I came back into the room a few minutes later carrying a tray with sandwiches, cool drinks with straws and two bags of ice. I sat down and looked at both my girls, their rears red and sore, I sighed as called them over.

They both stood in front of me heads lowered in shame, I stood up and pulled them both into a hug.

"I'm sorry, I'm so sorry I had to punish you both like that" I began to cry, "I didn't want to but you needed to learn not to disobey me when I give an order"

They were both crying with me, I could tell how sorry and sore they were, I needed to give them comfort, "over the back of the sofa you two" I said wiping away my tears

"But I though we already had our punishment"

"And what was it for"

"Not following ordered" she lowered her head

They both waddled round and went over the sofa, I sat down between them, pulling them farther over so their backsides were right on the top of the sofa.

I lifted the bags of ice and placed them gently on their rears, they both flinched at the contact, but they soon began to sigh with relief

"Thank you Kenta-Sama"

"Thank you my lord"

I kissed both their foreheads and leaned back taking in a deep breath.

"I hope you two remember in future to listen, I'd hate to be back here again in a few days to give this punishment again"

"We will Kenta-Sama, we will"

"That's good, because punishments like that hurt me too. I don't like punishing you two, but you both needed to understand I give orders for everyone's sake"

I pulled them both in and hugged them "please listen from now on"

I let them both relax as I snapped my fingers creating big pillows below them both lifting them level bit keeping the bags of ice in place. Freeing up their hands and arms "let's eat"

Scene break

It wasn't long till we finished our lunch

"My lord I apologies again for disobeying your order, I will understand if you don't want me in your house, what good is a knight if it doesn't follow your commands"

*slap* I slapped the lower part of Reika's thighs away from her stinging rear so as not to hurt too much, she jumped at the swat.

"Don't you ever say that!" I said in a harsh angry tone, hurt that she would even say that

She looked at me shocked

"I would never abandon you like that, never do you understand, you are family, you both are, and I would die before I let anyone hurt my family"

Tears started to form in her eyes and she grabbed me and started to sob into my shoulder, I held her close as she cried. I could see Minako starting to tear up watching us, I gestured for her to join us she pulled herself onto my other shoulder and started bawling as well. I guess emotions were still running high.

I left them both cry their sorrows out, it would help them forgive themselves.

They already had mine.

Scene break

"I think we can give training a break for the rest of today, girls with blistered backsides don't belong on a training field. Why don't the two of you get comfy? While I go get Mizuki so we can all relax together"

Reika got up and slipped her panties off so she could walk freely, and lay down on the opposite sofa on her belly with the bag of ice back on her tanned hide, she lay with her head in her arms, pouting at her red backside. I couldn't help but give a smirk, she was so cute when she pouted like a little girl.

I got up and Minako copied Reika's pose but in the opposite direction rear still equally as red, I returned moments later with nee-san and Mizuki

"Ouchy. Those two backside look like could glow in the dark with the lights off"

"Oh my Nii-san, you certainly did very thorough job on these two" Nee-san giggled,

"Oh please father gave you much worse for a lot less when we were growing up, if I recall"

"Oh don't remind me, my backside still isn't over that blistering he gave me a few days ago" she said rubbing her backside through her kimono.

"Sorry" I grinned with a little chuckle

Minako and Reika pouted with the rears on display for all to see, embarrassed much. But I decided enough was enough, though I could enjoyed watching their backside all day I thought it would be best to end their punishment with some dignity intact.

"Ok you two you can cover up now"

Reika pulled her dress out of her belt and quickly covered her rear leaving her panties off because of the pain.

Minako frowned, she was wearing jeans that would hurt if she covered up. She looked at me with puppy dog eyes, "ok Minako I've got you covered"

I snapped my fingers and a very stylish red loose silk skirt materialises around her waist, she smiled as she did a little twirl, "thank you, Kenta-Sama"

"You're very welcome Minako"

The happiness didn't last long, both mine and nee-sans eyes opened wide, when a massive aura made itself known, our eyed met, we both knew the aura. The girls shook with fear as the massive aura shook them to the core, an aura this big would put the fear into anyone, that one of the reasons I keep my supressed or only flair when I need to, if I didn't everyone around me would be scared stiff.

The front door flew open and someone entered the house.

"Shouldn't you knock before entering someone else's home?"

"I suppose I should but what kind of an entrance would that be"

"You haven't changed one bit Kaida"

The person entered the house, she stood there in Goth black jeans with all the attachments, a black t-shirt with a white spider web design on it, and a black leather knee length over coat with a fur collar face done up with crimson lipstick and dark purple eye shadow and purple eyes, short fine black hair .

"And neither have you two considering I haven't seen one of you in seven years and the other in four"

"It's good to see you Nee-Chan"

She let a little smile out, but with her fashion looked like an evil grin, "it's nice to see you to, Nii-san"

Well this is certainly a shocker, Kaida Maki my second older sister. I haven't seen her in quite some time. I suppose I should give you a rundown of my family tree, the order of which we were born. First there came Katsuro, you have yet to meet him, but you have heard his name mentioned I'll just keep my mouth shut about him for now. Then there's Arashi, half werewolf, then there's the first of my sisters, Takara, followed by another brother, and then Kaida here followed up with my last brother and me, just clarifying, now back to the story.

