Breaking Chains


You know they've always chained me

To whom they want me to be.

I think of all the days I've spent

Sitting in the dark, unable to vent

All because I'm "not good enough" to walk free.

So just leave me here to die;

Take my wings, I can't even fly.

I'm just a poor, lost sinner.

I'll never be a winner.

I can never be the real me, so why try?

I'd want nothing more

Than to break this cage and soar,

But I know things don't work that way.

Here I stay,

Wishing I had a stronger core.

I stare out my window tonight,

Trying to sleep well and tight.

I dream of the sea

While wishing for a better me;

Wishing that they'd understand my plight.


It's time to break away.

I'm leaving my Hell today.

I won't back down again.

I won't break this time; I'll only bend.

I'm not letting my dreams fade!

I walk out with my head held high.

I stand tall even if unable to fly.

They have no more power here.

They bring me no more fear.

I've let the old me die.


For many years, there was rage;

I just couldn't leave that page.

I couldn't let the ghosts

Leave their haunting posts.

However, now I've grown with my age.

I never truly wanted to hurt them.

I just couldn't stand at the brim

Of the abyss anymore.

I never really wanted this war.

I never wanted our stars to dim.


I've gotten my wings back

And my life is intact.

Still… I've lost more than you know;

My eyes don't have such a bright glow,

But I guess I can handle that.

I'll always see the stars raining down

And smashing on the ground.

But the war's been won,

Even if you're gone.

I'm stronger for it now.