You see I'm one of the sons of a certain man, who shall remain nameless for now, and some of the perks of being who I am, fall under what most people call supernatural, strength, speed, near instant healing, along with a mess of other supernatural powers that I got from my old man. Having them has made my life a breeze so far. You see my mother was human, my father was something else entirely, and out of that came me, but I'm nothing special, you see I'm one of his seven children. The youngest actually, but I'll get to them later.

As I mentioned before my life has been pretty easy up until a few weeks ago. My eighteenth birthday to be precise, you see eighteen is the age where my father's protection goes away. Up until a few weeks ago if anyone had wanted to kill me they would have been incinerated if they came within a hundred feet of me. You see my father has a lot of enemies in all factions of the supernatural community, mostly scorned lovers who didn't make the cut to be one of his wives, so they come looking for payback, or they send an assassin to do their dirty work or others looking to raise their status.

Those are the least of my worries, you see it's not just my fathers scorned lovers that come after me, it's my brothers also, they all want the one thing, to be seen as the strongest, and defeating each other in combat is one of the ways they prove that, so they and their wives fight each other for supremacy, and now that I'm eighteen I'm thrown into the middle of it.

Welcome to my life, hope you enjoy the ride.

Chapter 1

U-star college one of the largest colleges in all of the world. It takes in thousands of students from across the globe, from all different cultures, to the average student it looks like a great college and I suppose it is, but walking through the main grounds I can't help but feel all their eyes on me.

You see supernatural beings exert a kind of aura that other supernatural beings can see and feel. Most can suppress it to an extent but there is always a trace if you look hard enough and looking around. I can see hundreds of auras with their eyes all on me.

Now auras are also a way to judge someone's supernatural strength and I usually suppress mine entirely so as not to draw attention. Looking around now it's making me look weak. I don't mind I have no need to walk around, flaring my aura and looking like a peacock. If I did that no one would be left standing, my aura alone would be enough to knock them all out.

I walked to my usual class room. A large theatre space with rows and rows of seats. I take my usual seat at the front right of the room. I'm an hour early as always so I sling my bag over my chair and take my sketch pad out. I'm an art student dabbling in philosophy. This is a philosophy class but I like to sketch while I listen to the lectures. I take my seat and I'm just about to start sketching when an aura flairs up at the doorway. I had noticed it a few moments before, when I was taking my sketch pad out but I decided not to pay it any attention. It felt too weak to do me any harm but whoever it was, was purposely trying to get my attention now. So I decided to humour them.

Turning around I smiled as I see a person standing in baggy clothes with a hood and bandana covering their face. They sure looked strange, but I suppose they were trying to hide their appearance.

But they weren't trying to hide their aura, there was no mistaking an aura like that. It was week not even a level two. Whatever they wanted I didn't much care, but to be polite I decided to ask.

"You wanted my attention and you've got it. So what do you want?" I called raising an eyebrow.

I hope you aren't like the others, someone as week as you wouldn't even put up a decent fight.

I soon got my answer as the door behind them shut and a knife came flying at me.

Are you serious? A knife?

I raise my right hand and catch the blade by its handle, letting a little chuckle out, as I see my would-be assailants eyes widen, in shock.

"I do hope that isn't the extent of your talents" I smiled looking at the knife "otherwise," I looked up "you're not going to be any fun".

I dropped the knife and used my speed to disappear as the knife stuck into the ground I reappeared behind the assailant, I could feel their heart pumping, faster and faster.

So they hadn't even noticed I was behind them, these assassins just keep getting worse.

I knelt down to their ear height.

"Last chance to run" I whispered

They turned around, but I was already gone. Behind them again.

"No. fine with me" I smirked.

I grabbed the back of their hoodie and threw them down the class room crashing into the desks and chairs all the way down to the front of the stage. I locked the door and made my way down the stairs stretching my arms as I went. Taunting the assassin with my little warm up.

Oh come on you can't blame me for being cocky this is my tenth assassin this week and its only Wednesday, the last guy was pathetic I didn't even break a sweat kicking his ass all over the alleyway I lead him into on my way to school, and this dude's going to be no different.

I reach the bottom of the stairway to see the punk laid out on the ground, I let out a sigh of disappointment, closing my eyes for emphasis, catching another knife while they were closed. I open my eyes to see the assassin shaking in fear.