"Kaida, please supress your aura, it's frightening, my girls" I asked gesturing over my shoulder

Kaida peered past me to see Minako, Mizuki and Reika, wide eyed and trembling from the pressure of her aura.

"Bunch of cry-babies, but alright" she sighed

The three of them gasped for air as the aura lessened, like they had been under water unable to breath.

I should start flaring my pressure bit by bit around them just to get them used to pressure of this magnitude. Can't have them passing out every time a family member comes to call.

"So these are the three girls, I heard you started finding girls for your house but I'd have thought you'd have better taste than this, I mean I can see the appeal weak, cute and girly. The lot of them, but you need some strong girls to, at this rate you'll be to weak to fight for the title" she sighed

"You know I have to interest in the old man's title" I replied

"Oh drop the act, everyone wants his title, and the glory that comes with it, it's Katsuro's birth right as first born, but under the law set down by the council any child of the previous lord can claim it, that's why we fight, to prove we're the strongest, for the title"

"Now who's putting up an act, you're just after the unlimited funds the title gives, ever since he halved your allowance after that incident with the valentine coven" I grinned

"So what, it wasn't my fault, but I still got in trouble anyway" she pouted

"He gave you an alternative you were just too much of a cry baby to take it" I smirked

"I'm still strong enough to kick your butt you little squirt, fight me" she challenged

"Now. Now you two enough of the bickering, no sense starting a fight here" Nee-san said trying to calm Kaida down

"Stay out of this, BIG BUTT, this is between me and the squirt" Kaida snapped.


Oh no

Takara's aura flared, and she got a very evil look in her eye

Why, why, why would you go there Kaida, you know how sensitive she is about her figure.

She turned to me, "Nii-san would you mind if we borrowed your garden for a few minutes, I need to beat some sense into our brat of a sister"

"Go ahead" I smirked

"So you want to fight me, Nee-san, fine bring it on I'm going to trounce you and then I'm goanna trounce, Kenta and his cry-babies"

The two of them disappeared into magic circles

"Come on you three this should be a show to watch to say the least"

I pity Kaida, when Takara get a hold of her.

We walked out to the garden to see two larger magic circles appear, out of one came Takara and her two husbands and out of the other came Kaida followed by two of her husbands.

She had more, a lot more but we always fight fairly otherwise the fight would be pointless

I put up a barrier around the four of us and a barrier around the yard, didn't want anyone seeing this

Kaida unbuttoned her coat and took out a book and opened it, "you ready to lose, Nee-san"

"Oh this battle is going to be shorter than you think" Takara grinned

"Oh really, Chi, Eiichi. Show my dear sister why she shouldn't have challenged us" Kaida commanded

"Yes my lady" they both replied, they held out their hands creating massive magic circles out of them, then massive bolts of lightning shot at Takara, Iwao just stepped in the way taking both attacks, the yard flashed, as the attacks hit, Iwao just stood there, unfazed, then transforming into his gorilla state,

"You will not touch mistress Takara" he growled

Kaida, smiled "incinerate them"

"Yes my lady" both Chi and Eiichi replied

Their circles changed colour from yellow to red and massive flames shot out of them, but then Yasahiro jumped in transforming on the fly and let out a massive roar, the sound waves hit the flames and dispersed them like they were nothing

"As my friend Iwao already told you, you won't lay a finger on Mistress Takara" he roared

"Mistress allow us to deal with these two punks" Iwao asked

"Go ahead, but be gentle they were only following orders." Nee-san replied

"Generous and kind hearted as always, mistress." Yasahiro smiled

"Isn't she always?" Iwao grinned

The two of them sped at Kaida's husbands and in the blink of an eye, both Chi, Eiichi were on the ground. All that was left was the bout between Takara and Kaida, husbands couldn't interfere,

Kaida looked up and started chanting, massive magic circles appeared all over the air around the garden inside the boarder.

"To sumbolaion diakonêtô moi, o turanne phlogos! Epigenêthêtô, phlox katharseôs, romphaia phloginê! Rheusantôn pur kai theion, a epephlegon Sodoma, amartôlous, eis khoun thanatou! Ourania Phlogôsis!" Kaida chanted

That was ancient Greek, my oh my you have been practicing Kaida, but just practicing won't help you beat, Takara-Nee-Sama, but as a witch you have come a very long way in two years.

The circles glowed and pillars of flames erupted from them, Takara let loose her wings and cocooned herself as the flames engulfed her.

"This battle is mine dear sister, prepare yourself Kenta, your next" Kaida said over confidently

"I don't think so Kaida, look again." I said pointing at the inferno.

