The Creaking Door

Be wary of the creaking door,

For it opens to a world of legend and lore.

Its promises are meant to entice,

But the world it reveals is far from nice.

Beware the creaking door,

It holds monsters, magic, and more.

Do not open it or go within;

You'll be trapped, never to be seen again.

Stay away from the creaking door

Lest you wish your feet to leave the floor

And find them instead on shifting ground

With peril all around.

Leave the creaking door;

It's something to abhor!

Do not enter its mysterious zone,

Because you'll be all alone!

Trust not the creaking door

Or be lost forever more!

Take it from me,

You must lock it with your key.

The dangers of the creaking door

Consist of a great score

Of monsters, growling hoarsely from their insatiable thirst.

They'll place you under their curse.

Never go through the creaking door,

It's evil to the core –

Don't step over the threshold, whatever you do –

Oh well… I did warn you.