Stop saying I need to lose weight

Simply because I'm a size sixteen.

Stop telling me I'm not pretty

Just because my lips don't have that lipstick sheen.

Stop offering me obnoxiously tight clothes

For my boobs to be viewed as a free show.

Stop saying I'm stuck up

For having self-respect and letting you know.

Stop pressuring me to have sex

When if I do, you'll only degrade me more.

Stop making fun of me when you can't fix your own problems;

We've been through this before.

Stop trying to tear me down

When I break free of your expectations.

I'm not your puppet or your doll;

I'm one of God's creations.

I don't care if you think

That my hard-earned self-confidence

Is nothing short of

A "basic bitch's" arrogance.

You're only bringing yourself down

Because your insults are falling through.

In short, my dear society,

I'm stronger than you.