She turned her head as a massive shock wave came out of the target of the flames and shattered each of the magic circles,

"What!" she screamed in shock

Takara's wings opened shaking off cinders, "a fallen angels wings can withstand the fires of hell, what did you think your little witch flames could do to them, now it's my turn dear sister"

She swung her blade a mid-level lightning streak came out of it, Kaida tried to block it but the crimson lightning shattered her barrier and knocked her to the ground, a split second before she could recover Takara was on her with the tip of her katana to her throat

"Submit?" Takara asked

"I, I submit" replied Kaida

That was that no shocker, Takara was older and stronger, there was no hope for Kaida winning from the start. But now how will she take her revenge for that earlier comment

"Oh Iwao-kun could I borrow your knee over her for a minuet" Takara called to her husband

Iwao came over and dropped to one knee

Takara still had her blade to Kaida's throat, "now up we go" Kaida slowly stood up not sure what was going on as she was forces to back over to Iwao.

"OTK please Iwao dear" she smiled

"Ah" Iwao grabbed Kaida by her wrists and bent her over his knee and pinned her with one of his hands

"Nee-san, what do you think you're doing?" Kaida screamed trying to get up

"Pay back sweet little sister, for that "big butt" comment earlier" said Nee-san with a very evil grin on her face

"What, what are you goanna do" she asked now very scared

Her question was answered when the back of her coat as lifted revealing the seat of her backside,

"You wouldn't dare!" Kaida screamed.

"Oh I would, but this is too much protection" Takara smiled with the tip of her katana just touching the seat of Kaida's jeans "off they come"

She swung her blade and her pants dropped as her belt was cut revealing a pair of very pink girly underwear with kittens on them.

Takara burst out laughing, "I knew you had a soft side"

Kaida kicked and screamed trying to break free

"Don't worry I'll let you keep them on, but they won't protect you much" she said grabbing the waistband and pulling them up, giving her a massive wedgie, as her cheeks popped out getting a massive "eeeeeeeeeeeek!" from Kaida

"There now we can begin" Takara threw her katana into the ground and raised the sheath of the blade high into the air "And pay back is goanna be a bitch"


Minako and Reika flinched rubbing their backsides at every crack, they remembered the hiding they had just got minutes before.

The sheath of the katana came down hard it was a perfect make shift cane, as it landed over and over again on Kaida's wedgied ass it wasn't long before tears started to fall

*CRACK*"Oww, I'm sorry nee-san"*CRACK* "I'm sorry"*CRACK*"I'm"*CRACK*"sorry"*CRACK*"nee-san!"

She wasn't slowing down, Kaida was goanna have a blistered ass by the time she was done


Kaida kept wailing like a little kid kicking and screaming as Takara mercilessly rained down with the sheath



She stopped swinging as she examined our sisters' rear, now a very crimson stripped red

"That should do it, ok Iwao you can let her up now"

Kaida rolled off Iwao's knee rubbing her red rear, I couldn't help but feel sorry, I dropped the barrier and Minako and Reika ran over to her

"Are you ok, Kaida-Sama?" Minako asked bending down to comfort her

"My tail end feels like it's on fire, what you think?" Kaida snapped

"We know that feeling" Reika said with a sad face

"Oh yea right" Kaida said rolling her eyes in disbelief

Minako and Reika turned round and flashed there red backsides

"Ouch. Ok so maybe you do, I take it that's Kenta-Kuns doing, the big meanie" she said shooting a glair at me

"Yea but we earned it, like you earned yours for calling nee-san a big butt, we know Kenta-san loves us" Minako said with a smile

"Yea you're probably right, so what do I call you two" asked Kaida

"I'm Minako Fujimoto, first lady to Kenta-kun" Minako smiled

"I'm Reika Mamiya, knight and third lady to lord Kenta-Sama" Reika bowed

"And I'm Mizuki Shimamura, second lady to Kenta-san" Mizuki waved coming over beside me

"Give up now nee-san, you just got your ass kicked and then tanned, but if you want to try me I'll leave you with a lot worse when I'm done" I said threateningly

She pouted, conceding defeat

"So why did you come to visit, I assume you didn't come here just to pick a fight" I asked

"I'm in town on business so I though id drop by first" she said standing up pulling her panties back into place and pulling her jeans up and walked over to her husband's lying on the ground "I'll be in town another three days if all goes to plan, I may drop in again" she smiled as a circle appeared below then and they dropped into the ground

"Well there she goes, in and out in a flash" Nee-san smiled

"She's never been one for staying put long" I grinned

"Except over fathers knee" Nee-san smiled with a giggle

"Well you can hardly talk I remember quite a few time he had you both over his knee growing up" I said to spite her

"Why'd you have to bring that up?" she wined

"You brought it up first, well never mind now, it's almost time for tea and I fancy some pizza" I responded with a chuckle

We all headed off inside for tea as it started to rain, ending a very long day and eventful day.

OK, I've been considering this for a while now, my idea for this fiction is coming along well, but there are a lot of finer things in this that need to be worked out, a lot of holes in the plot line and backstory. I'm planning to to a complete rewrite of this fiction of mine, it will be focusing more on the actual characters and less on the lemons, limes and kink, while i find it enjoyable to write them i need to develop my characters better. i will be taking a few weeks to re write each chapter and to refine each one, as well as solidify the actual plot and backstory. i want to know what my readers think of the story so far, please leave a review about what you have though so far about the story, it doesn't matter if its a flame, i want all reviews bad or good, i want to improve please tell me what you think and help me improve, thank you.