Only playing dead I see, you should have stayed that way.

In a single stride I lift the assassin up with one hand by the collar dangling them in the air, they're very light I didn't even need much of my strength.

"You should have just walked away, but you all just keep coming at me" I growled

I lifted them higher ready to end it, that's when their hood dropped off and I stopped.

I let out a sigh as I pulled down the mask and looked at my assassin again. A girl no older than myself. Drop dead gorgeous, long dark blue hair, almost black, with a single strand of white, running through it, near perfect skin. Her eyes were closed tight waiting for the final blow. She was scared out of her mind, I could feel her shaking, her lips were small like any girl her size but I could see it. A small fang, yep I was right about that aura.


I gently set her down on her feet. Her eyes open, an amazing light blue with the smallest hint of green, she looked at me surprized by my actions.

Dam she is gorgeous

"Go on, get out of here" I gesture.

I turn to walk away. I can still hear her heart racing.

So that's how she's out in the day time. She's a half-blood. Only thing that would explain a vampire with a heartbeat and her ability to walk in sunlight.

I felt the air move and I reach behind to catch another knife coming at me.

Dam this girl just won't quit, I stopped walking

"I thought I told you to get out of here" I said, turning a fraction to put her back in my line of sight.

"W-why the sudden change of heart, y-you were just about to kill me a second ago" she stutters trying to get the words out.

Poor little thing she's scared out of her mind, and her voice is so kind, you'd never know she was a vampire if it wasn't for those small fangs.

"That's before I knew you were a girl, now get out of here, I have no interest in fighting you" I reply in my kindest tone.

Yea, yea call me a push over or a wimp all you want, I may be inhuman to most but, I will never lift a hand to a lady, those who do, had better hope we never meet.

"S-so just because I'm a girl is that it" she snaps still visibly shaking

I turn and face her

"Try saying that again without looking like you're ready to wet yourself" I said raising an eyebrow

The second I said that her face got all red.

Don't tell me I embarrassed her by saying that. Ok, I know I'm being cruel here but I don't want to hurt her, now that I know she's a girl. She may be a vampire and they're well known for their durability in a fight, but she seriously does look like she's about to piss herself she's so afraid. Not that I can blame her, anyone her level would facing me in a fight, my old man isn't exactly known for being gentle with those who anger him and my brothers take after him as do my sisters, and with the way I've been dispatching my assailants lately, people must think I'm a chip off the old demonic block.

Seconds after saying that, her aura flared up again.

Impressive, but still nowhere near my level, but boy does she look pissed.

She sprints at me fists balled ready for a fight, compared to the speed I used to spar with my older brothers, she's practically standing still.

She throws a right hook I step to the left, she throws a left hook I step to the right. This continued on for a good few minutes until I realised she wasn't going to give up.

Fine you want to hit me so bad go on ahead.

I instantly stop and both her next punches connect with my gut, she stops stunned, I take her chin between both my thumb and index finger and lift her head up making eye contact.

"I'm not going to fight you" I say with a smile hoping she doesn't start off on one again.

Dam her eyes are mesmerising.

She suddenly drops to her knees.

Oh no did I hurt her in that throw.

I felt my heart skip a beat.

Now she's sobbing like a kid that's lost their favourite toy.

I took in a deep breath and exhaled in relief.

Boy this girl sure is emotional.

"Come on now such beautiful eyes shouldn't shed tears" I sigh

She immediately stopped crying when I spoke. And knelt down beside her

Ok, I know I just hit on my assassin, but if someone this cute just tried to kill you, and then started crying right in from of you, you'd do the exact same.

"What's your name?" I said with a smile trying not to frighten her

"Minako, Minako Fujimoto" she said tensed up like she expected me to attack.

Well that's a cute name to go with a cute face.

"Well Minako, I suppose you already know who I am, given that you tried to kill me. If I might ask, why?"

Her face got all red again. Wow she gets embarrassed this easily.

"It wasn't personal. It's just that I wanted people to stop treating me like trash" she said starting to shake.

Ah I get it now. Half-bloods are discriminated against by most. Given that they're not as strong as their full blooded parent. In the case of vampires, half-bloods get the added bonus of being able to go out in the sun but are nowhere near as strong or fast even at night and they age just like humans until a point. Although vampire children are rare even at the best of times, most are just turned humans. So half-blood vampires are extremely rare.

