Attention, America


I want to call attention

To something worth a mention.

Our country is falling

And our people are calling

For a much-needed intervention.

Hate is on a rampage;

It's throwing me into a rage.

The time for change is now,

So let's have a little row.

I do hope we're on the same page.

Stop pulling that stupid race card,

Because you're making it really hard

To pay serious mind to your case

And not slug you in the face.

Don't be a classless lard.

Stop using religion to judge others.

Didn't you ever listen to your mothers?

"If you don't have something nice to say, don't talk at all."

Stop helping in our country's fall.

It's not that hard to love your brothers.

We all sin,

So cut that shit-eating grin.

Hey, "dawg", why don't you go fetch

Some respect; your bullshit makes me retch.

While you're at it, get me a garbage bin.

Well, here's to a revelation:

You won't find salvation

Until you stop forgetting the unspoken

And trampling on the already broken.

Pay some respect to the nation.

To the ones crying

And the ones inwardly dying,

I hope it's enough

To know that you're loved and not someone's stuff.

Please believe me, because I'm not lying.

Anyway, just thought I'd bring attention

To something worth a mention.

I'm signing out,

Going my own route.

It's time for an intervention.