Mirror hanging in the hall,

My reflection on the wall,

Who are you?

Who am I? Tell me true.

Just answer my call.

But the glass doesn't speak.

It never does, even though I'm at the peak

Of a mountain, ready to jump.

My heart is nothing; just a broken lump.

Why can't I find the meaning that I seek?

I want to believe in God's plan,

But I'm only a part of Man.

I doubt

And I want out…

Yet I always come back again.

Call me crazy; I know I am…

But I feel safer with a sacrificial lamb

Than with myself, whom always seems to fail.

Tell me, am I just chasing a fairy tale

Or will I find the pearl within my life's clam?

Will I always be this broken glass?

Will I fade into the darkening mass?

Or will I be beautiful in someone's eyes

And join him in the skies?

I want to know before my death comes to pass.

What is my purpose here?

Why is there so much to fear?

What if I can't do what you ask?

What if I'm not up for the task?

Tell me… Are you near?

I look into that mirror in the hall,

Wondering about the girl reflected off the wall.

Is she me?

Who or what could she truly be?

What lies beneath that porcelain doll?