"So you were trying to make people respect you"

She looked down, something tells me she realised how foolish she had been. But something tells me she was desperate.

She immediately bowed her head, "Please, I'm so sorry for attacking you, please forgive me"

Yep she realised it alright.

"It's ok. If anyone should be apologising it's me. For handling you so hard. Let me make it up to you. Let me take you out for a drink at least" I smile.

Ok. I know it's completely corny. First I hit on my assassin and now I'm asking a vampire out for a drink. Can you really blame me? I'm a sucker for a crying cutie.

"Ok" she smiled

Well. She sure perked up fast. But I guess that's just the way she is.

On our way out the door. I snapped my fingers and it looked like time reversed in the room to before the fight, as all the broken desks and chairs when back together like the whole fight never happened.

I love being able to do that, makes cleaning up so much easier.

Scene break

Ok now this whole thing is starting to sound like a really bad joke, a demon prince and a half-blood vampire having a drink, yep a start to a very bad joke.

We've been sitting here a few minutes now chatting away. She's got a great personality I can't honestly understand why people treat her so badly. Maybe she was just exaggerating, but I was soon to see just how wrong I was.

The door opened and in walked three of the biggest knuckle heads I had ever seen. Just from the smell I could tell what they were. Werewolves. The smell of filthy dog gave it away. By the looks of them they were in the college on a sports scholarship, shaved heads and football blazers with a tribal wolf design on it. Could they stick out any more?

When the three of them sat down at the back of the bar a few others got up to leave judging by their auras they were half-bloods as well. Then Minako got up to leave. I put my hand on her shoulder.

"Stay put, you don't have to leave just because some mutts walk in" I smiled as she sat back down nervously

All three of them glared at me I can practically feel their eyes on me.

Good they heard me then.

I casually took a mouthful of my drink, as one of them gets up and walks over to our seat and stands behind me.

Oh good please start something you can't finish you bone headed pup.

"Who you calling a mutt, you half-blood piece of shit" he snarls

Well this one's got quite the vocabulary

I just ignore him as I taking another mouthful.

That really pissed him off. I can feel his breath on the back of my neck, and I can see Minako visibly shaking. She looks like she's about to pass out, just what has this filth done to her in the past to make her this scared of them now.

This mutt puts his hand on the bar table in front of me, as some way to intimidate me, not going to work you flee bag, and your breath is absolutely foul, did you forget to clean your teeth sense the last full moon, cause I can swear I smell something rotting or maybe that's just how he always smells.

"You and your half-blood bitch here had best clear out before I decide to tear your worthless heads off" he yelled and started laughing

Minako put her hand on my arm

"Kenta-san I think we should…" Minako began.

Before she was backhanded by the mutt behind me and hit the floor taking her drink with her and smashing it all over the floor.

"Shut up you bitch no one said that you could speak" he barked

Oh. Bad move

As soon as he said it. I swung round smashing my bottle into the side of his thick skull. It shattered on contact and the mutt hit the floor howling in pain with at least five shards of glass sticking out of his skull. I drop to Minako's side checking to see if she was alright.

"Are you alright. I'm sorry. I didn't see him attack you. I would have stopped it before you had gotten hurt" I look her up and down looking for any visible injury

She was a little shaken but alright. I could hear the other two behind us as they rushed us. I was having none of that. Now that Minako was hurt, I was pissed.

I turned instantly and sent a demonic pulse of energy at all of them. The pulse through the three of them against the back wall of the bar. So hard that it left an impression. Using my speed I appeared in front of them the very next second. My eyes black as midnight.

"You will not lay a finger on Minako or any other half-blood again, because the next time you do. It will be the last thing you do, I will personally see to that!" I yelled. My voice filled with demonic energy for emphasis.

With a flick of my wrist all three of them were thrown out the door by another demonic pulse.

I blinked my eyes and the darkness faded, as I returned to my seat I snapped my fingers and the damaged walls reverted to how they once were, and Minako's broken glass rewound back to where it was before it was smashed.

"I don't think those three will be bothering you again" I smiled as she looked at me with awe "now let's enjoy the rest of our day"

Scene break

On our walk back to the campus grounds, I had a bit of a shock, but not unpleasant

"Kenta-Sama would you please be my boyfriend"

That definitely did come as a shock, but how could I turn down such a request from such a cute girl like Minako, of course I said yes, she's so kind, and gentle I would be lucky to be with someone like her.

So that's how I ended up like this. Walking back to campus with this absolute cutie hanging off my arm. With a smile on her lips that would melt your heart.

As we entered the campus grounds, I walked her to her class.

English literature, so she's smart as well as cute.

As we got to the class she took her hoodie off. Showing off her jaw dropping figure in a vest top and tied it around her waist. She was drop dead gorgeous.

I closed my eyes in disbelief, I don't deserve such a stunner.

"Kenta-Sama" I heard Minako call

I opened my eyes, to see an endearing Minako looking up at me. Wagging her finger beckoning me to come in close. I knelt down to see what she wanted, she gave me a little kiss on the lips leaving me speechless.

"See you after class Kenta-chan" she smiled as she walked in side shaking her ass as she went teasing me on purpose

Leaving me red and smiling I shook my head with a smirk on my face.

This girl is going to be trouble, but in a very fun way.

I threw my backpack over my shoulder heading on to my philosophy class room to pick up a recording of the last class I had missed. Before heading on to my art class of this evening. Classes were only held once a week for my level so it was simple enough to arrange for a recording to be made if I missed it. Yet another prop for being my old man's son.

I spent that entire art class drawing Minako over and over again. I just couldn't get her out of my head. She's absolutely incredible. A total cutie, a voice that would put an angel to shame, a smile that lights up the room, and a body that would make a priest re think his vows. I must have filled at least two of my sketchbooks in just that one class and they were all of her. I just couldn't stop thinking about her.

Ok. I know how much of a total lover boy I sound like and with me being a demon. I just don't care. She is absolutely perfect and she is just the first.

Scene break

That evening after class I met Minako by the front gate.

Still smiling I see.

Together we walked to the cross roads her clinging to my arm. I couldn't have been happier. Once we reached the cross roads we had to part ways. Her apartment was in the other direction from mine. So like a fool. I said good bye.

On the way home I when into the store to buy a drink. I was taking a drink when I came out of the store. The bottle had only just touched my lips when I opened my eyes to see Minako leaning up against the wall a few meters away. I could see blood. By this stage it was dark out. I dropped the bottle and sprinted to her.

"Kenta-sama" Minako moaned in pain

She was badly hurt. But not life threatening. The wounds were already starting to heal but slowly. I lifted her in both arms and started towards my house. Not wanting to cause her more pain I went slowly. I could already tell who had done this. Their stink was all over the wounds.

"Kenta-sama" Minako moaned, sounding pleased I was there.

By the time we finally reached my house Minako was unconscious. I took Minako inside and up to my room. Placing her on my bed, I went to the kitchen to get some dressings and water to clean the wounds.

I returned to my room and began to treat Minako. I removed her vest top and jeans to show numerous claw marks on her stomach and multiple bite marks on her arms and legs. I grinded my teeth together to keep myself from yelling out in anger. I tried not to imagine what those bastards put her through. I gently washed and bandaged each of her wounds being careful not to hurt her more. Once I was done I sat on the floor against the side wall, with my head in my hands, waiting for her to wake up. It was three hours before I heard it.


My head shot up the second I heard her. I saw Minako on the bed with her head turned towards me with a weak smile on her face. My heart lit up at the sight of her face. I rushed to her side.

"Minako. I'm so sorry. I should never have left you alone. Not after today" I apologized taking her hand.

I'm so stupid. What was I thinking? Letting her walk home alone or even leaving her alone. After what happened in the bar, stupid, stupid, stupid.

"Kenta-sama, I'm sorry I wasn't strong like you"

How could she even think that?

"You have nothing to apologise for. You've done nothing wrong" I assured her.

Tears begin to fall from both our eyes as I lean in close. Kissing Minako on the forehead.

"I promise you. Those three will not last the night. They will rue the day they touched someone I love and hold dear"

I waited until she had fallen back to sleep before I stood up. Putting her hand down gently and walked to the door.

"Rest now Minako. I won't be away long" I whispered as I walked out the door my eyes filling with darkness out of rage.